Monday, May 9, 2011

Truck Truck Prius

Parking lots are places of juxtaposition. I've written before when I've observed contrasting politics or cars parked beneath signs that indicate the driver may be making a statement.

Gray Prius parked between two black full-sized pickup trucks
Food co-op parking lots are a place where you see a lot of small cars, a few minivans, and the occasional junker, driven by someone who can't bear the idea of consigning so much waste to the junk heap. The percentage with bumper stickers tends to be higher than average. Not to mention the hybrid-to-non-hybrid ratio.

Recently, though, I saw this vehicular sandwich at Seward Co-op in Minneapolis, so I guess my assumptions aren't always correct.


David Steinlicht said...

Just have to mention that one of those trucks is a "fancy parker."

Daughter Number Three said...

Who knew there was a name for it. Isn't the interweb a wonderful thing?