Wednesday, September 8, 2021

What's It Going to Take?

I got a New York Times email alert today, or maybe I saw a news story on Twitter, but essentially, it was this story: Biden wants solar to provide 45% of US energy by 2050.

2050, I thought? 2050? And only 45%? That's way too late, and way too little. 

It's like the Minnesota Department of Transportation, which has announced a commitment to decrease vehicle miles traveled in the state by 20% by 2050. Yeah, that'll do it MnDOT!

I know we have to start somewhere and these are signs that government is starting, unlike the previous administration, which was going backwards as fast as possible (and their work is still being undone). 

But it's not enough. 

Here's something that's a lot closer: A way to get to 80% clean energy by 2030

These 11 studies collectively affirm that achieving 80% clean electricity by 2030 is feasible, affordable, critical to meeting national climate goals, & deeply beneficial to the economy & public health—all without compromising power system reliability.

Let's start somewhere that actually has a chance of doing the job that needs to be done. We have enough people standing in the way (like West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin), so we have to ask for what we need — or even beyond — because entrenched carbon interests will always be using their huge funding advantage to push back to not enough.

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