Saturday, June 26, 2021

Women and Men, Star Tribune Op-Eds, Month 5

One more month and I'll have half a year of data on the gender breakdown of Star Tribune op-eds and political cartoons. June 2021 was better than May (which isn't saying much, since May was the pits!).

Men had 62% of the bylines, while women had 38% of them. I didn't include one by the New York Times editorial board in the count. Two of the women were Katherine Kersten, from our local right-wing think tank the Center of the American Experiment, and Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer, who wants to implement voter suppression and other parts of the white nationalist agenda. And yet, I counted them.

For local writers, again, the inequality is not quite as bad and is also improved from last month: 59% vs. 41%. Wow, that's still really bad, Star Tribune! It's barely better than the total.

We saw the return of the terrible Lisa Benson, so there was one cartoon by a woman out of the 31 that ran. Gee, thanks.


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