Wednesday, August 7, 2013

World Dryer or Dryer World?

Knowing my love of diaper-changing iconography, a friend recently sent me a photo of a new one. Then I saw it myself while I was on the road recently:

In responding to my friend about it, it I wrote: "It looks like a hot air balloon on fire."

But when I saw it in person, what struck me was that the name of the company is presented incorrectly in the blue type. The letters W and D in the circle indicate the order should be World Dryer, and this is verified in the small type at the bottom, near the phone number.

But the name the baby is grabbing appears to be Dryer World.


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1 comment:

unemplyeddragon said...

and at first glance, it looked to me as though the word Dryer, was comming from the babys' though the baby was shouting the word? or blowing up a sort of balloon?