Tuesday, April 27, 2021

There She Is, Miss Generica

I manage a group on Facebook, so that means I have to decide whether to let people into the group. We have a very low bar to entry: do you live somewhere in or near Minnesota?

That's the only question we ask in order to be admitted, but some people don't bother to answer it anyway. So when that happens I go and snoop on their page to see if I can tell from their publicly visible posts whether they are from somewhere relatively near here.

Many people have their page's privacy settings so that the public (people who are not their "friends") can only see their profile photos. That's reasonable. But you can often still tell a enough about a person just from those photos. (Maybe they included something about the Minnesota Twins, a state park in the background, or some other detail recognizable to a person who's from here.)

While snooping a page recently, I saw a bunch of profile photos from what could be the most generic American white woman. Her images are so generic, I'd almost think she isn't real, except that many of them had likes and comments:

Whew... and there were more where that came from.

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