Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fancy Parking

A while back, David Steinlicht commented on a DN3 post about cars in a parking lot, and shared a link to

Well, David, I haven't forgotten about that comment, and recently I was in the City of Fancy Parking: Olympia, Washington, where there are whole parking lots reserved for fans of FP:

Parking lot full of cars that are backed into their spots

I confess to some manipulation of this sign, which originally read "Back-in parking only."

Sign above a parked car that says Fancy Parking Only


Marsha Qualey said...

I confess to always seeking out spots where I can pull-through and, therefore, exit by driving forward rather than backing out. Does this make me a fancy parker? I'd be happy to claim the label.

Daughter Number Three said...

I also look for pull-through spots, too. I think it runs in my family. That can look like fancy parking, but the fanciest are one-side only spots, as in the Olympia lot.