Monday, May 28, 2018

Robert Frost's From Snow to Snow

Here's another find from the basement (of my sister):

It's a thin book, stamped with metallic silver.

This is the first edition, I believe.

This is the most interesting part: you can see that at the top of this photo, in blue ink, is a Robert Frost signature. You can see the darkness of the ink varies, as it would with handwriting and a fountain pen, rather than the way it would look if done with a rubber stamp or something like that. (At least, in my non-professional estimation.) In the lower half of the photo is an image of Frost signature from the interweb for comparison.

I have to include these two pages from the book...

The book belongs to the school library my sister works in, and she has turned it back to them to see if they want to sell it or what. It was donated to the school in the late 1980s (according to a bookplate in the front), and she says it was sitting unnoticed in some barristers' bookcases for years before she found it. (It has no printing on the spine, which helped it escape detection.)

Possibly a find, my dear. And it came from the basement.

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Michael Leddy said...

That’s some basement you have.