Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Ten Commands

Cartoon of a bespectacled geek descending from a mountain holding a double tablet, a la Moses, except its content is the Mac command key symbol followed by Z, C, Q, etc.
This was clipped from a long-defunct publication called MacWeek in the late 1980s. For me, it brings back the days when computers were still new.

Plus, I love the pocketful of pens on his flowing robe.

Update: Credit to Nevin Berger — thanks for your work!


Blythe said...

I would be much reassured if the nerds inherited the earth.
To quote AlpineKat's Black Hole Rap "They're all people. . . They got reasons of their own to wnat to keep the world here."
I will now go and nurse my unrequited desire for a slide rule (talk about long defunct...).

groucho said...
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groucho said...

Thanks for posting this and giving me credit. I did technology related cartoons for about 5 years. It was a lot of fun. This particular cartoon was the first one I got published in MacWEEK magazine. I have been publish in Escquire Japan and a number of books. Haven't done any cartoons for years. - Nevin Berger