Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Twitter in August 2021: Burning, Flooding, Climate Crisis

Wow, August 2021. It's ending with hurricanes, the Delta resurgence, and media frenzy about Afghanistan, all of which have overwhelmed the truly existential story of the IPCC report from earlier in the month. Even I half-forgot about that report, given the way the news coverage has been lately. Looking back through these tweets in reverse order was more confusing than usual, and it's normally disorienting. I mean, I always have tweets about the climate crisis, but I had forgotten there was a specific news story that actually broke through into the mainstream for a few days. But it was soon wiped away as if it were just any other story.

So here we are ending with other news. Fires and hurricane are related to climate change, but compared to the IPCC report, the focus is not on what we need to do, but is instead on traditional news topics like human interest and disaster response.

The tweets are in reverse chronological order, and after the break line, are all quotes, though not in quote format because that makes for easier reading.


Do not take deadly pandemic advice from people who don’t care if your children are gunned down in their classrooms.
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

And on the death of local news... "Today’s 28-year-old living in an exurb doesn’t understand how much coverage of a town meeting, a county executive’s office, or a public school they would’ve read 20 or 30 years ago. They merely see nothing and learn to live with it."
laura mckenna @laura11D

Now that teachers are getting fired for discussing dangerous ideas like “racism exists,” free speech is finally safe.
Adam Serwer

Parent group accuses Texas school's first Black principal of teaching *CRT.* He's now been put on indefinite leave.
Jennifer Berkshire

Some of us are actually descended from those who lost their lives at the hands of actual mobs. (“Cancel culture.”)
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas

there is absolutely no way to separate what’s happening in southeast louisiana right now from the exploitation and extraction by the petrochemical companies that have robbed the health of communities and the state’s ecosystem. this moment is decades in the making.
Virginia Hanusik

Okay to park, though...

Dongho Chang

People say abolition is impractical, but every Baltimore school cop got a new car this past year and no repairs were made to ~the rooms where children spend most of their time~

Do the people who dunk on new apartment buildings for having amenities know how many suburban homes have non-shared home gyms?

There’s already a palpable ramping up of content around the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and I’m realizing just how hellish this is all gonna be in a couple of weeks.

every mainstream American news outlet right now is like 'for a range of opinion we talked to five different kinds of colonizer'
saladin Ahmed

"hi, this developer wants to convert this city block sized vacant lot that is currently covered in trash, build 233 units of affordable housing, and invest $350,000 in a dilapidated park"
"What about my view of the old oak tree. You are literally Hitler. Also, the parking."

We should have specific criteria and formulas that show certain roads and intersections as "failing" on pedestrian safety — and then force a remedy.
Angie Schmitt

There is nothing in the First Amendment that requires religious exemptions from vaccine requirements. “The right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death.”
Nick Fish @nicholasrfish

New York State is mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for health care workers AND removing the religious exemption. More states need to follow New York's lead!
American Atheists

Still thinking about the anti-vax, anti-mask woman from Inver Grove Heights who told @MPRnews
 that she and her family somehow had uniquely strong health that would protect them from harm.  I mean, how do you even start with this people?
Robert Moffitt @justplainbob

Since the end of the Civil Rights Movement, “colorblindness” has been a rhetorical tool of the right, turning Black Americans’ demands not be treated differently because of race into white demands that we ignore Black Americans’ racial experiences and negative racial outcomes.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

Mississippi is the butt of many jokes, but it did not descend down from the heavens as a bastion of poverty and disorganization. Its identity as a loose network of feudal plantations held together by white supremacist terrorism was an enormously profitable political economy. Laugh if you must, but Mississippi's political economy is endogenous to a system that made lots of people rich, including many liberals.
Jason Coupet @ProfessaJay

Whether it’s a hurricane or a pandemic, it’s important to remember that “personal responsibility” never has and never will be more important than public policy.
Jarvis DeBerry

“A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.” —W. E. B. DuBois
Deborah E. McDowell @dem8z

This country's full might needs to be focused on a Green New Deal — a new relationship with the planet and with each other that can bring a better world for everyone. That starts by ending the fossil fuel industry.
Eric Holthaus

The adorable Polilla rosada moth. (Photo Jonathan Sequeira):

Weird Animals

if an unelected body of 9 people can look at a centuries-old document and claim that the document gives landlords the right to evict people in the middle of a global pandemic we should get rid of both that unelected body and that centuries-old document

If this nation is gonna work, it’s gonna require vision, imagination, and inspiration that may be beyond your current comprehension. My point is, if you think we’re doomed, maybe it means you should step aside, cuz there are a lot of folks who aren’t ready to go down with you.
Nick Cho

If you aren't terrified by climate breakdown, you don't understand its full irreversible implications. This is just the truth and there is a good reason to say it: So far we are not collectively scared enough to tear down the fossil fuel industry and that needs to change fast.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

The issue isn't that people dislike handouts — there's no indignity in collecting social security checks. The key is to create a social understanding of a benefit as following a logic other than poor relief
James Medlock

the weird thing about family members of victims of violent crime is that when they want maximum punishment, that's always extremely important and counts for everything. when they want moderate/minimal punishment or clemency, that's always none of their business
elizabeth bruenig

There’s also a real racism angle going on — people equate “public transport” with “black people showing up.” I was just in Nantucket for a week and BOY when everyone is preppy vacationers, people are willing to have a bus route and even SIDEWALK BENCHES without hostile spikes or inconvenient arm rests. it’s really wild.

Loved how Neanderthal ancestry instantly became a sign of racial superiority the moment these numbnuts found out it was a characteristic of white people.
Matt McIrvin

When drivers complain about street safety projects they’re often telling on themselves.
“The street is less safe now” = “It’s not as comfortable for me to speed there anymore”.
“There are many close calls” = “I now see and yield to people biking/walking who I used to cut off.”
Robert Prinz @prinzrob

One thing traffic engineers need to understand is that drivers do not slow down because of warning signs or posted speed limits. They slow down when they are afraid they might damage their car.
Dice @diceo

You can’t hit people with your car. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. My god driving isn’t a party (despite years of this being sold). If the responsibility of operating and being 100% alert and defensive at all times in your 3 tonne vehicle is too much, just stop.

In America it's considered gauche to become a personal injury lawyer, which is the only way most injured people can pay their medical bills, but prestigious and even noble to be one of the people raising their bills or injuring them

13 Americans were killed in the terrorist attackers at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, about 200 new COVID-19 deaths are being recorded every day in DeSantistan.
Warren Topelius

florida has less people than australia and has nearly the same amount of covid deaths (42k) as australia had total cases (49k)



Everyone who tries to adapt the works of Jane Austen makes the mistake of thinking they are romances. They are not. They are horror stories about women in cages trying to negotiate for the least awful fate against a ticking clock.
Laurie Penny @PennyRed

How are we going to be able to explain climate change to a group of people who think horse dewormer is safer than the fda approved vaccine?
Molly Jong-Fast

Researchers Doubt That Certain Mental Disorders Are Disorders at All.“ADHD is not a disorder, the study authors argue. Rather it is an evolutionary mismatch to the modern learning environment we have constructed.”

Here in the Land of the Free, we do the vast majority of subsidies through the tax code. When you hear "tax break," it's really important that you hear it as "subsidy." There are plenty of things that we should subsidize. Billionaires and giant corporations are not among them.

I worry US society is dealing with mass burnout, a mental health crisis, and the millions of unvaccinated children the way it deals with mass shootings (poorly, with little systemic action, and overemphasis on personal responsibility)

In a study of 100 infants, those whose mothers had three months of paid parental leave experienced more advanced neurological development than those whose mothers only had access to unpaid leave.
Emily Ramshaw

the absolute worst people online are prepared to claim that deaths leaving a war are a tragedy while deaths in a war don't exist
Kelsey D. Atherton

Do you realise what a radical thing libraries are? Publicly funded spaces where you can access information, countless books, and the internet even if you are homeless? There is a reason why people in power want to convince you they are superfluous and should be defunded.
Icona Books @Iconawrites

[Every time something bad happens during a Republican administration]
Media: We have to be careful about politicizing today's events.
[Every time something bad happens during a Democratic administration]
Media: Should the president announce he will not seek reelection or resign?
Elie Mystal

The classic champagne glass graphic illustrating the polluter elite rivals the hockey stick for importance in visualising the Climate Emergency — as with so many key issues our inadequate policy responses are shaped by a failure to grasp the real shape of the problem:

Andrew Simms

Nothing unites the GOP like punishing a Democratic president for inheriting a war they lost.

It's true. In North America's "average diet," eating 1 kg of food is responsible for emitting ~3 kg CO2e (from agricultural production and to some extent processing/transport/packaging and losses along the supply chain)...before even factoring in GHG emissions associated with land use.
Richard Waite

The unvaccinated are stealing our freedoms to move about freely. They are not pro-freedom. They are taking yours. This needs to be repeated at every turn.
Amanda Marcotte

Here’s the blunt truth — if you’re against the kind of land-use and transportation transformations in your city that would actually reflect REAL action to mitigate the climate crisis (plus address inequity, reduce public costs, etc), then you’re not REALLY for climate leadership.
Brent Toderian

As some of my followers will be aware, "the Bible is clear" is a popular evangelical phrase that is often invoked to end all discussion on, for example, the possibility of accepting LGBTQ people. The thing is, the Bible is emphatically *not* clear. Interpretation matters profoundly. Internecine theological debate has its place, but that place should not be arguments about policy in a supposedly secular country. When we insist, in that context, that "the Bible is clear," even from a progressive perspective, we reinforce Christian supremacism. It's annoying.
Chrissy @C_Stroop

Upstream oil and gas investment actually rose 6% in 2019 and is expected to rise by about 10% in 2021. I mean, come on people — look at the facts! Fossil fuel companies are not looking to replace fossil fuels. They are finding ways to extract more of them.
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

There still isn’t enough appreciation for the amount of chaos the US has caused in the world with its foreign policy or enough appreciation for the fact that you can’t simply put a bow on the chaos and move on.

The Roberts Court says there is a right to buy an election, but not to vote in one
Dean Baker

pretty much the only people I ever see unmasked on the subway are cops. not totally, people are getting a lil sloppy here and there as this thing drags on. But mostly, cops.
Tom Tomorrow

You should not be allowed to say "the status quo is not acceptable" and then say that your solution is to just have MORE of the status quo.
Amity Foster

the gender problem in carbon removal is that men too often expect someone else to clean up their mess after them.  and then expect to underpay for the cleaning. if women ran the world, maybe that carbon would be tidied up and in its place already
Holly Jean Buck

The GOP has waged a tireless war against the educational system in order to starve it and transfer wealth and power to private schools, where they can freely indoctrinate and exist largely outside of federal oversight. The results have been as tragic as they were predictable.
Jared Yates Sexton

A major new study by Reed Showalter shows that monopolization likely drives political corruption. When industry concentration goes up, lobbying spend goes up. When it goes down, lobbying spend goes down. The link is eerie.
Matt Stoller

Stop wearing a car as a raincoat
Linda Sandvik @hyper_linda

This amazing graphic still blows my mind. ~95% of the world’s mammal biomass is people (34%) or livestock (61%) today. The single biggest biomass mammal group? Cattle. Wild mammals are only 4%. Pets are < 1%:

Dr. Jonathan Foley @GlobalEcoGuy

There is nothing funnier than conservatives who suddenly develop a deep concern about the environmental impact of producing electric vehicle batteries, but never saw an oilfield, pipeline, or coal mine they didn't like.
Robert Moffitt @justplainbob

Transportation: You travel to the grocery store on a freeway.
Land use: You travel to the grocery store on an elevator.
Queen Anne Greenways

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was helping car and oil companies lobby governments to create car dependent cities and suburbs, and when we became dependent, WE became the biggest, angriest champions of unhindered road space for cars, cheap gas, and unlimited free parking.
Brent Toderian

Car ownership is a stealth tax.

A “Butt Load” does not refer to big bottoms but is actually a recognised unit measure. One butt load is equivalent to 126 gallons. It comes from either the old French ‘botte’ (boot) or the Italian ‘botte’ (barrel). It was used primarily to measure transports of alcohol at sea.
Whores of Yore

One butt-load: 477 litres:

Pádraig Belton

I really hate the phrase "the era of climate change." Climate change is not an era like the "jazz era" or the "cold war era"—a collection of decades marked by a special concern. Unless we stop using fossil fuels, it's the entire unravelling of our civilization, starting now. If we *do* stop using fossil fuels, then *maybe* in a few centuries we'll be able to talk about the "climate change era" like we talk about the centuries long "medieval period." But, oh man, that's not at all assured.
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

When you spend a lot of time around a freeway onramp/offramp near a suburb’s urbanizing/densifying district, you realize how much DOTs build intersections for the benefit of big-box stores.
Lou Miranda @TheNewLou

For years, climate types have struggled to articulate the failure of the media on their subject. Too often that just reduces to counting the number of times "climate" is mentioned, which doesn't really capture it. This last week or two is clarifying, though. We've now seen what it looks like when the US media genuinely *cares* about something: it looks like Afghanistan coverage. That's all climate folks have ever wanted, is for pundits and editors to really care about climate, the way the facts warrant. They haven't & they still don't.
David Roberts @drvolts

Twitter is like a party where you invite all the most opinionated, and simultaneously most sensitive, people you know.
Joseph N. Cohen

Blaming protestors in a climate crisis is like blaming doctors in a pandemic. Oh wait.
Dr Charlie Gardner

I love that on Twitter we have the benefit of the various Matts and Mikes and Nates who are somehow experts in literally everything from Afghanistan to epidemiology to sports psychology.
what a time to be alive in the presence of such great white men with such great vision
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady

When people say ‘Why doesn’t extinction rebellion protest China,’ they never add ‘Like I am,’            What they are really saying is ‘It’s too hard! Do nothing, like me.’ I wonder what they are going to tell their kids, other than ‘We just gave up.’

There may be some exceptions, but I generally have a hard time taking any political Climate Crisis goal seriously that sets a deadline of 2050. That’s not a credible response to an emergency.
Brent Toderian

Not sure I get the point of arguing whether Manhattan or Paris is more climate-friendly when much of urban America looks like Phoenix.
David Zipper

It's not that I oppose opening the door, it's that I oppose the *way* we opened the door. I would simply have gotten all of the bowls out beforehand:


We’re about to see if a slice of the population can pull off a civil war while on ventilators
Virginia Heffernan @page88

I’m not sure there’s a non-condescending way to say “stop eating horse dewormer”
Christopher Hooks

We invented suburbs where everybody lives a half-hour drive from their friends and there's no sidewalks or bike infrastructure and we blame smartphones for children being lonely.
Emily Horner @emhornerbooks

"Woke" = a gross distortion and misappropriation by non-Black people of an AAVE term that originally meant vigilance about how race functions in US society — aka awareness of how this country actually works — and has now been reduced to a tepid notion of political correctness.

I think it's possible (even likely) that over the 2020s the global market for climate-rugged, resource-effective and auto-independent urban development will be bigger—and more important to the climate fight—than the market for electric cars:

Alex Steffen

Idling is the modern equivalent to throwing contents of chamber pots out the window into the street
Heather Burles, MSc

For all practical purposes, we do not have a federal minimum wage at this point. It makes sense to increase and index it.  But will Congress Act?
Arindrajit Dube

The absolute least amount of money needed to meet your basic needs in any state is $26,225 per year. $7.25/hr comes out to $15,080 per year. It just doesn’t add up. Raise the wage.
Ro Khanna

The Pentagon cant account for $21,000,000,000,000 and never passed an audit but you can't receive a mortgage because your credit score dropped after paying off your car completely.

"Early arrival of serious climate disruption is effectively writing down the true value of our built environment. Much of it will need major upgrades or even full replacement. The US, in other words, has lost a significant part of its accumulated wealth."
David Roberts @drvolts

I want developers to classify their ground floor commercial spaces as “amenities” in their pro formas so that they aren’t bound by their financiers to charge commercial rents   That prohibit local merchants from leasing spaces.
Warren Logan

Trump's brand new $15 billion border wall is being ripped apart by monsoon floods. This is what happens when the Department of Homeland Security waives all environmental laws and ignores basic science to put up a political prop. Photo taken near the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge by Kate Scott:

Laiken Jordahl

People posting about women in Afghanistan for the first time in 20 years as a justification for continuing the U.S. occupation have the same energy as the rich white parents who demanded schools reopen last year because all of the poor, minority kids were being left behind.
Norm Charlatan

US politics will make more sense to you if, every time you hear the word "deficit," you translate it to, "I don't want to raise taxes on rich people."
David Roberts @drvolts

Many scholars think "race" = the minorities. And "diversity" = helping the minorities. Yall really love rendering White supremacy invisible.
Deadric T. Williams @doc_thoughts

i realize that i have to pretend to be consistent on these issues but there is no country on earth where a rioter trying to break down a door and assault escaping legislators would not get immediately domed by law enforcement

If you are horrified by the way that wars end, make a resolution to do everything in your power to prevent the next war from starting.
John Nichols

Sweet, sweet downpour of nature. I can feel the trees breathing.
amandarama @awillis

the fake service animal thing was a real canary in the coal mine for this society
Nick Magrino

This Remain in Mexico case that's now at SCOTUS is enraging. This is going to be the rest of our lives. Some asshole judge writes a lawless opinion that will fuck over thousands of people. And then we wait, uncertain, to see if Brett and Amy are feeling merciful.
Ian Millhiser

Political leaning is a far more significant determinant in who's not vaccinated. The states with the highest percentage of minorities have higher vax rates than ALL of the red states:

@CanDoChiChi (responding to Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick)

A pathology of conservativism is that 'things used to be simple.' No, you used to be a kid. Your parents shielded you from life's complexity. Things are complex because you're an adult now. Conservativism is the desire to be a child. Complaining about 'wokeness' is a proxy for anxiety about being an adult.
Cory Doctorow

Georgia now has one of the highest voter registration rates in the nation, with 95% of citizens over 18 years old signed up to vote, according to federal election data released this week
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Many people will drive, even when they know they’ll be stuck in traffic they will drive. They won't drive if they know they won't have a place to park. That shows you the power of parking.”  –BrentToderian

We need to start talking about inner city freeways like we do coal fired power plants. Set a target retirement date for them, and replace them with clean, equitable transportation options, housing and parks. And absolutely not building any more of them.
Ashwat Narayanan


Angelo Carusone @GoAngelo

Fucking hell do I have to tell my Sisyphus joke *again*?
Chris Farnell @thebrainofchris

Can we call [the anti-mask, anti-vax protestors] “fash mobs”?

James Loewen reminds us that high school history is often more about instilling blind patriotism than teaching critical analysis. Even the textbooks have titles like "Land of Promise" or "Rise of the American Nation." Whereas chemistry texts are rarely called "Rise of the Molecule"
Alfie Kohn

Reject “exceptional and deserving immigrant/refugee” narratives, embrace human rights and global responsibility for the instability we’ve wrought.
Mitra Jalali

In a city that can always use more colour, every underside is a blank canvas waiting to contribute to a more fun and vibrant city. #publicArt #Vancouver:

Brent Toderian

Just your somewhat regular reminder that this is NOT a "new normal" for climate. We've not reached any kind of stable plateau. This is a dynamic crisis that gets worse with every day of inaction, every gram of fossil CO2 emitted
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

Fox News went from: “Biden abandoned our Afghan allies” to “why should we take in Afghan refugees” in the span of 5 hours.

The size and scope of our current military dwarfs anything in recorded history and anybody who argues that it doesn't need significant downsizing is full of crap.
Oliver Willis

For years Trump got on cable news and yelled about how easy being president was and then he got the job and failed in continuously shocking and ridiculous ways and now he’s back on TV yelling about how easy being president is.
Jared Yates Sexton

Thomas Holley, a 74-year-old Black man, has lived in his Crown Heights brownstone for 58+ years. He recently tried to strike up conversation with one of his new white neighbors. “Before I could finish a sentence, he told me that he didn’t have any money.”

Kenneth P. Vogel

Looking around, I gotta say the US political press seems practically tumescent over the opportunity to scold Biden for something, thus reestablishing its both-sides cred. It's a frenzy out there.
David Roberts @drvolts

Whether Islam or Christianity, the problem is *fundamentalism* and the consequences are magnified for women and children
Paul Thomas @plthomasEdD

This generation of high school and college students has seen every major institution in our country fail—and fail them—over the last two-plus years. I'm not exaggerating. We are still in the midst of a slow-motion institutional collapse in this country
Kevin Gannon @TheTattooedProf

"...despite contributing only about 3% of total emissions by mass, methane has been responsible for nearly a quarter of total global warming since 1750 and is responsible for 30 to 50% of the warming that we see today." #ClimateReport #methane #Agriculture #Food
50by40 (link in the original)

When I someone says proudly that they “are not politically correct,” what I hear is: “I am going to say mean-spirited or ignorant things under the guise of honesty. Also, I may insult you & I believe I can get away with it because of this warning I have now given you. AVOID ME!”
Hari Kondabolu

Have you noticed the people who don’t want to help refugees because we “have our own poor” also don’t want to help our own poor?
mohamad safa


This period of time right here, 2016–now, will definitely be identified as when the US took the nosedive of no return. I’ve said before that I had doubts this country could ever recover from the Trump era and it appears that’s so. The system that gave us 45 can’t repair the damage.

The ability to get all the world's news in real time is... not something I think we're prepared for on a full scope. We can take it all in intellectually (simple facts of things happening), but can't react to ALL of it emotionally...
Naima Cochrane @stillnaima

Have folks ever considered that reports say we "need" direct air capture of CO2 not because the tech is actually possible on global scales, but because all current climate politics has already failed to halt warming at "safe" levels?
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

Nation that lost over half a million people to pandemic complains of labor force shortages and declining birth rates, while turning away refugees.
Alexander Chee

...even without getting into the morality of it, the government's Anti-Refugee Bill is simply divorced from reality. It says we will protect those who wait, in queues that don't exist, in places where there is no time to sit around and wait, and punish those who don't. In Afghanistan we are seeing the reality of what it means to flee. The world changes overnight. You grab what you can and run. If a smuggler says "I can get you to safety" you put your life in his hands and you pay what you can. There is no form to fill and no queue to join.
Satbir Singh

I think it's funny that White Christian pastors, who are the descendants of people who forced slaves to become Christians, are afraid of being forced to convert to Islam and Jihads. They want to be in control of the conversions. They don't want to be victims of conversions.

NEPA is more effective at delaying/stopping transit and congestion pricing projects than highway widenings and new highways.

Not clear how CDC can claim breakthrough infections are rare when they acknowledge they aren’t tracking them unless they result in hospitalization or death. I personally know of at least 4 instances, only 1 led to hospitalization and death. They don’t want to admit their blunder on masking

I really do think its wrong and act of historical malfeasance of media to represent Afghan war as "the longest war in US History" when considering the founding of the US state required constant wars of ethnic cleansing
M.H. Ibrahim @MaatMHI

How much money did we spend in Afghanistan over the last 20 years that we were told we could never afford to spend at home?
Dan Rather

A study fitted 925 pet cats with geolocating backpacks reveals a dark consequence to letting them out — Researchers found that, over the course of a month, cats kill between two and ten times more wildlife than native predators.

Massimo @Rainmaker1973

Keep your cats indoors or supervised outside.

SUVs are the 2nd-biggest cause of the rise in global CO2 emissions during the last decade. Only the power sector is a bigger contributor. There are now over 200 million SUVs around the world, up from about 35 million in 2010. Via WIRED
Brent Toderian

One simple thing Congress could do to decimate carbon emissions would be to eliminate the tax benefit on employer-paid commuter benefits for driving. Employers should reimburse their commuters for using transit, for biking, even for walking. If their facilities are outside the transit belt they should provide shuttles. Tax benefits ONLY for sustainable modes.
Mary Morse Marti

There are roughly here 700,500,000,000,000,000,000, or seven quintillion five hundred quadrillion grains of sand on Earth. Astronomers estimate there exist roughly 10,000 stars for each grain of sand on Earth.

Why is it easier to believe…?

Jeffrey Levin

Why is it that rich people think the only way to motivate people in need is to take money away, while the only way to motivate rich people is to give them more money?
Tom S @Slownomaguy

We have all these food deserts in both rural and urban areas in part because the minimum square footage of grocery stores now is like 35,000 square feet. We could have 100 walkable, locally owned businesses and instead we have one Walmart of Meijer with a Starbucks inside or whatever. Subsidized by a bunch of public infrastructure Such a bad trade-off. Having a 3,000 square foot store you can walk to is better than a 40,000 square foot store you can’t but has 55 brands of toothbrushes.
Angie Schmitt

The United States has something like 24 square feet of retail space per capita. No other country comes close. Japan has 4.4. Germany, which has a famous superstore culture, has just 2.9. e desperately need to fix our retail model for the 21st century.
Spokane Rising

the "Book Will Turn Your Kids Trans" crowd really need to start explaining why I am not, in fact, a very hungry caterpillar.

Imagine looking at a country with the largest prison population on earth, whose cops execute it's citizens in the street without trials, whose corporations regularly light the planet on fire for profits and saying "Ahh yes, the problem here is too much political correctness."

Small government NIMBYs: I want small government
Me: So you want to legalize apartments in single family zoned areas?
Small government NIMBYs: No, that is an infringement on my constitutional right to prevent people who I don’t like from living on land that I don’t own
Me: grim face
Aaron Carr

The U.S. accounts for over 30% of the world’s incarcerated women, despite holding only 4% of the global female population:

Prison Policy Init.

I'm so glad we don't have flying cars. They're bad enough on the ground.
Scott Feeney @graue

One of the best things we did at Move Minneapolis was change the narrative from "low-wage employee" to "low-wage employer" and I wish everyone would adopt the reframe.
Mary Morse Marti

Eviction is so weird. People can’t afford to pay for housing so you put them on the street without their belongings AND ruin their credit. A bad situation has just been made worse. There really has to be a better way. Being poor is so expensive.
Naomi Hopkins @MissNayHop

It's not "realism" to say "people will be lazy unless they are forced to work by the threat of starvation." It's pure projection from emotionally stunted people who themselves wouldn't raise a finger for anyone else unless forced.
David Roberts @drvolts

Rand Paul's latest insider trading behavior is a really good opportunity to explain how the criminal system works to friends and family: wealthy people decide what is a crime and what isn't, and then they decide which crimes are enforced against which people.
Alec Karakatsanis @equalityAlec

a book publisher's answering machine just directed me to fax my request on company letterhead, and I have to wonder what decade it was recorded in
Rebecca Leber

Urban freeways were the most hilariously bad ideas. They do not work. They never worked. We’ve spent 75 years pretending they are fixable. Boil the oceans for an unattainable 20 minute driving commute.

Scott Frazier @safrazie

If we stopped talking about just  “crime” in favor of the broader paradigm of “public safety” we would have no choice but to acknowledge that traffic violence is the leading cause of random deaths and injuries.
Shabazz Stuart

The Marshall Project asked incarcerated people what might have kept them out of prison. Their responses: Affordable housing, vocational programs, cheaper college classes, grief counseling, drug prevention programs, daycare vouchers and more.
philip lewis

For years, colleges profited as Black athletes subsidized whiter, non-revenue sports. To fix this, the NCAA allowed endorsements. Initial data shows white athletes get all the deals, few Black players get any and colleges still don/t have to pay. I just explained capitalism in 1 tweet.
Michael Harriot

At a middle-school photo op in 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle didn't just famously misspell "potato" but pressured a boy who'd spelled it correctly to add an "e" at the end. Anyone can make an error; the arrogance of power is forcing others to conform to your misstep. The Quayle example comes to mind now that the governors of TX and FL aren't just failing to save lives with their refusal to impose mask mandates but are actively preventing local leaders from saving lives - another level of harm. We all pay the price of reckless certitude.
Alfie Kohn

What if, for reactionaries, "freedom" MEANS "freedom from obligations and responsibilities"?
David Roberts @drvolts

I can't believe Democrats are going to blow up the deficit after Donald Trump and his crack-eyed team of fiscal hawks fixed it so good.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

"The fires raging in Siberia are bigger than fires in Greece, Turkey, Italy, the United States and Canada combined." Wild.
David Roberts @drvolts

The world before cars worked. We broke it to accommodate cars. It was a huge mistake.
Adam Miller @ajm6792

YEAH I bet female leaders ARE just as problematic as men, let's put them in charge for the next thousand years and find out
shauna @goldengateblond

Another interesting statistic: 7.65 times more people died of COVID in Florida just yesterday than were murdered in NYC during the entire month of July.
Steven J. Frisch

Today I was told that conceptualizing whiteness as a tool of oppression is some kind of fringe "ideology" AS IF FAILURE TO DO SO IS NOT. This shit will always uphold the status quo because the loudest and most influential people in it have an interest in that.

Remember when you complained about climate activists blocking the roads? #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis

Max Czekalski

The problem with Uber wasn't that just that it was a rapey, crimey, crooked grift - the OTHER problem with Uber is that it is doomed, and only exists today because of accounting fraud. Khosrowshahi didn't fix that part. He's not going to fix that part.
Cory Doctorow

Governor Cuomo resigned because his party wasn't tolerating his conduct. Biden and national Democrats called on him to resign. NY State Democrats were about to impeach him. The reason Republicans don’t resign for similar or worse allegations is because their party tolerates it. Simple as that.
Ahmed Baba

Hey just so you know, if you've never been a climate person until now, there are no cliques or in-group rules, you can just become one, immediately, despite the fact that others have done it for decades. Childish human psychology does not belong here - you are more than welcome!
Dr. Britt Wray

One thing I see in domain after domain: a scarcity mindset being framed as "realism" despite the fact that, in reality, the domain contains extensive opportunities for mutually beneficial, non-zero-sum cooperation. Whether it's foreign policy or economics or climate policy we CAN have nice things. We can cooperate in such a way that everyone is better off. People with fear-based, reactionary psyches project, project, project. They see threat and competition and dominance and scarcity everywhere, but they're just seeing themselves reflected.
David Roberts @drvolts

Pedestrian safety PSAs should avoid implying that pedestrians have equal responsibility when physically they clearly are at a huge disadvantage compared to drivers.
Angie Schmitt

When I asked a Standing Rock water protector what gave her hope for the movement she said hope was a white person’s idea, she didn’t fight for her people out of hope she fought because it was what she felt was right
Caroline @spacecrone

Virtually all car ads are set either in the cores of big cities or in the wilderness - T1 or T6, for those of us geeks who think about the rural-to-urban transect. Those are also the two ends of the spectrum where unfettered automobility can do the most damage.
Rik Adamski

So much this. I feel like the commercials showing people driving their $75k SUVs right up to the edge of a pristine lake or onto a mountaintop are practically outnumbering the ones where they speed recklessly through cities at this point
Sarah Goodyear @buttermilk1

On US urban climate action—compact development incentives, building standards, home electrification, parking maximums, pedestrian districts, BRT, bike ways, street cooling—what's currently almost impossible to get built needs to become the only thing we build, starting yesterday.
Alex Steffen

the Cuomo story highlights how elites have made a choice to treat sexual harassment by bosses and corporations as *civil* rather than *criminal* issue, similar to wage theft. the word "crime" is used by elites to target only some harms committed by some people. it's about power.
Alec Karakatsanis @equalityAlec

This is such an important point to recognize, that to steal a loaf of bread is 'criminal' (prison) while stealing the wages of the baker is 'civil' (lawsuit)

If only we were prepared to tackle catastrophic climate change the way we are if everyone on the planet drove to the same store on the same day at the exact same time:


Today, the 5 most vaccinated states (14M people) had 580 people in hospital, 12 deaths.
In the 5 least vaccinated states (16M people)? 6,600 hospitalized, 104 deaths
Per capita, least vaccinated states have 10X hospitalizations and 7X deaths
So yeah, vaccines are working
Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH

Reminder: Climate Denialism has pivoted to Climate Doomism. It's never "too late" to act. Every 0.5°C we can mitigate makes magnitudes of difference for billions of lives. There are so many solutions. We're betraying future generations if we give up without even trying.

Of all the many proof points that the media is not, in fact, "leftist," climate coverage really solidifies it.
Amy Westervelt

Infuriating to watch the leadership in one country after another implement a climate/livability vision as simple as “build frequent transit and surround it with housing” while our dipshits blather on about EV charging stations next to the 12-lane highway
Travis R. Eby @travis_robert

But don't you see, those costs are in the future, there's money to be made now, and besides, those who make the money now can buy safety for THEIR children.

What’s REALLY obvious is this — even if ALL we care about is monetary cost, NOT addressing the #ClimateCrisis will cost us a HELL OF A LOT MORE MONEY than addressing the Climate Crisis. But the incalculable costs will involve a LOT more than money. You can’t say you didn’t know.
Brent Toderian

One of the single most toxic ideas in circulation is that the truth must fall evenly between any two opposing statements. It gives such an advantage to the bullshitters in society and we have to reject it.
Sir Humphrey @bdquinn

“Housing isn’t the solution to homelessness, those with mental health issues need more.”
(1) Just 1 in 5 homeless people have a mental illness.
(2) Mental illness isn’t a fixed condition; homelessness makes it infinitely worse.
(3) Housing is the foundation for everything.
Aaron Carr

Our futures. How fast we act is which one we get:

Alex Steffen

Today is a good day to remember the government's decisions to criminalise those protesting the destruction of the planet and give tax relief to those destroying it.
Jo Maugham @JolyonMaugham

Daily American military casualties in Vietnam were broadcast every evening. I remember asking my mom what a casualty was. 58,000 total US soldiers died in Vietnam. +/- 38,000 Americans die due to cars each year. Ultimately, the transportation and land-use solution to imminent climate collapse and an EV-induced, speed-aggravated, relentless safety collapse with its unfathomable human toll is safe, decarbonized transportation. Transit. Bicycles. Walking. Density.
Mary Morse Marti

I was born in 1981, so I'm 40 years old now. The science of climate change was sufficiently settled that it was taught to me in elementary school. Yet in my lifetime more greenhouse gases have been emitted than in all of human history prior to my life
Patrick Iber

my hot take is that a police department that largely devoted its resources to preventing and solving violent crime would look nothing like any currently existing american police department in terms of structure, personnel or training

The world's most profitable industry (fossil fuels) has produced and then hidden the world's most expensive, existential threat (climate change). I wonder who should pay for the solution. Any ideas?
Eric Klinenberg

Perhaps the release of the new IPCC report could be an occasion for political reporters to press some prominent Republicans to explain why they have no plan at all to reduce US carbon emissions and remain utterly hostile to international climate diplomacy. Kinda wild that red states are being ravaged by Covid and burned up by climate change and yet the GOP remains pro-Covid and pro-climate change and everyone just shrugs.
David Roberts @drvolts

"There are about 4 million electric bicycles on the road in the Netherlands. Their total electricity consumption is approximately equal to the yield of 1 modern wind turbine in the North Sea." Electric cars may be the future of cars, but e-bikes are the future of transportation
sam deutsch @samdman95

Like, thank you, major networks, for never reporting about climate until you get the chance to be like oH MY GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE and then never reporting on tangible actions people can do to encourage our governments to act.
ashley fairbanks @ziibiing

Never forget that we had all the scientific evidence we needed to act on global warming over 40 years ago, but the fossil fuel industry spent millions to spread disinformation and block climate action. Global warming isn’t a tragedy, it’s a crime.
Jamie Henn @jamieclimate

We're in a bad way but that's nothing you didn't know at least in your body. We're in a broken, racist, exploitative society built on disconnecting us from one another by money, cars, things, the illusion of scarcity. We rebuild and repair by rejecting that way of thinking. My counselor shared today that his takeaway from recent coverage of climate is that it's too late to act. It's not. Friends, it's not too late to act. It's just now no longer optional to act. We're in an emergency, and we must change everything. Literally. Now. Us.

the IPCC report should be all the public engagement necessary to get bike and bus lanes all over the city
babski @neonbabel

According to the new IPCC report, the carbon budget that gives us the best odds of staying below 1,5°C runs out in less than 5 and a half years at our current emissions rate. Maybe someone should ask the people in power how they plan to “solve” that?
Greta Thunberg

Every US city: This cookie-cutter five-over-one apartment building will ruin our unique community.
Also every US city:


The IPCC is best understood as a lighthouse trying to pierce the smokescreen thrown up by the fossil fuel industry. For a day the light shines through; the job of movements is to extend that day.
Bill McKibben

Too many people mourning for the mythical working class Manhattan car commuter ahead of congestion pricing. Not enough people mourning for the many working class NYC bus riders stuck behind endless traffic jams.
Shabazz Stuart

What’s it called when the bank says you cannot afford a $950 mortgage payment so you’re stuck paying $1500 in rent instead.
alex @r8dr4lfe75

never forget they made this credit score shit up in the 80s

They needed a new way to keep banks from giving mortgages to Black people after redlining was outed

The median net worth for Black households with college graduates in their 30s has fallen to $8,200 from about $50,400 three decades ago, a WSJ analysis found. Over the same period, their white peers saw their median net worth grow 17% to $138,000.
philip lewis

Texas GOP: Parents do NOT have a right to know if there is a Covid case in their kid’s class Also Texas GOP: Randos have a right to know whether you get an abortion so they can report you and claim the $10,000 bounty
Lindy Li

Plexes in Montreal — one building for multiple families — offer a gentle, ‘missing middle’ density that is restricted in most cities today. They fell out of favour as housing subsidies shifted to promote single family homes. Make no mistake — financial policy dictates urban form.

Jennifer Keesmaat

If these Zillow and MLS trends for the last year are correct: at least a third of Metro Atlanta is now owned/ being flipped by Diamond Equity Investments and managed by Excalibur Homes. They are dramatically raising rents in Black working class communities and pushing folks out.
Brit Williams, Ph.D.

Reparations should be essentially what VA disability or a military pension is. The military caused you harm, they pay you cash, in addition to treating your wounds. If a civil war widow can still collect a pension in 2020, cash reparations shouldn't be considered too much.
Jay Kirell

If all lives mattered you would get the vaccine.
Rev. Ben Burton

Fun fact: the CDC was founded to prevent malaria, which is why its headquarters is in Atlanta, where malaria was endemic. Economic development in the southern US didn’t really pick up until they killed all the mosquitoes and eliminated it in the 1940s
Daniel Feldman

The only way to have culture is to learn from elders and teach others. Otherwise it’s just community. And that also entails learning about and addressing past wrongs.

The problem is not "people abusing the system," it's actually the opposite. Not enough people are taking advantage of resources that could help their families. You don't have to be homeless, jobless, or even in extreme poverty to receive food assistance.
As Told By Kaki

The number of people who need help but don’t get it basically always outnumber the people who don’t need help but do get it, and the public perception is usually the opposite
James Medlock

By the way, vaccination is not a "deeply personal decision." It is a routine public health requirement in a civilized society.
Bill Kristol

Kinda strange that humans have a choice between cars or a habitable planet and are gonna choose cars.
Bicycle Lobby

Welcome to Oops:

Tim Pritlove

Or f*ck. Where are we right now?
Extinction Rebellion

All these things are true:
Electric vehicles ARE better than ICE vehicles.
When vehicles get “better,” too often people buy BIGGER vehicles & drive even more.
EV’s still pollute, take up too much space, & lead to too many deaths.
Fewer cars, less driving is the REAL solution.
Brent Toderian

I know several people who currently drive cars, who are planning to get an electric truck when they become available because they "sometimes need to haul stuff."  Sleepy face
Kathy Shannon @kshannon617

I've never seen someone hate America more than Tucker Carlson.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

Who decided running buses was essential and in person school wasn’t? It’s totally arbitrary and based on the social status of the workers, in my opinion. What was deemed essential and what wasn’t was based on the social status of the workers and the status of the users. Not science.
Angie Schmitt

Sci-fi taught me that when the whole earth is attacked by space invaders, all of humanity will unite to fight back. Covid taught me that when the whole earth is attacked, half of humanity is going to side with the aliens.
Omar Wasow

I'll still never understand how the Secret Service showed up at my home over a single tweet last year but couldn't figure out that they should show up at the Capitol on 1/6 with thousands of people openly planning a coup on the internet for weeks.

Nancy Pelosi’s statement opposing a student debt forgiveness order followed a lobbying campaign by a billionaire megadonor who’s served as her campaign treasurer since 2012 — and who says he only just learned student debt even exists a few years ago.
Ken Klippenstein

A house plan made by Sumerians 5000 years ago:

Archaeo - Histories

it took NYT less than 24 hrs to demand Cuomo’s resignation. in 4 yrs, NYT could not find the courage to do that with Trump
Eric Boehlert

For years now it’s been the same dance. The Right escalates attacks on liberal democracy, people tell us not to overreact. Then the Right openly admit they’re authoritarian and want to destroy liberal democracy, and people say, well, you can’t take them seriously.
Jared Yates Sexton

At this point, emissions cut and ecological damage avoided are always going to be less harmful, less risky and less expensive than emissions recaptured or ecosystem damage restored... especially since we don't know how to turn recapture and restoration into reversal of impacts. This should not be a controversial statement.
Alex Steffen

You can’t analyze the current state of affairs without addressing how the vast majority of Americans feel frustrated with and in many ways alienated by a class of elected leaders that are elite and out of touch with the bread and butter issues affecting them like wages and housing.

It is easy to use the shorthand that the planetary crisis is "speeding up." While it's true that we face worsening impacts, what we're often describing is that our thinking is catching up to existing realities at an uncomfortable pace. It's the experience of discontinuity.
Alex Steffen

"Soon after Biden...released his $2T climate plan...the collective ad spend by the companies like Exxon Mobil — as well as powerful lobby groups like the American Petroleum Institute — had risen more than 1,000 percent."
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

NEW: “Bradsher’s interviews with marketing executives revealed a deliberate strategy to market [SUVs and trucks] to consumers with higher levels of egotism, insecurity and status anxiety.”
Brent Toderian

well well well, if it isn’t the bridge i said i’d cross when i came to it
trash jones @jzux

Can we get rid of courtesy titles already? I don't want to be called Mrs. or Ms. or Miss. Such a weird and outdated convention.
Angie Schmitt

Do we actually need “economic growth” or do we simply need wealthy people to pay their fair share of taxes and a reassessment of public spending overall? Productivity is the highest its been. Populace most educated ever. The problem is wages & cost of living.

All traffic calming elements have tradeoffs. Whether it's harder to plow or whatever, sometimes raised crosswalks are noisy (I think a lot of these are pretty trivial). The question is are we willing to accept any imposition for better traffic safety?
Angie Schmitt

The word compliance and the word learning are not synonyms. Just like the word school and the word education are not synonyms. Virtual learning is better stated as virtual compliance. Most times when school people use the word learning they really mean compliance. IMO of course.

I’ve said this repeatedly but the top priority of neoliberals is to convince everyone that this system is still working, even as it collapses in the face of fascism and ecological disaster

America is built on four major industries, all heavily subsidized and essentially nationalized: cows, cars, corn and creative accounting
Bill Hangley Jr

Podcasts and books haven’t overthrown colonialism either. Does that make them “performative”? If we can understand how media plays an essential role in the overall fabric of movement building, why is that hard to apply to all other ways people make small efforts toward larger goals?

The anti-science trolls act like all the doctors and scientists didn’t survive junior high as the “nerdy” kids. I had braces, glasses, was a head taller than EVERY boy…and I took extra math classes for fun. Try me.
Hannah Lichtsinn, MD @DoctorLix

Minneapolis asked residents if they wanted police to visit their National Night Out events. Organizers of 90% of the 1,407 registered events in the city ... said no.
Max Nesterak

You know what's cool is how sorghum makes more ethanol/acre than corn, and needs less water. but we're doing corn bc sorghum needs different handling infrastructure, & why build that when ethanol fuel is just a scam anyway
Dr Sarah Taber

As city council discusses Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Calming, it seems like a good time to share these graphics from the upcoming Strong Towns book about addressing chronic speeding and the role of traffic engineers vs. leaders/community members in a strong community:


If cost-benefit analysis were actually taken seriously in US policy (as opposed to being tactically deployed to advance oligarch interests), we would have gotten rid of all the lead in our pipes years ago.
David Roberts @drvolts

I am simultaneously feeling like I'm not doing enough and like I'm doing too many things.
Milton Tan @mtanichthys

I think the online space went from mostly jokes & live tweeting to discussing serious issues because the national mood went from optimistic to high stress/uncertainty in that same span of time. Gotta find healthy balance on here just as in life offline

France has significantly lower rent burdens than the US, because France:
-Builds more housing
-Holds localities accountable for housing
-Spends 6x more on subsidies; 3x more on rental assistance
-Has a large social housing stock
-Has made housing a right
Aaron Carr

South Korea's transformation is under-rated. Everyone knows about its rapid industrialisation. But equally enormous is the shift from patrilineal authoritarianism to labour militancy, democratisation,  rising state spending on childcare, daughter preference, & #MeToo activism.
Alice Evans

What we need then in my book is a workhorse. A cheap, but rugged and reliable, steel-framed roadster bike built to be a dependable and comfortable commuting machine first and foremost - with the option to upgrade it later with better gears, electric assist, etc etc etc.
Lindsay Broadwell

Can’t solve the pandemic under capitalism. Can’t solve the climate emergency under capitalism. Can’t stop this eviction crisis under capitalism. I’m seeing a common denominator.

7 year old, bewildered at the dinner table, "Daddy, you don't like capitalism? What's wrong with big letters?"
Johanna Winant

Nobody will rent to you for 7 years because you were $400 short on rent one time. That’s wild.

If as a relatively wealthy and powerful person you feel that systems are exclusively responsible for your individual behavior then that also means you don't take credit for you accomplishments, right?
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

Can’t understand how you read scripture. See, it’s filled with prophets challenging the idolatry and injustices of various governments across generations, culminating in Jesus being crucified by an empire and you can’t figure out how that should apply to discipleship today…

The internet was supposed to promise the democratization of knowledge, but what it ended up doing was democratizing unsubstantiated opinions.

I’ve been saying for some time the establishment’s goal is not to achieve multiracial democracy but to preserve the traditional bipartisan white power structure. That’s evident in how they can hold an emergency session on “bipartisan infrastructure” but not on voting or evictions. Hesitation to eliminate the filibuster is not about fear of what the GOP does if they take control but because they know removing it further weakens the ruling white elite’s grip on power. It removes any excuse against passing voting rights and other things they pretend to support.

And yes I do think parents are excited about not having to care for a human on a daily basis. Parents are humans too. They get tired. Just because they decided to bring a kid into the world don’t mean they’re undeserving of breaks.

When you realize that the Puritans were not, in fact, an innocent oppressed minority but religious extremists a lot more about the United States begins to make sense.

Child Entertained for 5 Minutes by Plastic Toy That Will Take 1,000 Years to Biodegrade

The Onion

Dolly Parton does more good on any random day than Joel Osteen has in his entire career.
Molly Hodgdon @Manglewood

The history of the US is a history of good ideas getting watered down into halfass, unjust, inadequate realities in order to work around white reactionaries — from the very founding right up to the infrastructure bill.
David Roberts @drvolts

it's worth saying that equal state representation in the senate only exists because of hard-nosed political negotiation and it was acknowledged at the time that there was no justifiable reason for it to exist other than political necessity

Kids are getting 9 year prison terms in Hong Kong for pro-democracy protests against a totalitarian state, while idiots here in the US cheer for the strangulation of our right to vote.
Seamus Blackley

New University of Chicago research challenges the conventional wisdom that living in big cities is bad for mental health. Data suggests that large urban areas in the U.S. actually predict lower rates of psychological depression.
The University of Chicago

i'd bet most millennials would happily accept a lowered standard of living compared to previous generations if it was in service to addressing climate change, rather than pointlessly making a handful of rich people even richer

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