Sunday, May 27, 2018

Old Chalk and More

Here are a few items that are not literally from my basement, but could have been:

 I recently saw this packaging at an estate sale. Love the color scheme and the lettering!

This physician's sample tin is about 1.5" wide. It contained Iodex ointment, whatever that was. (It contained "the organic iodine compound moniodo-oleic acid," you see). I find the typesetting amusing: let's hyphenate every word in the description for no reason!

Finally, check out this little blue thing, stamped with the name of Sunbeam Bread. What do you think it contained?

It came from my sister's basement. We used it with our Barbie dolls as a purse or picnic basket or something like that.

Here's what it held: a thin, plastic hair bonnet, which folded up to about an inch cubed of space. It was meant for women to use to protect their hairdos from the rain.

I imagine those are no longer made.

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