Sunday, September 12, 2021

In Which I Show How Little I Know About the British Press, But Still...

The other day, I saw this British tabloid cover shared on social media (maybe retweeted by Billy Bragg, though I'm not sure):

The conversation was about the contradiction (and hypocrisy) of the lower left headline, juxtaposed with the one at lower right. The young tennis play being celebrated, it turns out, is herself the child of recent immigrants (from China and Canada).

However, I couldn't help noticing that the two headlines at the top also made quite a pair. Those "hated traffic light travel rules," while not clearly described, are most likely rules that make it harder for drivers to get places as fast as they'd like. And that headline is juxtaposed with one about new research showing that living near noisy roads — which get noisier the faster cars go — raise the risk of dementia. Too bad, so sad — the roads must roll!

And just as a final point... does the Daily Express really use a crusader as it logo? Yes, yes it does. I don't know how long they've used that image with their name, but according to their Wikipedia page, they literally carried out a "Crusade for Freedom" on behalf of Brexit, so possibly it started then.

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