Thursday, September 2, 2021

Maybe We Should Take Care of It

Ben Collins, a senior reporter for NBC News who describes himself as an "apocalypse correspondent," tweeted last night, "The alarmists were right, about pretty much everything."

While he did say everything, it was in the midst of the flooding in the New York City area from Hurricane Ida and a day after the Supreme Court pocket-vetoed Roe v. Wade and allowed bounties on people who help anyone to get an abortion in Texas. Among ongoing wildfires mostly in the west, right-wing insurrections, covid deaths, and whatever else I am not remembering.

On the climate crisis particularly, it reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw recently that expressed an idea that underpins one part of the denialism — or doesn't-matterism — that seems to animate many of the Christian evangelicals in this country:

Those of us who are not members of a suicide cult don't worship creation (better known as our habitat). It just happens to be where we live and what supports the existence of human civilization, so we think we should take care of it. 

It's beyond me how anyone can think this is a clever phrase, when their own holy book tells them to shepherd god's creation. No one says to worship the natural world; that's what's called a strawman argument.

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