Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Election Night 2021

The Minneapolis results tonight are mostly disappointing (crushing, if you're in Minneapolis), and the Virginia governor's race outcome appears to be very bad for the Democrat. There are lots of other possible reasons for that, including the fact that Virginia has almost never returned a previous governor to office. So he wasn't exactly a great candidate to start with, and then there has been the lack of progress on getting promised changes passed in Washington, the supply chain problem, and economic fears related to the pandemic. Blah blah blah. 

I sound like a pundit.

But the thing I come back to for this election, and for the under-performance by Democratic candidates for the House and Senate (and Minnesota Senate) in 2020 (and 2010 and other years) was summarized by novelist Mikel Jollett:

It’s so weird when voters are like, “Democrats can’t clean up the horrific mess Republicans made fast enough so we should elect more Republicans.”

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