Sunday, September 26, 2021

Another Yard Sale Report

September is yard sale time in my neighborhood. I bought a few things I don't need, but I took photos of a couple of others.

First, these two delightful vintage iron boxes:

The irons themselves were not in such great shape, but the boxes were excellent.

And second, this book that made me laugh out loud:

It was the combination of the ostensibly unfathomable question on the cover and the fact that the book is only 98 pages long that did it for me. 

Upon further examination, I found that it does not appear to mention the names of any philosophers, which is probably a plus in terms of not weighing the reader down, if the idea is to get across concepts. And after the introductory chapter, it deals with only nine topics: how do we know anything, other minds, the mind-body problem, the meaning of words, free will, right and wrong, justice, death, and the meaning of life.

Well then. I lied when I said I only took a photo of this book; I did end up buying it (it was only a dollar!). I've since learned that the author, Thomas Nagel, is a philosopher whose perspective I would not fear, so I think I will spend a little time with his 1987 overview of his field.

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