Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Including Women. Thanks.

A few signs of female inclusion, for good or bad:

Poster in a shop window showing a smiling woman pouring tea. She wears brown sleeveless dress and has red, white and black beaded jewelry as a headband and necklace
I'm not sure what this Oromo-language poster says, or how accurately this photo portrays an Oromo woman. She seems both Westernized and exoticized, if that makes any sense, but my knowledge base is limited.

Pink toy tractor in a store
Just what every girl needs... her own tractor that can remind everyone she's a girl.

Handwritten whiteboard sign that says Try an Arnie Palmer! with drawing of an iced tea glass
Check out the small writing in red at lower right on this coffee shop sign. It says "Or try a Nancy Lopez!" Next time I will remember to ask what the ingredients are.

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David Steinlicht said...

An "Arnold Palmer" is half ice tea and half lemonade and it's really just ice tea with lemon and sugar. But it's tasty.

I don't know the ingredients for a "Nancy Lopez." Hopefully it's half and half ice tea and lemonade.