Friday, June 4, 2021

Winston Smith

The shit keeps hitting the fan in Minneapolis. Yesterday, as the city was clearing George Floyd Square and pretending it was because "the community" wanted it done, some bunch of cops (not Minneapolis police, we are told) shot another Black man on the top floor of a parking garage in the Uptown neighborhood.

No body cameras, and a garbled story about why it happened that sounds like a bunch of lies and may be just that. The dead man is named Winston Smith. Yes, his name is the same as the main character in the novel 1984.

There are witnesses, so we'll see, perhaps.

But right now there are not only people holding down George Floyd Square, but also people attempting to close the major intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street to motorized traffic, which is next to the place where Smith was shot. 

And it was nearly 100°F here today and will be again tomorrow.

In a related moment, I finally got a photo of a train car that has been parked on a siding in Saint Paul for at least a month:

So many names, and since yesterday we have a new one. 


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