Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sightings at Barnes and Noble

I buy almost all of my books at independent bookstores, but I recently went in to Barnes and Noble to get some DVDs as a gift, and while there saw some amusing sights.

First, a misinterpretation from the music and DVD department:

Suddenly, because of a 30% off sticker, I was seeing green tea.

Then there was this bit of juxtaposition:

I think that may have been on purpose.

Then there was this book, which, I'm sure, is a bestseller:

Who wouldn't want to share homemaking traditions with the family that thinks 47 percent of Americans are takers? But, still, poor Ann. She got a discount sticker right on her face.

Then there was this sign of the very odd times we live in:

For teens. Yes, of course.

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Michael Leddy said...

B and N is about all we have left between here and Chicago. I was in there twice this week and was cheered to see that the aisles were crowded and the lines were long. But no action at the Nook stand.

In the ever-shrinking poetry section, I always wince to see Dante alphabetized under A, for Alighieri.