Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Iowa's Chuck Grassley — 88 years old — has announced he will be running for another six-year term in the U.S. Senate. We can all to that math on how old he'll be at the end of that term.

Today, in a nomination hearing for potential judge who is Korean American, he complemented the "racial" characteristics of Koreans.

He also recently cast aspersions on one of the voting rights bills, calling it a takeover of state and local elections, turning control over to the "Biden-Harris Department of Justice" (as if they will be in office forever?) and "partisan lawyers backed by dark money." 

I know that bit about the new voting rights bills being a federal takeover is standard Republican speak these days, but the bit about dark money coming from Democrats is enough to make me fall off my chair. But it's their new toy, I guess, since that terminology is also being used against progressives in Minneapolis. More projection. Same as it ever was, these days.

In the latter case, Grassley is just a parrot for Republican talking points, but in the former he's speaking his mind and it's revealing of just how bad it is.

I cannot fathom why anyone who's 88 years old would want to spend the last years of their life working, let alone in the U.S. Senate. This goes for Dianne Feinstein, too. Do they hate their families? (Or vice versa?)

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Michael Leddy said...

And he was first elected (to the Iowa House) in 1959.

I’m all for long careers in the arts, but in elected office … no.