Saturday, November 13, 2021

Just Before the Snow Flew

Out and about in the neighborhood just before the snow started to fall (which was a surprise to me, I admit), I saw...

A free chair by my favorite mural wall.


I have never heard of this many-hyphened cereal. Looking it up, I see that each serving costs about $2.00, it's made by General Mills, and you have to buy it in bulk, as in this box.


Japanese maple leaves, fallen all at once while still red, resting on oak leaves. 

A free wrought-iron spiral plant stand. Reader, I took it home.


Jean said...

Nice mural! I heard of that cereal recently and wondered what the heck it WAS made of. Turns out to be largely peanut protein, which is of course my kid's biggest allergy. But great for everybody else!

Daughter Number Three said...

The main website I read about the cereal said that it was only the peanut butter flavor that used peanuts - the primary ingredient was milk protein (whey and casein) with flavorings added for the other flavors. I don't know, though - just what I read.

Jean said...

Well I did wonder how anything could taste not-like peanuts that way. So that seems more likely.