Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Return to an Antique Store

I dipped my toe into a Saint Paul antique store this weekend (the Missouri Mouse on Selby Ave.). It was fun! I bought a couple of little things, but mostly just enjoyed looking, and I took a couple of photos, of course. 

First, this package and partial product of indeterminate age:

The box and the lettering on top are the thing that got my attention...



...but then I realized there were drawings of plants on the side, and then I realized part of the product (three of the six pots) was there as well:

I guess this was a commercial product, but it's so handmade looking it's a little hard to believe. Those tiny, no-hole-in-the-bottom pots are absurd, of course. But they're so cute!

In a different part of the shop, I saw this book tucked against the wall:

It came out in 1901, which was quite soon after McKinley died, so that must have been revolutionary in publishing. 

Here's the title page:

All of those words say:

Our martyred president
As a Man, the Noblest and Purest of his Times.
As a Citizen, the Grandest of his Nation.
As a Statesman, the Idol of Millions of People

Memorial Life
William McKinley
Containing a
Full account of his early life; his ambition to obtain an education; his brilliant career as a soldier in the Civil War; his patriotic record as a member of Congress and Governor of his state; his able administration as President, etc.

Including a
Thrilling account of his assassination; his heroic struggle for life; hope of recovery suddenly blasted; profound sympathy and anxious suspense of the whole civilized world, etc.

Together with a full
History of anarchy and its infamous deeds

By Col. G.W. Townsend
The well-known author

With an introduction
By Hon. James Rankin Young
Member of Congress and formerly Clerk of the United States Senate

Including the life of President Roosevelt

Profusely Embellished with Superb Engravings

I've omitted a few extraneous hyphens and the all-caps treatment to make it easier to read. The price was $9.00!

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Jean said...

Nice stuff! I never go antique shopping but like you, I did this weekend. My sister wanted to go look at some Japanese clothing items we heard about. She got some great stuff and I bought a Hawaiian shirt for my younger kid. Fun!