Saturday, February 24, 2018

Too Much to Say About Guns

I'm glad to see the Parkland, Florida, students having an effect on the intractable gun debate in this country.

Their success exists in a context where other recent youth-led movements (that [coincidentally] were led by people of color) have been forgotten. And in the midst of absurd calls to arm teachers, when we already know that too many school staff and in-school police treat black students like criminals. Which will go even better if the staff have guns, right? Imagine what that looks like in a stand-your-ground state.

Meanwhile, cartoonist Matt Bors at takes on another aspect of the recent shooting:

Remember Tamir Rice? He was 12, with a toy gun, in an open-carry state.

Check out this thread by Bree Newsome (the woman who took down the stars-and-bars from the South Carolina state house flag pole) on the historical roots of all this.

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