Friday, September 3, 2021

Rain Drop Art Stops from Metro Transit

We had a rainy day here today, so I hope some people got to see the Rain Drop Art Stops that have been created at a dozen or so Metro Transit stops in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Four Minneapolis artists created the works that were applied to paved surfaces using invisible spray that becomes visible when it gets wet.

The spray should be durable enough that the works will be visible on wet days until winter sets in.

The four featured artists are Eric Garcia, Andres Guzman, Leeya Jackson and Violeta Rotstein. Their drawings were rendered into stencils, which were sprayed with a water-repelling material.

Garcia — who was one of the Chroma Zone 2019 mural artists — created six pieces for the project. One is a cloud with the word "lluvia," the Spanish word for rain.

Rotstein created a design with two foxes playing in the rain.

Jackson shows Mother Nature creating the elements — in this illustration, she's breathing the air. 

According to the Metro Transit write-up linked at the top, the works are at Target Field, light rail stations at Franklin Avenue, Prospect Park and Western Avenue, the Sun Ray Transit Center, and a still-to-be-decided bus stop in Robbinsdale.

They ask people to share photos on social media using #RainDropArtStop, so be on the lookout.

Here's the link to Metro Transit's write-up again: Rain Drop Art Stops. Photos are from their page.

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