Wednesday, September 1, 2021

A Startling Chart

I stayed up too late following the news (and lack of news) out of Texas and the Supreme Court. And then had to get up early for a day of meetings and stuff. 

So all I have for today is this screen shot from Chris Hayes tonight:

The labels are a bit hard to make out, but those five bars represent the counties of this country by their vote share to Donald Trump in 2020. The ones with the lowest percentages of votes have about 5 covid deaths per 100,000 people. The ones that gave Trump 40 to 60% of their votes have a bit over 7 deaths per 100,000. When the vote share goes up to 60 to 80%, the deaths jump to over 10.5, and in the counties where more than 80% of people voted for Trump, the death rate is almost 15 per 100,000, more than three times the rate in the least-Trump-voting counties.

Republicans are the pro-covid party. The opposite of pro-life, as many have said.

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