Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Picking, Without Apples

An annual ritual: Go out to pick apples at an orchard east of St. Paul. Past years' visits have been good for photos from the pumpkin patch and recycling cans, and this year is no different in its lack of apple photos.

First there is this, from the petting zoo area:

Hand-painted sign with horse cartoon and the following text: We are all tame/and/We're glad you came/but/We're animals, dude/Your fingers could look/Like food
This bit of doggerel (horserrel?) struck me funny, especially the line breaks.

Then some of the non-apple tree foliage:

Bright red five-leaved vine with small purple fruits, like tiny grapes
I knew Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quniquefolia) had beautiful red fall color, but I've never noticed that it had dark purple berries.

And finally the silent, brooding Gas Cans of Easter Island.

Pink and red plastic gas cans turned with their handles facing the camera, which makes them look like brooding, heavy-browed faces

In pink and red, no less.

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Susan Nagel said...

I love that you saw Easter Island in a row of gas cans!