Friday, June 25, 2021

Brent Toderian's Band Name Challenge

Several days ago, a well-known urban planner named Brent Toderian asked his Twitter followers, "What’s the best band name for a group of city planners, architects and transportation experts?"

He's turned his favorite responses into a survey. But I wanted to note some of the answers from the larger list. 

There are so many inside jokes (some of which, I confess, I don't get), so this may not be as amusing to you as I find it. But here goes:

  • The Roundabouts
  • Density’s Child
  • Planners with Attitude (PWA)
  • Lewis Mumford and Sons
  • Electric Light Rail Orchestra
  • Jane Jacobs' Addiction
  • Lil NACTO X
  • Raingarden
  • Public Amenity
  • The Alan Parsons Mixed-Use Project
  • The Cars
  • Gehry and the Placemakers
  • Dire Streets

It looks as though Density's Child has won the survey. 

Extra points to the person who said there has to be an album named "Never Mind the Bollards."


Michael Leddy said...

The Venturis?

Daughter Number Three said...

That's a good one!

Bill Lindeke said...

I kind of like Raingarden the best

Daughter Number Three said...

I loved the subtlety of that one.