Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ugly Memes

I've been saving some of the worst meme graphics I've seen on Facebook for a little while. Here goes.

So far we've seen a lot of Comic Sans, a bit of Papyrus, wince-inducing art, at least one unneeded apostrophe, and enough sentiment to drive a sane person under the desk.

This one isn't badly designed generally, but it has a cloying message mixed with some of the worst-set type (at the bottom) I've ever seen:

And just to prove I dislike bad graphics even when I agree with what they say:

Wow. Unreadable. Here's a hint: If you feel as though you need to put a dark outline on your letters, there's something wrong with your design. (Among other things, in this case.)

What a mess of a good message.

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