Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Time, and the Tweeting Is Easy

July 2013 includes a lot of tweets about George Zimmerman and institutionalized racism, plus a little bit of Egypt, Edward Snowden, and Jenny McCarthy. But only two about the royal baby, and they're good ones.

Learning about feminism is like learning about typography. Once you know, you see the injustice everywhere. And it hurts.
By Jan Lehnardt

This is another one of those "Adulthood Tests" isn't it?
By Garrett Miller

God grant me the serenity to accept the tabs I cannot close, the courage to close the ones I can, and the strength to know the difference.
By Laura June

I wonder if we're reaching the point where genuine human emotion is cliché and a sign of bad writing.
By Ryan Dow 

Will the people who won't let public speakers be clear just stop.
By Chris Steller 

Girl are you a copy editor ’cause your body is [sic].
By matt 

You know how women writers have had to write under male names for centuries? Male developers should release code as women just to see the hatred.
By Jack Danger Canty

The more roads you build the more parking you need. Cars don't fit in cities.
By Free Public Transit 

Dear President Obama: If Michelle Bachmann and yourself both agree on NSA dragnet surveillance, I'd suggest you get a reality check.
By Nikhil Goyal 

The royal birth cost $15,000. The average American birth is billed at $30,000.
By Ezra Klein 

My daughter asked 2 questions tonight; why don't women have a Tour De France & why do women stand on the podium doing nothing. I had nothing
By Simon Clancy

"Millennials are lazy," declares generation that could spend an entire decade hitchhiking on acid and still buy a house before age 30.
By Michael Hingston

Let's respect the fact that the Royal Baby is very important to people who have no concept of what is and isn't important.
By Frank Conniff 

What did we we not want to know and when did we not want to know it? #Weiner
By Chris Steller 

It's really touching to see so many white conservatives all torn up about the number of black youths being killed in Chicago.
By Christopher Hayes 

If a restaurant's website doesn't have a long musical intro, how can we ever know if we're in for an elegant dining experience?
By Julieanne Smolinski

We can put a man on the moon yet we still keep using the same dated analogy for scientific progress.
By matt 

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT. Does it change the myth of Sisyphus for you if Sisyphus is paid? Does it make it better or worse?
By errolmorris

"Normal is fading away. Governments and industries and schools like normal, because it’s easier, it scales and it’s profitable."—Seth Godin
By Nikhil Goyal 

"Why do we call all our generous ideas illusions, and the mean ones truths?" -Edith Wharton. Flip this: Make Ideals Real
By Rosabeth Moss Kanter 

Great news if you lose your job! Thomas Friedman says you can make living renting out your kid's room, power tools and car. PROBLEM SOLVED.
By Tom Tomorrow

Do white folks using the term 'reverse racism' know they're admitting that white folks are the source of racism?
By Sherman Alexie

Nowadays they don't say the N word. They say code words like Detroit, Stand Your Ground, Voter ID and food stamps that mean the same thing.
By Keith Boykin 

Everyone SAYS they want a fairytale wedding but when I show up and curse their firstborn suddenly I’m a jerk.
By Atom Bombshell

A thrill of being indie is earning money even while you’re "not working." The flip side is earning nothing even as you work your ass off...
By Daniel Jalkut

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone wishes strangers would unreservedly compliment theirs.
By Merlin Mann  

99 little bugs in the code 99 little bugs in the code Take one down, patch it around 117 little bugs in the code
By Alex Gnatishin 

Note: when a black man (the Prez) discusses racial profiling he's "dividing the country" but when whites deny racism they're uniters!
By Tim Wise

Can Ta-Nehisi Coates please replace David Brooks on the @nytimes Op-Ed page?
By Nikhil Goyal 

When did the pretentious of "Let me know your thoughts" replace the simple "Let me know what you think?" #BusinessSpeak
By Robert O. Simonson 

No offense, but am I the only one entirely failing to see the hotness of that Tsarnaev photo?
By Monika Bauerlein 

Don’t let anyone tell you that public education cannot work. If we give students dominion, honor teachers, fund schools adequately, it can.
By Nikhil Goyal 

I think we'd mind insomnia less if we thought of it as a fun little art house retrospective of all the worst things we've ever said or done.
By Julieanne Smolinski

Big difference between OJ case & Zimmerman case is that after OJ got off every white blonde woman in America wasn't afraid for her life.
By W. Kamau Bell

“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating people who are being oppressed, and loving people who are doing the oppressing.”
By Nikhil Goyal 

Sometimes, I look at "news" story and feel like reporting on it just gives the stupid what it wants. #JennyMcCarthy
By Maggie Koerth-Baker 

Horrible that USA Today describes the link between vaccines & autism as "controversial" instead of "a goddamn lie."
By Anil Dash

Unlike Florida today, only if threatened by another gun did "Wild West" codes of conduct allow you to shoot another person.
By Neil deGrasse Tyson

If only Zimmerman had leaked government surveillance documents. Or shared JSTOR articles. Or sold weed.
By Joshua Eaton

If the networks that went wall-to-wall Zimmerman can't be bothered to cover protests after the trial maybe they need to be sites of protest.
By Jay Rosen 

How do you know when race has something to do with it? You see white dudes forcefully trying to explain why race has nothing to do with it
By leighalexander

Why hasn't EVERYONE RT'd this by @johndonoghue64: Anyone got a photo of a church that looks like a confused chicken?
By Philip Ardagh

Idea: Thought Leader-hosen
By Chris Steller 

Arizona: "At least we're not Texas." Texas: "At least we're not Florida." Florida: "You can't prove we're Florida."
By Guy Endore-Kaiser

If only Zimmerman had taken this long to decide if someone was guilty.
By Alex Baze

The great thing about the phrase "clothes horse" is how perfectly it sums up horses' notorious love of clothing.
By Tim Carvell 

A person who is nice to you but is not nice to the waiter is not a nice person.
By Bill Murray

The fundamental danger of an acquittal is not more riots, it is more George ZImmermans.
By jay smooth

Oh, Galleria. You make me want to sell everything I own & never buy anything again unless it's a boat to take me far, far away from you.
By Molly Priesmeyer 

Ten out of one women is a Russian Nesting Doll
By Megan Amram

AKA fear of being treated like you treat women. RT: @homophobes: Homophobia Driven By Fear of Unwanted Sexual Advances
By Erika Hall

I keep reading about these amazing designers who live perfect minimalist lives. Three kids will mess your shit up I'll tell you that much.
By Josh Williams 

Cars selling like hot cakes, methane melt plumes are 1km in diameter, and #freetransit is extreme?
By Free Public Transit 

Walmart finds it outrageous someone would use their power to dictate payment levels. Wonder what their suppliers think of that
By ryangrim 

Diamonds are a terrible, deadly scam so please let's stop getting engaged with them, okay?
By lia bulaong

I would be an awesome mom, but only for 15 minutes a day. Which is pretty much the culturally-accepted definition of an awesome dad.
By Paul Ford

By Bruce Sterling

"Too Old" Hillary is 65. "Inexperienced" Warren is 64. Funny thing about double standards. Whatever they are, you can't live up to them
By Wyeth Ruthven 

Sometimes I think the "artists must never have a profit motive" thing is so they can be easily manipulated by people who do.
By Brooks Sligh

Autocorrect tried to turn "gov't" into "gotcha"
By Chris Steller 

If ignorance is bliss, then why are Glenn Beck’s supporters so unhappy?
By Joel Ross Housman 

If we provide free buses, we get immediate payback of all the benefits of fewer cars on the road. A medium city exports $1.5M a day for gas.
By Free Public Transit 

Yearly reminder: unless you're over 60, you weren't promised flying cars. You were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia. Here you go.
By Kyle Marquis  

Please check to make sure your industry is dominated by the children of subsistence farmers before calling it a pure meritocracy.
By Pinboard

Things Our Children Won't Understand: a phone ringing and someone yelling "I'll get it!"
By Cabel M. Sasser

Just very quietly saying “lean in” during times of stress is a great way to completely enrage the women in your life.
By Paul Ford

The increasingly ubiquitous social sharing prompts at the end of user workflows are the “exit through the gift shop” of consumer computing.
By Alex Payne

The time an interviewer tried to get Toni Morrison to shame pregnant teens, and she was totally not having it.
By D. M. 

Is it just me, or do feral children seem less respectful, more unfocused, and have bad attitude these days?
By Bigfoot TheBigfoot 

Mandatory ultrasound before you can get an abortion. Brought to you by the people who pretended to fear "government takeover of healthcare"
By The Mountain Goats

People who don’t build things themselves greatly overestimate the value of ideas.
By Luke Chamberlin

You have to admire the Kochs. They realized they could only buy 1% of climate scientists, so they bought 99% of GOP politicians instead
By Donald J. Drumpf 

David Brooks says Islamists "lack the mental equipment to govern." Too bad they can't be as smart as neocons and advocate disastrous wars.
By Robert Wright

Capitalism wasted the oil and created an unequal mess. Does anyone expect it to be sensible and fair about #degrowth?
By Free Public Transit 

Funny how genetics folks always think genetics is key to improving agriculture, when much of world is actually limited by soil and water.
By Jonathan Foley 

We already have a punctuation mark for sarcasm, it’s called the period.
By Okay Type 

Canada is a chilling reminder of what would have happened if there had been no Declaration of Independence
By Pinboard 

I don't like when people ask me what my five or ten year plan is. Treat every day like your last.
By Nikhil Goyal 

America is a place with a lot of imperfections where you feel there's always a chance of those problems being fixed
By Zaid Jilani 

Take a minute this July 4th to thank the immigrants and socialists that made America free.
By Mike Monteiro

If structural racism benefits me everyday, what good does it do to think of myself as "not racist"? Make me feel better?
By Brother Ali

"Vision without execution is hallucination.". Thomas Edison.
By Neil Hawkins 

North Americans use more electricity on Christmas lights than the entire yearly usage of the entire African continent.
By Injustice Facts 

I'll admit that a small, conservative part of me looks at Egypt and thinks living in a revolutionary society would be *exhausting*.
By Christopher Hayes

Egyptian Army says Morsi is now its "guest" -- then that's all he ever was: in a coup-driven system, a president is always the army's guest.
By Philip Gourevitch 

Imagine how woefully uninformed you'd be if you get all your news from TV. That's a majority of the population.
By Anthony De Rosa

So glad the NC state legislature is attaching abortion restrictions to an *anti-Sharia* bill, because basing laws on religious texts would be crazy!
By sethdmichaels

I hope all the journalists penning anti-leak screeds will foreswear the use of anonymous sources from here on out.
By Tom Tomorrow 

from @CNN tonight: " N word or cracker...which is more offensive?". Probably the one you won't spell out, you fucking hacks. Just a guess.
By el-p

No, no, "cracker" isn't the "N-word" for white people. You want to drive a white person crazy? Call him a "racist."
By daveweigel

"Winning over Hispanics" seems sorta like walking up to a woman and patiently, awkwardly mansplaining that you're going to get her to kiss you.
By James Poulos

The proper collective noun is "an intrusion of cockroaches. God Bless the English Language
By Nicholas Beaudrot 

I regularly give thanks for various failures at learning social rules -- poor gender socialization has done wonders for me.
By Nancy Sims 

Said a white, old man. MT @aspenideas You need to be a pretty serious drug offender to go to jail. - Asa Hutchinson #AspenIdeas
By Nikhil Goyal 

All that surveillance, and yet there seems to exist just one goddamned picture of Edward Snowden.
By Paul Kafasis

1 car space = 10 bicycles
By erik spiekermann

Here's an #aspenideas idea: hold these sort of things, not in Aspen, but some super poor town in middle America where no one has a job.
By ... (@hoosier114)

Think #freetransit is only about oil? It makes the city attractive, shows the auto unnecessary, and breaks the critical mass of #autosprawl.
By Free Public Transit 

Unlike #Zimmerman, the average racist doesn't have the guts to hunt & kill a black person, so they use Twitter as a fantasy lynching league.
By W. Kamau Bell

Never forget that the U.S. Government classified Nelson Mandela as a terrorist and the CIA helped have him imprisoned for most of his life.
By Jonathan McIntosh

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