Thursday, October 28, 2021

First They Came for the School Boards

I was keeping myself from personal fear of the attempted right-wing takeover of school boards that appears to be underway across the country (as I mentioned yesterday) by reminding myself that at least it will never happen in Saint Paul or Minneapolis. Right?

Which is more or less true, but then I heard about the many examples where slates of candidates have cropped up in various nearby suburbs spouting "No CRT" and "No Mask" lines. If they manage to make inroads in the suburban school districts (which is how Michele Bachmann got her start, after all)... it can have an effect on us all.

A bunch of rabid right-wingers destroying the public schools in multiple systems around the cities will affect both urban congressional districts and the voters within them, possibly swinging at least one of the districts further right over a few election cycles. And of course those surburbs are themselves important in keeping statewide elections out of Republican control, as greater Minnesota has drifted to the right.

This has been your moment of Minnesota metro-wide election worrying. (There's enough to worry about in the Minneapolis election, too, especially, but that's a different story. Saint Paul, not so much to worry about this year, I think.)


Note: I love it when there's a confluence of acronyms or initialisms. I confess that whenever I see the letters "CRT" (as in Critical Race Theory) my first thought is always "cathode ray tube."

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