Thursday, July 1, 2021

Twitter June 2021, Things Fall Apart

June 2021, like all the Junes of Twitter, is too long, probably because May is always short. This year, we are well into the post-Trump hell-in-a-handbasket days of the triple climate, democracy, and white supremacy crises (which I suppose are really one entwined crisis, if you look at it from far enough away). This is the month that ended with 120°F temperatures in British Columbia, saw the Derek Chauvin sentencing but also more police killings that barely got noticed, and Republicans (and the Supreme Court) subverting the right to vote in multiple ways while pretending they were not part of the January 6 attack on Congress.

As always lately, the tweets are more or less in reverse chronological order, though I occasionally move one of the ones with an image up or down to get better distribution of the visuals.


Spanking does not appear to improve a child's positive behavior or social competence, a review of global studies finds.

"The only thing tragic about the death of Donald Rumsfeld is that it didn’t occur in an Iraqi prison." [Quoting a Daily Beast article.]
ryan cooper

We are going through climate disaster LIVE and Democrats are letting water protectors get arrested.

I need a way to auto-reply to people on here to clarify that when I say American suburbs are frying the planet (fact check: true), I'm not saying "you suck for not living in NYC", I'm saying, "let's build so many walkable neighborhoods that anyone who wants to can live in one"
Travis R. Eby

It pisses me off that people are pissing away money and brainpower on flying fucking cars instead of solving the existential problem of climate change.
Craig Villamor

"By the standards Manchin and Sinema have set for federal action on voting rights, the 14th & 15th amendments to Constitution, two pillars of the post-Civil War effort to ensure equality for all Americans, would never have become law" [quoting analysis by Ron Brownstein]
Ari Berman

"Being a cyclist often reminds me of being a woman. If someone hurts me it’s my fault because I didn’t wear the right thing, I didn’t defer to them and “know my place”, and I didn’t just smile and put up with their abuse. Power imbalances foster bullying."
Marjut Ollitervo @cyclite

" the key to the American other country has ever made so successful and glamorous a romance out of genocide and slavery..." –James Baldwin, "Here Be Dragons"
Craig Seymour @craigspoplife

A reminder that these heat waves aren’t tragedies, they’re crimes. The fossil fuel industry knew decades ago that this is what their pollution was causing, so they spent billions to lie to the public and block climate action.
Jamie Henn @jamieclimate

Funny how governments find it fit and proper to regulate the width of a bathroom window but an absolutely unbearable abuse of state power to ask that all new developments have a grocery store within 10 minutes on foot, for basic life necessities like food.

Wrath Of Gnon

I admit, sometimes I chuckle about how on the one hand we live in a panopticon where all our communications are open to be surveilled by multiple government agencies but also the IRS can't find the poor people they owe money.

Why do we need bipartisan compromise with a party that we all acknowledge is racist, wrong on policy and trying to overthrow the idea of democracy? How does that make any sense outside of whiteness?

Crazy to think that half of all emissions IN HUMAN HISTORY have occurred since Bush stole the 2000 election.
Adam Kotsko

The prognosis for this society is not good. Too much time is spent refusing to address easily solvable problems—things like policing, housing and food insecurity are actually among the easiest—which will prevent $ and time needed to overhaul infrastructure for a changing climate.

The handful of air-conditioned hotel rooms left in Tacoma yesterday during the 104° temps were all going for $400+, up from $100+ the day before. The rich chilled. The poor roasted. This is the future as long as capitalism reigns.
Rebecca Parson for Congress, WA-06

If you'd asked a climate scientist a decade or two ago to speculate on what the climate crisis might look like in the US by 2021, "116 degrees in Portland, 9-month fire seasons in California, and buildings collapsing on the Miami coast" would have been the *alarmist* answer.
Will Oremus

hi kids! it's me, your favorite sexagenarian here to tell you that when I was a kid the top tax rate was 90% and not only did our country have money for bridges and schools and moon rockets, but we had rich people too, and they had plenty of money to spend on rich people bullshit
Jeff Tiedrich

Praise, as I've often pointed out, consists of one person (typically with more power) conspicuously judging another. One example involving adults that lays bare the implicit condescension: when speakers preface their answers with “Great question!” (Uh, gee, glad you think so...)
Alfie Kohn



If so many Minneapolis Police Department officers have workers comp claims and if they legit have PTSD (surely some of them do), isn't that an indictment of the job? Isn't that a product of how they're conditioned to show up and how any human would respond to the conditions police create when they escalate?


Yes we crashed the ship into the iceberg instead of changing course but what’s important is it was a bipartisan decision between people who had already taken the lifeboats. Yes we could have changed course but  we asked all the most selfish assholes in the world and they said no. What? Yes there were enough of us in control to do it anyway but I feel you’re missing the part where the assholes said no, so it would have been a partisan decision.
A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat

We've left the era of fucking around, and we're now entering the era of finding out.
Eric Holthaus

Everyone who is talking about the extreme weather happening around the country should be paying attention to the fight against Line 3. Line 3 will double the flow of the old pipeline it is replacing, up to 370,000 more barrels of oil a day. The additional oil transported through Line 3 is the equivalent of the total CO2 daily emissions of 16- 18 million cars, every year the pipeline operates.
Mandy Medley @Videstellae

Thank you, whoever made this one:

Dr. Lindsay Stallones Marshall @lindstorian

Democrats never came for your guns. But Republicans did come for your healthcare.
George Takei

Conspiracy theories feel more comfortable to many than the truth: our broken civilisation is collapsing climate and other natural systems.
Extinction Rebellion

I suspect one of the reasons people are attracted to the lab leak theory is that it’s much better to believe that pandemics are caused by the Chinese Communist Party than to think we are entering a century of nonstop overlapping pandemics linked to climate change
Bruno Maçães

The McCarthyist CRT panic and the Trump road show are pretty big indicators of where our politics is headed in the next two years.

Should the guardrail not be on the other side...?

Addison Del Mastro

The default assumption is that if someone has the income to consume as much resources and energy as they want, they have the right to do so.  If we want to survive the 21st century we need to reject this logic.
Jason Hickel

When did this become a thing, where white people claim there’s nothing worse than being CALLED “a racist” but doing racist things and holding racist attitudes on a daily basis is not a problem?

I do not know what to feel about Derek Chauvin sentence. Everything feels cheap compared to how many lives are taken. I don’t know.
Tressie McMillan Cottom

One month apart:

weston @westonpagano

It's strange to see the Star Tribune and other media outlets refer to Derek Chauvin as an ex-cop or former officer, as if this was his identity when he murdered George Floyd. When he murdered George Floyd, he was at work as a long serving police officer in good standing with MPD.

The cop who killed George Floyd got 22.5 years. I have represented people sentenced to LIFE for:
- stealing $27 in plumbing supplies
- possession of so little meth it fit under a fingernail
- shoplifting a $2 pair of socks
Not asking for equal punishment. Asking for equal mercy.
Emily Galvin-Almanza

They ginned up all this nonsense about Critical Race Theory and 1619 cuz they know their white children are fed up with racial capitalism. THAT scares them to death, Republicans and Democrats alike. The horse is out of the barn tho.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

The Thin Blue Skin
Mike Schuster @mcs212 (in response to a NYT story about cops "quitting in droves nationwide" because they have "unexpectedly become the bad guys"

People who think bipartisanship is the most urgent priority right now and not the defeat of the fascist authoritarian movement happening in the GOP are going to be confused when the far right seizes total control of the government in the next few years

The problem with cars is just basic geometry: a single car takes up ~10x the amount of space as a human, with a large truck taking up ~20x. It's nearly impossible to build efficient infrastructure when the space required for each person is multiplied by 1000%
sam deutsch @samdman95

I've seen some folks marvel at the right wing ability to control the narrative and lie about Critical Race Theory or the value of policing. Doesn't really speak to their skill, it actually speaks to the lies that white folks love to hear and wrap their whole being around.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

Small tweaks in the face of existential threats are not realistic goals, actually. I understand having realistic goals and think a livable planet, taking care of every child, and reparations for injustice are some good ones.
Dr. Elizabeth Sawin @bethsawin

FFS if (when?) we miss the 1.5C warming target, the next target is NOT 2C, it's 1.51, then 1.52... The framing is already beginning to take hold and it should frustrate and disappoint anyone who wants to live on this planet. The biosphere doesn't care about nice round numbers.
Lauren McLean @climatelauren

if i had to pick one thing journalists don't get in police reporting, it's that cops have tried to surveil, infiltrate, and violently crush every major social, economic, labor, and racial justice movement since 1900. it's literally what they spent their budgets on in every city.
Alec Karakatsanis @equalityAlec

Thousands of people have been convicted in the last two years for peacefully protesting the gravest emergency planet Earth has ever known. Not one fossil fuel boss has ever been convicted for knowingly destroying the conditions for decent life on Earth. The system is illegitimate
XR Cambridge

Compared with white Americans, whose average life expectancy at birth dropped by about 1.4 years between 2018 and 2020, the average Hispanic American’s decreased by just under 3.9 years. The average lifespan of a Black American decreased by 3.25 years.
Brittney Cooper @ProfessorCrunk

Our infrastructure plan for the climate change era is literally: more highways but make them flooding-resistant.
Angie Schmitt @schmangee

The basic problem with climate change as a political issue is that many politicians are extremely late to it, to the point that whatever "moderate" position that might have existed vanished a while ago. We're in an emergency situation. It requires them to go from 0 to 60. It's difficult for any politician, especially those in our sclerotic, constipated system, to go from 0 to 5, much less 0 to 60. So we're going to see a lot of not-especially-coherent flailing from a lot of pols, desperately seeking middle ground that is no longer there.
David Roberts

I have to give it to Republicans: they’re way better at getting people pissed off about imaginary shit than Democrats are at getting people pissed off about shit that is actually happening.
Abe Goldfarb

That, combined with not actually wanting to govern (other than lowering taxes on the wealthy and watching conservative judges do their thing), is an easy gig. Imaginary problems that you don’t really care about are easier to solve than real ones.

If white society is committed to violently oppressing us, can they at least come up with their own terms and slogans? The constant intellectual thieving is tired.

if the “character” of your neighborhood/town was built on racism, redlining, and segregation then it shouldn’t be preserved

It starts before birth: Introduction of E-ZPass in New Jersey reduced prematurity and low birth weight among mothers within 2km of a toll plaza by 10.8% and 11.8%.
Katherine Wolf

Black people are 82% more likely to die in traffic accidents than white people. Experts say this happens for 3 reasons:
-Infrastructure decisions rooted in racism
-Highways built through Black neighborhoods
-Drivers less likely to stop for Black walkers
Covid made it worse.
CiCi Adams



Berlin was razed to the ground, smashed to smithereens, and then split down the middle and surrounded with a barbed wire concrete wall for half a century, and it still turned out far better planned and more livable than any city constructed in the United States this century.

Why do we always insist that alternatives to police and incarceration provide immediate evidence that they work, while continuing to pour billions into police and prisons without any evidence at all that they work?
Alan Mills

When it comes to the planetary crisis, false certainty is the only kind there is.
Alex Steffen

This is why it’s not enough to tell people to vote. People did vote. These voter suppression laws are in response to people organizing and voting. Our democracy is on the cusp and we cannot treat this as politics as usual.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

It's worth pointing out that Black people have only *really* been allowed to vote between 1965 and 2013 and for the other 186 years, a majority of white people have been perfectly fine with restricting Black participation in the democracy. So, Senator Sinema isn't actually new.
Elie Mystal

From the archives: You don't have to dislike cars to recognize that our cities spend way more on car-specific infrastructure than we get back from the drivers who use it. Rather than demonizing driving — let’s just stop subsidizing it.
Strong Towns

What emergency is YOUR city prioritizing? The real one, or the manufactured one they’ve been prioritizing for decades?

Brent Toderian

Fun Fact: With the current filibuster in place, Senators representing as few as 34 million Americans could stop legislation supported by Senators representing 297 million Americans.

Sinema's thesis is that believers in multiethnic democracy should only do things that opponents of multiethnic democracy will support.
David Roberts

At a climate conference for the electric utility industry, Joe Manchin says he supports climate action but wants a less "aggressive" timeline. Spoiler alert: we all want a less aggressive timeline. Climate change doesn't give a shit about what we want.
Emily Atkin @emorwee

I’ve been thinking about how fear begets fear, and how fear-of-others is the riskiest response we have to the climate emergency. Considering play and connection as the antidote to fear. How do we foster our own playful selves? How do we play together? How do we grow a playful world out of extractive and exploitative systems?

“In Paris, the proportion of women cyclists increased to 41% after the deployment of coronapistes. More secure cycle paths = more women on bikes.”
Brent Toderian

“I REFUSE TO WEAR MASKS AND GET VACCINATED BECAUSE I REFUSE TO LIVE IN FEAR” say the people who live in fear of immigrants and transgender kids and carry giant guns because they’re afraid of everything.
Mueller, She Wrote

The difference between being a renter and a homeowner should be: do you intend to move soon? Renter. Do you intend to stay put + equity? Homeowner. Instead in the US it's that plus "would you like rights? would you like political deference? Would you like tax breaks? Homeowner"
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

This is how pedestrian bridges should look:

Daniel Moser

If climate change isn't even showing up in stories about intense heat, I have very little hope for the media's ability to cover the more nuanced aspects of the problem.
Amy Westervelt

A guy who replaces his birth name of Rafael for a shortened version of his middle name,
is keenly aware of racial discrimination in society.

happy juneteenth! burn the plantation

Religions going to SCOTUS to protect their right to discriminate. Religions organizing to rebuke Pres Biden. Religions approval of locking kids in cages and being anti-democratic. No wonder most Americans stopped going to church.
Daryl Sturgis

A lot of the criticism of Critical Race Theory is “we don’t want white kids to feel bad or inferior.” But those people ENDORSE making Black kids feel bad and inferior when they tell them they must feel proud of the slave-owning, anti-democratic, hyper-violent founders.
Marcus H. Johnson

Nothing has fundamentally altered in the class dynamics between the white settler class, the Indigenous class and the class of enslaved Africans and their descendants. That’s why we’re still in a generational cycle of land displacement, forced/underpaid labor and state violence.

If you’re feeling existential fatigue, it might be because we’re fighting fascism while surviving a pandemic and mourning mass death within an environment of constant reminders the Earth’s temperature is rising and will turn us all into climate refugees eventually. Just saying.
Leah McElrath

Dear White People,
Critical Race Theory doesn’t mean you are a horrible person. It means you benefit from racism and we need to explain how. Now if you oppose people talking about Critical Race Theory *that* does mean you’re a horrible person. This isn’t hard stuff.

If folks can change the narrative of the Jan 6 riots this quickly, with countless videos as evidence everywhere, imagine what’s been done with the rest of the history of this country.
Dr. Twyla Baker @Indigenia

The irony... that because Black voters showed up in record numbers in 2020 there are political negotiations happening right now to decide how much disappointment and disenfranchisement can Black voters tolerate in service of Republican appeasement.
LaTosha Brown

More Nigerians Died From Road Accidents Than Malaria and Covid-19 Combined [headline]

Totally random thought: bad faith panic over welfare fraud and the credulous reporters who promulgate it have destroyed chances for safety net reform and further immiserated the poor since time immemorial.
Stephen Nuñez @socio_steve

Poor people don’t “abuse the system.” The system abuses poor people.

The ways to make autonomous vehicles work is to get rid of confusing things, like everything in cities, towns and villages. I would argue that makes AVs not street-worthy. But there are many in powerful positions that will say it is best to clear the roads of anything but cars for "safety."

Beth Osborne

Pretty amazing how a whole new federal holiday can get created AND *implemented* in 72 hours but we’ve been unable to fix the Voting Rights Act for 8 years now.
Christina Henderson

Politics, culture, and economics are largely being dominated by a bunch of men who made their fortunes off building the infrastructure of the internet and making it a generally unpleasant, dangerous place and all of them are delusional, embarrassing, and deliriously incompetent. You’ve got a culture where the guys who figured out online payments, created a rate women site, and obsessively monopolized discount shopping and they’re helming space colonization and trusted with democracy itself. It’s so absurd it’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so awful.
Jared Yates Sexton

One thing that has been made clear(er) in recent years: in the reactionary mind, the 2nd Amendment has always been a promise to white people that they could resort to violence if America ever threatens to become a true multiethnic democracy of equals.
David Roberts

People seem to forget that those of us who specialize in Black stuff, or "non mainstream" had to master the European methodologies and theories to advance in our programs. Where you then stopped, we kept going to develop strong research in our areas... We know a lot about you AND us.
Dr. Augusta Atinuke Irele

"The hood height of passenger trucks has increased by an average of at least 11 percent since 2000 and that new pickups grew 24 percent heavier on average from 2000 to 2018." [quoting Consumer Reports]


You don't have a right to harm someone who delays you when you're driving. Why don't we hear that message clearly from safety officials?
Angie Schmitt @schmangee

An investment of $274 billion in transportation electrification would add $1.3 trillion to US GDP (a 5:1 return), create 10.7 million jobs, generate $231 billion in additional tax revenue, and yield $19 billion in annual consumer/business/government savings.
David Roberts

Did you know that leaving your engine running for 30 seconds produces almost twice as much pollution as switching off and on again? Will you pledge to always switch your #EngineOff this #CleanAirDay?

Idling Action London

Community: can we have a protected bike lane?
City: what kind of data do you have to support the need for these lanes?
Community: well the planet is burning up and climate change will destroy humanity.
City: hmm, have you talked to everyone in the neighbourhood?
Tom Flood

Americans have *so few* real choices in housing form -- basically apartments, condos, or single-family houses. By doing inclusive, democratic planning, EU cities customize housing options: multi-generational housing, cooperatives, housing specifically for the elderly or single parents, etc.
David Roberts

Is there any other entity besides policing that fails so miserably to achieve their stated goal (public safety) that gets to demand more money to continue to fail?
blackness everdeen @traceyecorder

NEW: The amount of heat the earth is trapping has roughly DOUBLED since 2005, according to new research from NASA and NOAA. Earth is now trapping an ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat.
Juliet Eilperin

There's always a city:
Hotter than yours
Colder than yours
Rainier than yours
Dryer than yours
Hillier than yours
Flatter than yours
Where cycling is wildly popular. What do they have in common? The key isn't weather. It's safe,
separated #bike infra that gets people cycling.
Spicy Garage

Shout out to all the weirdos who spent their childhood randomly reading dictionaries and other reference books for fun

Charity doesn’t fix what policy created.
Thomas Horrocks

Over and over again history shows that the Right is animated by paranoid fears of conspiracies that allow them to enact widespread oppression, surveillance, and violence in order to protect their power and increase their wealth. It’s the only consistent mindset.
Jared Yates Sexton

The fact that “We need to completely transform police but first we need a lot more of them doing things exactly the way they do right now” is just bought and sold as a valid policy perspective will never be anything but baffling to me.

crypto is multilevel marketing for men
yasmin @policyfailure

I’m not saying electric vehicles shouldn’t be part of a solution, but the main goal HAS to be less driving/fewer cars. Picture tobacco companies selling “better cigarettes” with less bad stuff as the solution (which can actually lead to MORE smoking) when we know the solution is to not smoke.

Brent Toderian

It’s a shame that capitalism does not incentivise the continued existence of life on earth... And it is even more of a shame that pointing this out gets you branded some kind of radical.
Sam Knights

Having 100 open tabs is my way of honoring the Great Library of Alexandria. No one will convince me otherwise.
Axel Folio, PhD @ISASaxonists

Can we really leave the world as it is and just "electrify everything"?  Well, "the extraction and primary processing of metals and other minerals are responsible for 90% of biodiversity loss and 26% of...emissions."
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

GOP lawmakers ban theory they don’t understand from schools that don’t teach it, thus inadvertently proving central tenets of said theory.
Kevin Carey

2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades. So far, 2021 is worse.
Jonathan M. Metzl

Made around the same time as Giza's pyramids, an almost 5000-year-old hedgehog and his bowl. Early Cycladic, 2800–2300 BCE, National Archaeological Museum of Athens:

Across the Ages Podcast

It’s not terribly surprising that so many white conservatives think that blocking highways should be met with vehicular homicide when so many highways were created through ethnic cleansing.
Baby Boy Monaghan

People talk about the crack cocaine/powder cocaine sentencing disparity like it's a thing of the past. Nope. It used to be 100:1. It's now 18:1.
Rebecca Kavanagh

I always wondered how liberals responded as white supremacists systematically established Jim Crow and restricted the black vote. Now I see. They say “isn’t that horrible, but we have more pressing concerns at the moment.” Black people’s oppression is rarely the priority.
Charles M. Blow

These two paragraphs, which are being taught to 8th graders in Louisiana, are appalling. People are so concerned about critical race theory being taught to kids, but have nothing to say about this:

philip lewis

If I had one wish it’d be to turn all the guns into chickens. Just - magically one day - chickens. You carrying? Yeah. You’re carrying a chicken now.

This, from Pete Sikora, explains so much about climate politics. "The vast bulk of foundation funding and donor money on climate and energy issues flows to groups that provide policy analysis and recommendations...." These groups "take their proposals to elected officials...and urge them to adopt them. [But] it's very hard for these groups to criticize elected officials, particularly Democrats, because then those elected officials won’t grant them meetings or work with them." [...] "The limited number of...foundations and donors willing to fund...aggressive, multi-racial campaigns and organizing is dwarfed by funding for policy concepts and access-lobbying. As a result, you can find a flood of white papers on almost any topic — but few rallies."
Dr. Genevieve Guenther @DoctorVive

People are not going hungry because we cannot feed the poor. People are going hungry because we cannot satisfy the rich.
mohamad safa

A 9-year-old in Texas was shot in the chest by his own father during a road rage incident. Houston police are saying the father is NOT expected to be charged with a crime. This is the future Republicans want, where you can draw a firearm and shoot your kid without consequences.
Fifty Shades of Whey @davenewworld_2

[Lack of current knowledge of the U.S. role in extracting ex-Nazis via the Rat Line to help in the Cold War in South America] Reminds me of this:


I think it’s kind of an underrated fact that the animating forces right now on the right are 1) banning certain ideas from being taught 2) overturning elections.
Brian Schatz

“I just want the federal government to keep service workers disempowered so my lunch costs 30 cents less, I literally don't have any other politics”
James Medlock

My father wasn’t assassinated because of his dream. He was assassinated because of his voice and work, which was eradicating the “Triple Evils”: Racism, Militarism, Poverty. Those who unrepentantly benefited from these evils railed against their eradication. They still do.

Be A King @BerniceKing

The premise of merit pay, and indeed of all rewards, is that people *could* be doing a better job but have perversely refused to do so until it’s bribed out of them.
Alfie Kohn

Those running the “super sustainable” BMW Twitter account didn’t think this one through, did they?

Carlton Reid

Nikole Hannah-Jones is one of the most powerful people in the country right now. The GOP's cheese has slipped off its cracker because a few years ago NHJ was all  "hey here's some history on slavery in this country" and a buncha white folks were like "CRITICAL RACE THEORY? NOO!!" The 1619 Project is just history. But white folks are losing their minds because apparently teaching history is teaching white kids to hate their country. They need to maintain the narrative that slavery was NBD and really Black people were just grateful for the work opportunity Like, sorry this country was founded by a bunch of slave holding racists, but it was what it was. Sugar coating it because your dainty white ears can't handle it is fucking cowardice. That's what it is. Y'all are a bunch of goddamn cowards. Can't own up to your ancestors' past.
Imani Gandy @AngryBlackLady

I keep telling ya: if the GOP is screaming about something illegal, unethical, or untoward, they are the ones doing it.
Jodi Jacobson

This white panic about "teaching Critical Race Theory in schools" (when it's not taught in anything lower than a collegiate seminar) would be funny if it wasn't for the inevitability that everything from Toni Morrison to George Washington Carver is going to be branded as CRT.
Dave Zirin @EdgeofSports

White Americans who identify themselves as Italian or German lean most heavily to Trump:

chris evans @chris_notcapn

Today is a good day to remember that Krysten Sinema voted for William Barr. #PrimarySinema
Andrea Fed

Every Ilhan Omar controversy is just her being transparently right, and the worst people on earth losing their minds.
Jeremy Flood Rose @_Floodlight

So much of the "return to work in the office" conversation is fascinating to me because the same people who don't want to deal with office culture still want retail & food service workers back at the counter for substandard wages and benefits. And I get it, I hated offices. I also hated food service & retail. I think people who have to work with public deserve $25 an hour at minimum. And comprehensive benefit packages. Because I have seen the public & it was awful before the pandemic. Now? There is no way.
Mikki Kendall @Karnythia

Critical Race Theory is the new antifa and its just so frustrating to see this boogeyman political tactic work over and over again.
Brandy Zadrozny

It shouldn't be in the least bit controversial any longer to end all new pipelines and fossil fuel infrastructure.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

An "infrastructure bill" that isn't climate-focused is quite literally not worth passing because climate is the central infrastructure challenge we face, full stop.
Chris Hayes

“The government provides incentives for purchasing larger trucks. They aren't subject to gas guzzler taxes, heavy-duty trucks are held to looser fuel-economy standards, & small-business owners get a bigger tax write-off for buying a heavier vehicle.” Stop.
Brent Toderian

Note how often the loss of climate-related provisions in the infrastructure bill is framed as a "blow to climate activists," as though climate action is some boutique favor for a leftie special interest. This way of thinking is SO deeply rooted in the political press.
David Roberts

What makes biking dangerous is all the cars. What makes the bus so slow is all the cars. What makes it so everything is too far away to walk is all the space we have to reserve for the cars.
Adam Kotsko

Love how Vistaprint always suggests just the most hideous, ill-fitted other uses of the design you uploaded (return address labels in my case):

Sean Hayford Oleary

I need journalists and everyone else to stop writing that e-bikes are expensive and start writing about how it's much harder for someone on the lower end of the income scale to finance an $8,000 e-bike than a $35,000 car.

Another way to say "labor shortage" is "worker power."
Chris Hayes

What these designs (and even many of the comments) reveal is that suburbs -- despite the protests of suburb enthusiasts -- are fundamentally anti-social. You leave in the car, you come back in the car, you live inside. A least front porches were an effort to pretend but they're being replaced with garages on the front because *that's how people live* in the suburbs. They don't sit on the front porch and mix w/ neighbors. They live inside, watching TV, getting scared and anxious about the big outside world, soothing themselves w/ more stuff. I really think the physical and psychological isolation of suburbs is an underrated contributor to America's general meanness and political dysfunction. Suburbanites live in controlled environments isolated from any public. It's the bubbliest of bubbles.
David Roberts

The richest people on the planet try to convince us that people demanding $15 an hour are the problem while they destroy the planet, spend billions to go to space, and don't pay any taxes.

Who ever could have guessed that the hubbub over "critical race theory" would lead to reactionary white people demanding that schools don't teach anything about racism? [finger to ear] I'm being told literally everyone guessed it ...
David Roberts

In re road dust — the original motor vehicle user taxes, in England, were based on engine horsepower, because that was actually a pretty good metric for how much dust they threw up in the air, which was the externality they were trying to recapture
Jeff Davis @JDwithTW

Bristol's mayor Marvin Rees is of view that *not* expanding Bristol airport could be worse for environment/climate because people would just use Birmingham or London (where airports also expanding). Transport peeps, does this make sense?

...if that was the case, you would *not* expect to find a positive association between airport accessibility and air travel emissions. The fact that we *do* find one suggests that there might be an induced demand effect: expanding airports will encourage people to fly more. Another reason why Londoners fly more is better airport accessibility: it's just easier to get onto a plane for them. We find that having one more large airport within 60 minutes travel time for your home increases your air travel emissions by +125 kgCO2e.
Giulio Mattioli

These motherfuckers are going to the moon, and we can’t even afford to go to the doctor.
Leah McElrath

It’s just magical how the pandemic and economic crisis have contributed to rising crime in other cities but in Minneapolis, all crime is solely due to activists asking for a restructuring of the police department that hasn’t even happened yet. Honestly amazing.

Coworker: "pretty hot day to be riding a bike!"
Me: "pretty hot climate change to be driving a car."

When I mentioned to a family member that we need to cut emissions in half by 2030, they seemed shocked. They had no idea. I bet most people don't realize this.
Stephanie Burns

This sign knows it has lost:

Sarah Nicholas

It's just a matter of time before South Carolina announces the 1861 Project.
Kevin M. Levin

“The Marshals Service’s rules are looser than those of many major police departments. Marshals are not required to try to de-escalate situations or exhaust other remedies before using lethal force. And marshals are allowed to fire into cars.”
Mary Moriarty

there is NO scenario in which building more oil pipelines make sense on a rapidly, irreversibly overheating planet. #StopLine3 immediately
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

You never hear the Minneapolis Police Department say "you know, if we actually would have appreciated the grace folks in North Minneapolis gave us after the 4th precinct, and actually reformed, actually accepted responsibility, maybe we would not have killed George Floyd and lost the 3rd precinct"
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

One thing I'm always told about people like Manchin (and Trump) is: "they can't have gotten this far without being smart!" The idea is that there's some clever, calculating mind behind the dullard on the surface. But another way to look at it is that they are evidence that you don't have to be very smart to succeed as a white man in America. Doesn't that sound more plausible than there being some secret 12D chess behind all the facially dumbass things these guys do and say?
David Roberts

I don't recall Republicans asking for bipartisan support before they introduced 400 voter suppression bills and enacted 22 new voter suppression laws in 14 states so far this year
Ari Berman

Yikes. Horrifying data on U.S. motor vehicle fatalities (in a year with a lot less driving). 38,680 crash fatalities, up 7% from 2019, and:
*Occupant ejections +20%
*Unrestrained passengers +15%
*Speeding-related +11%
Chart: fatalities per miles traveled

Nat Bullard

Turns out traffic congestion is a safety *feature*, not a safety hazard. Somebody please tell the DOTs.
Action Committee for Transit

It shouldn't be magical thinking to believe that winning control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress means you get to pass legislation designed to protect that very government from being fascistically usurped by a minority of craven crackpots.
Amanda Guinzburg

The cost of riot gear for one officer is $9,000.
NYC Teachers get a $250 stipend for teaching supplies.
Budgets reveal moral priorities, and ours are invested in death.
Benjamin Perry @FaithfullyBP

Abolitionists: let’s end slavery
Joe Manchin: not unless the slave owners have input and agree
Jason Overstreet

and the prize for Worst Use of a Historical Photograph in an Online Ad goes to

ryan teague beckwith

@Lots of people out here confusing dividends from White Supremacy with blessings from God.

It is very strange that having a gun is apparently an acceptable pretext for police to kill you in a country where there are more privately owned firearms than there are people.
Bill Emory

We are at a place where Republican voters can more easily be convinced that Italy (?) secretly altered ballots using remote technology than that simply more people voted for a normal candidate from the opposing party
Asha Rangappa

Burning fossil fuels, besides causing climate change, creates enough air pollution to kill 8 million people a year. 8 million people a year. And there’s no way to “offset” that. Just think about that when people try to justify offsets as primary tool to address climate change.
Dr. Jonathan Foley @GlobalEcoGuy

Home ownership is the number one "fuck you I got mine" in politics
wxldy @w_____redacted

Coffeeshop wifi is infrastructure
Wes Burdine @MnNiceFC

Pierce Butler Route has so much unnecessary center striping. Under Snelling Avenue, cars get 11-12 ft of buffer, but bikes get ~3-4ft of pavement, no buffer, and a gutter:

James @STPBike

“Unnecessary Center Striping” is my new favorite public works band name.
Okay, Michele @norskieMN

It’s going to be difficult to campaign on a message that Republicans are too dangerous and authoritarian to be in charge after needlessly and fruitlessly negotiating with them for two years.
Sawyer Hackett

If you’re having a conversation on merit v. diversity you’re implicitly conceding that the second may threaten the first. But, homogenous institutions BY DEFAULT have LESS merit. Start there.
Phillip Atiba Goff

Even though 13% fewer miles in 2020, the number of U.S. traffic deaths rose by 7.2% (This is a stunning public health issue that has gotten almost zero attention)

"Disengagement from practice produces theoretical hallucinations." –Richard Rorty. Democracy -- citizenship, civic engagement, transcending differences to find a common good -- is a practice. Americans have been steadily disengaging and now theoretical hallucinations abound.
David Roberts

Amazing! “With Covid suppression measures like mask wearing, school closures, and travel restrictions driving flu transmission rates to historically low levels around the world, it appears that one of the H3N2 clades may have disappeared — gone extinct.”
Dr Kathleen Bachynski @bachyns

When developers are creating a public platform, they really should think “How would Nazis misuse this feature” and then try to fix that.
Mx. D. E. Anderson @diannaeanderson

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I like worldbuilding and fantasy/sci-fi as much as the next dork, but a lot of you nice folks should put less thought into magic systems and unlikely steed animals and more into "Where do these people poop" and "Who tf is paying for all this"
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Iron Spike

So much of climate denial and fatalism is the refusal to live in the world we have now. Longing for things past or to stay the same. Embracing change is good for the mental health.
Meg Ruttan Walker @TricksyRaccoon

The greenest house is the one already built and no house can be green if you need a car to use it:

Wrath Of Gnon

You can add on to existing buildings, as well as subdivide them into more homes or live more communally within the same structure.

Republicans have the best of both worlds in terms of the filibuster. The two things they care most about -- tax cuts, and judges -- only require 50Americans drove votes, and basically everything else needs a supermajority. It's a perfect status quo for them.
Chris Hayes

I just realized that conservatives think that all education is vocational

I don't think most people even realize how much they dehumanize others. Wanting unhoused folks arrested instead of housed, wanting drug users arrested instead of legalization, wanting immigrants deported instead of welcomed, it all comes back to viewing some folks as less human.

2020 was the worst year for traffic deaths since 2007. This despite far less driving due to the pandemic. NHTSA estimates that 38,680 people died in motor vehicle crashes last year.
Andrew J. Hawkins

Each of these brought 1 potential customer to a commercial district:

Jonathan Berk

"A 2016 Cambridge University Press study analyzed the language used to describe male and female athletes. Common words used for men but not women: 'fastest,' 'strong,' 'big,' 'great.' Common words for women: 'unmarried, 'pregnant,' 'aged.'"
Monica Hesse

the idea that serial killers are all masterminds and the only reason they escape police is because they're geniuses is a lie perpetuated by law enforcement to cover up that serial killers don't get caught because cops trust white men and don't care about the lives of sex workers

The "Not Everyone Can Ride a Bike" crowd would like you to totally ignore the millions more that can't drive a car due to legal or physical limitations.


These critical race theory bans assume that fragile whites need government to make all of history their safe space.
Timothy Snyder

The reckoning is not in the remembrance — Black and Indigenous people never forgot and white people only pretended to not know. The reckoning is in the dismantling of structural racism, tangible reparation and an end to the era of white settler colonialism.

Remember it’s not population that needs to be limited — it’s consumption.
BUILD SOIL; Plant Chestnuts!

You can’t keep saying, “that’s not my problem because I didn’t personally own slaves” as you fight to the death to hold onto the spoils you inherited from the original crime.

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