Monday, June 13, 2016

Photos from Washington and Idaho

More travel, this time in the U.S. where the sights are somewhat familiar. But occasionally something cries out to be saved in this, my great filing cabinet in the sky.

Every time I travel, it seems as though there's a mass shooting. I guess that's because there's one just about every day, of some size or another. The one in Orlando out-awfuls many of the others, if that's possible, at least in terms of its political implications.

This sign is not only missing the usual hyphen, but has an extra consonant, too. Maybe they could have changed that "e" to an "o" and invented a new kind of pizza special. Hmm.

Faces in things?

And even more faces in things... Is this a glimpse of how Milton Glaser got the idea for his iconic Bob Dylan poster?

Maybe people who grow plums for drying refer to their orchards as prune orchards. I don't know. But doesn't it seem odd? Do people grow raisins? I don't think so.

And finally, another bumper sticker for this odd, odd year.

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