Friday, August 22, 2008

I Take Acception to That Sign

I've been saving a few inept signs I saw during the summer until I just saw this gem, and knew it was time to post the lot of them:

Long texty sign giving instructions. The text ends with NO ACCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!!
As seen at Ragstock in Rosedale.

No wonder they don't allow photography inside the store.

Che'z Carole' open for breakfast
Along the streets of Niagara Falls, New York.

Poor, poor Carole. So much misunderstanding of the role of the apostrophe in one name.

Sign from a dumpster reading Cardboard Only Breakdown Boxes
In Highland Park, St. Paul.

I get an interesting mental image of "breakdown boxes": Large cardboard boxes full of passengers, pulled over along the edge of a highway, each one with a busted radiator or dead transmission.

Black letters on a white plastic sign board EXPERIENCE COOK WANTED
In my home town, upstate New York.

I wonder if they sell a lot of experience at this restaurant? Can you get it rare, or does it only come in well done?

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