Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spam Bomb from Melinda

Ten yellow pills in a silver blister packYesterday, Daughter Number Three received a flurry of spam comments from the same user, ostensibly named Melinda. My thought is that Melinda is an actual human (rather than a 'bot), since I've got my comments set to require one of those little type-in codes, or captchas, which are hard for computers to do.

So Melinda a is a human being -- just the type of species I love to have comment on my blog. Unfortunately, she has nothing to say that doesn't involve links to generic Viagra.

But I did find the non-spammy parts of her comments amusing for their good-hearted, though ungrammatical, attempts to relate to the content of the posts:

On Unconventional Mushrooms: I like to seeing the nature in its conventional way that's the reason I like not only creating that kind of mushrooms but also eating them combined with a generic viagra pill.
Then after I deleted her first comment on the mushrooms:
I had never seen something like that in my life, I've heard that some farmers have developed a rare method to growing their mushrooms crops it is fertilizing those mushrooms with generic viagra because in that way mushrooms will grow up faster and stronger.
On the Universal Media Syndicate: I think the opposite because they all time are inventing new an ridiculous stories for example saying that teenagers have to visiting viagra online in oredr to be informed.

On the Roland Burris Mausoleum Addendum: I have to be honest because I like to going to different mausoleums and taking there my generic viagra to get so crazy and seeing things I had never seen that's perfect.

On the Chicago Tribune Lobby: I also visited those stones in that case because I told to my sister I wanted to going there in order to taking my generic viagra because that's like a myth I have.

On America the Beautiful: I read a similar story, I think something a little bit strong, it was related to a man that turned on an addict of viagra online and he's not guilty because that really works.

On Resist the Feed: This book it's perfect because we can get many advices at the same time I can get excellent information from viagra online, I think that's something really similar.
And after I deleted her first comment on M.T. Anderson's book:
I think this is the last release because I had never seen something like that before, this book is like a book I read some years ago called viagra online it has been one of the most rare books I've read.
As a reaction to this spam storm, I've decided to require approval before a comment goes live on my oldie-but-goodie posts (the ones that are more than two weeks old). My apologies for the delay to all the real humans who have something substantive to say about topics other than Viagra, but I should be able to approve things pretty quickly.


Michael Leddy said...

I get these too, even with captcha and moderation. Mine are usually plugging “research” services (term papers for sale). People are probably paid pennies per comment to write this stuff. It’s sad.

Carmella said...

Wow. If only we could harness Melinda for the good.