Friday, July 26, 2013

Where the Stick Figure Families Come From

Those stick-figure drawings that appear on minivans became a "thing" while I wasn't paying attention. In fact, they didn't rise into my consciousness until I saw a negative comment on Twitter:

I can ignore your stick figure family or a pithy right-wing rant, but my god if you have a “Swim Taxi” sticker I'm running you off the road. (By @AmyJane)
Since then, in true Baader Meinhof phenomenon fashion, I've been noticing them everywhere.

Yesterday, while shopping in a small-town grocery store, I found out where some of them come from:

These are not the only versions in circulation, however: Googling shows there are lots of people who've gotten in on the sales action. And lots of haters out there, too.

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