Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Five Photos

It's road trip time once again. Here are a few sights from Washington and Oregon.

First stop: Aberdeen, Washington, located where the Chehalis River flows into the Pacific. It's a logging and fishing city that has seen better days.

We stumbled onto an alley with some great graffiti. There was lots more, and possibly better than this sample, but I liked how this one melded with a ghost sign.

It was Sunday morning while we were walking around in Aberdeen. The downtown had more than its share of storefront churches, all of the off-brand, evangelical variety. This one was located between a payday loan store and a sex shop.

These friendly fellows are from Astoria, just across the Columbia River in Oregon.

Snow White appears to have found her true love, Lucy. From the gift shop at the Tillamook cheese factory (and hey, it's a co-op).

There are outlet stores for everything else, so why not Christians? Seen in Lincoln City, Oregon.

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