Sunday, May 2, 2021

Twitter, April 2021

April 2021... whew. A month in the national news spotlight, a trial, and another police killing. And then another, and another, and another. Meanwhile, the pandemic, the ongoing attempt at a coup and voter suppression, some people trying to actually govern the country, and the climate crisis.

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The entire 2024 election is going to be Biden being like "I created 30 million jobs!" and whoever his opponent is being like "you canceled the McRib!"
Ian Millhiser

Boulders block Boulder Canyon road near Boulder, Colorado, Boulder County Sheriff's Office says:

CTV News

It’s so weird how our COVID response went from a global disgrace to the envy of nations in late January, I wonder what changed.
Tentin Quarantino @agraybee

Reducing car trips and car parking is good but people always bring up concern about older and disabled people needing cars and convenient parking, especially in bad weather. So how about switch all street parking for elderly, disabled, see how much gets used, eliminate the rest.

"Hard work pays off!" says country that literally taxes you more for working hard than they do for making money off of passively owning things

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Lauren Boebert tweeting “this is 1776” and apparently not understanding that if this was 1776 she wouldn’t be allowed to vote for another 144 years because she’s female.

I wish we would teach kids about healthy relationships and different types of intimacy but that would mean talking about pleasure and joy and love and grief in schools which makes most of y’all uncomfortable. also, the people in charge would probably ruin it by requiring a test.
shea wesley martin

free daycare is bad and no one wants it or likes it, according to this study from the Exxon Citibank Small Business Institute of Personal Freedom

The neoliberal answer to every single problem in the world is a means-tested tax credit. The public sector is allowed to do things.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

J.D. Vance has two young children and works full-time. He's also considering running for Senate, one of the most demanding things a person can do. Does he care more about his job than his family? Or are we pretending to talk about "parents" when we really mean "mothers"?
Jill Filipovic

[The Founding Fathers] also never wanted there to be political parties, full time legislators, or a standing army. The government has changed pretty dramatically since the 1700's, and so has Washington, DC.
Alan Mills

I still think about when Barack Obama said about Trayvon Martin -- "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon. When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids." -- and white people just absolutely flipped the fuck out. Lost their minds.
David Roberts @drvolts

At my previous job half my take home pay went to daycare expenses. And I spent 1/2 of last year collecting unemployment due to lack of childcare access. I grew up in Ohio like JD Vance. He went to Yale, worked in venture capital I went to Cleveland State, worked at a nonprofit. It makes me so mad when men who are way richer and more powerful than me imply I'm elite. What is it really about? Anyway daycare is elitist is quite a take to to throw out there when you're a former venture capitalist.
Angie Schmitt

There's no such thing as "blue lives." Being a cop is a job & a choice, not an identity. Cops are not a marginalized demographic. Cops are not oppressed. Cops are not denied jobs for being cops (see: being a cop is a job). Cops are an institution. Cops do not need our protection.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Master Race:

David Roberts @drvolts

I can sum up 10 years of thinking and research in 3 points. 1) transport and land use are one system, plan them together. 2) We already have the tools we need to solve most of our challenges what is missing is gumption. 3) Cars should be rare and the last choice
Shoshanna Saxe

Once again, a new study finds Black people are exposed to more pollution from every type of source, yet there are researchers still looking for “African genes” that predispose us to more severe asthma, etc, instead of stopping the racism and pollution.
Dorothy Roberts

How it started.                          How it’s going.

Patricia Zengerle @ReutersZengerle

"America is not a racist country,” says Tim Scott, a US senator who once revealed he was stopped by police seven times in one year.
Helen Kennedy

As a liberal/progressive/leftist, I can tell you that nothing bores people more than a debate about the separate definitions of liberal, progressive and leftist.

the people who *should* experience imposter syndrome never do.
Tom Tomorrow

The percentage of Black doctors has not changed in 120 years. Let that marinate. Still reeling.
Amanda Calhoun, MD, MPH

While the US saw a record increase in traffic fatalities in 2020, the European Union saw a record decrease.
Ken McLeod

Outing abusers as abusers is not tarnishing their reputation, it’s making it more accurate.

Before you ask: yes, this is real. I headed into #Pittsburgh this morning with the goal of shooting the full moon setting behind the Duquesne Incline, and it couldn't have worked out much better. There was a thin layer of clouds giving the entire sky a beautiful, eerie glow:

Dave DiCello

Bulk sales of single family homes to institutional investors was a policy choice encouraged by banking elites. A real missed opportunity to equitably sell bank-owned homes after the foreclosure crisis –Elora Raymond

Tony Damiano

Car dependency is freedom to drive in the exact same way that alcoholics are free to drink. It's not really a meaningful choice.

Imagine if we spent our days debating the specifics of one enslaved person being whipped—why he was whipped, how he was whipped, if it was necessary to whip him so hard— instead of interrogating the system of slavery itself. That’s what we’re doing with policing right now.

Been reading "Reaganland" this week and it's such a necessary reminder that the actual barrier to progress throughout history is rarely activists asking for too much. It is right-wing reactionaries and centrists who take them at face value.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

If we can offer $7,500 to put an EV in people's garage they'll drive for 3-5 years before trading it in, we can certainly offer $5,000 for a 20- to 30-year electric heat pump into every home.
Greg Carlock


Ani Sangye

It is neither viable nor just to expect people to “Lean In” out of patriarchy. Or to “twice as good” out of white supremacy. Or to Prius-and-lightbulb our way out of climate change. The solutions to our biggest shared problems are political and systemic.
Anand Giridharadas

So much of elementary school is about training kids to feign interest in things they don't care about and making them feel personally responsible if/when they can't.
Speech Autist

Harriet Tubman was an outlaw and Frederick Douglass was considered radical. If you think police abolition is too radical and protests should only be done in a way that’s acceptable to the political establishment, you likely wouldn’t have been aligned with Douglass or Tubman either.

What’s going on right now in Arizona is not a recount, it’s not an audit. It’s a Trump rally.
Glenn Kirschner

There are so many jobs that people perform every day at low wages, in hazardous conditions, that make it possible for folks to live with comfort and convenience. And not only don’t they get the rabid level of defending that police do, they can’t even get a living wage. In fact, when they demand a living wage or a union, the police are the ones sent to beat them down. And then the wealthy stand up and laud the police.

you had it, you had meat coffee, it's too late now you cannot change this:


Giving D.C. full representation in the House and Senate is such a far-fetched, left-wing pipe dream that in 1978 it had the support of Barry Goldwater, Howard Baker, Bob Dole and Strom Thurmond, as well as the endorsement of the entire Republican Party in its 1976 platform.
Kevin M. Kruse

The lack of concern and assistance rich nations are showing poor nations such as India on COVID right now is surpassed only by their lack of concern and assistance over climate and ecological breakdown, which will kill far more people.
Peter Kalmus @ClimateHuman

If Ma’Khia Bryant hadn’t been killed so soon after the Chauvin verdict, she wouldn’t be getting attacked so much. She sadly became a proxy target for everyone angry at Chauvin’s conviction or uneasy about the cultural shifts happening that challenge white supremacy & patriarchy.

Normalize taking your sweet time crossing the street and not giving a single fuck who in a climate-controlled leather-lined empty metal box has to wait for you
Travis R. Eby

“We need to start treating Q like being on heroin.”
“Nah, at least heroin gave us jazz.”
Sean Broom

Don’t believe there is such thing as “race neutral” in U.S. policy. You can be explicit about race or not. But “race neutral” feels like a fairytale.
Phillip Atiba Goff

same intersection in Saginaw then and now:

Midwest Modern @JoshLipnik

Somewhere, a DOT engineer is really proud of how those brick sidewalks and historic lanterns in the right pic transformed this space into a vibrant main street.
Sean Hayford Oleary

The scale of destruction of US cities post-WWII is just mind boggling. Near-complete national urban obliteration without a single enemy bomb.

And to think that mass suburbanization was, in part, a civil defense strategy against that very threat, annihilation by ICBM:


The market economy has been around for less than 1% of human history. It's already destroying the foundations of life on Earth. Yet of course it's 'unrealistic' to consider what went before, or might come after.
Sterling College

Nextdoor is like: all the worst parts of Facebook, but without pictures of your cousin’s baby.
Mistress Matisse

Very cool that the only streets we've zoned for multifamily housing are terrifying traffic sewers.

Brett Kavanaugh, who said it was absurd to judge him based on who he was in high school, thinks children convicted of crimes should die in prison.

The fossil fuel industry is the enemy of all human beings
Extinction Rebellion

stop framing what tax hikes might mean to the obscenely rich and start framing them by what they might mean for the obscenely poor
Russ Bengtson

This is a sincere ask of everyone reporting on this topic— please spend some time reading the work of abolitionists. Understand the argument for abolition & what it means/looks like before assuming it’s impossible. It’s arguable that reform is more impossible than abolition.

this remains one of the most perfect illustrations of our entire society:

David Sirota

Just a reminder that they want you talking about cancel culture because their views on taxes and infrastructure are so deeply unpopular that talking about literally anything else is a win for them.
Brian Schatz

Truthfully an OG from the neighborhood would’ve handled that Ma’Khia Bryant situation infinitely better than that cop did.
jelani cobb

Those choosing to live in the suburbs (it’s not a choice for everyone, but for many it IS, chasing “more house/yard”) aren't entitled to free-flow car traffic capacity into the city at the expense of the taxes, health, safety & quality of life of city-dwellers.

Brent Toderian

Protecting the right to vote is more important than preserving the filibuster. Pass it on.
Alex Padilla

sometimes i can't fathom how, in this wide, wide universe, inhabitants of this planet have managed to sort people by color and into classes during the brief time that we share together. we give some people guns to enforce the imaginary. its a spectacular waste of time and life

Your daily reminder that the Green New Deal is cheaper than a climate apocalypse.
Public Citizen

I want to stick it to the fossil fuel companies as much as anybody but the fact that a lot of people refuse to drive less and live in naturally efficient, dense housing needs to be reckoned with

Rage Against the Machine never specified what type of machine they were furious with but I reckon it was probably a printer.
John Moynes

let's pass laws mandating that women know better than men what to do with their bodies
Lyz Lenz

What does Biden's plan to slash GHGs x 50% x 2030 mean for buildings?
1) INVEST INVEST INVEST in retrofitting low-income homes (solar, EE, all-electric)
2) All-electric new construction by 2025
3) End sale of gas appliances x 2030
Result: clean air, lower bills, stable climate
Rachel Golden

What boomer environmentalist think sustainable living looks like vs. what it actually looks like:

Zefram Marks

One of the most bizarre aspects of US climate politics is that "Republicans aren't going to go along with this and will probably ruin your plans" is implicitly framed as a *critique of Democrats*.
David Roberts @drvolts

"Every billionaire is a policy failure": it's a controversial aphorism, but there's an undeniable truth to it. There's no justifiable rationale for a person to be worth billions: is Jeff Bezos's social value really 14,285,714 times that of his median factory worker?
Cory Doctorow

Seeing white people tweet that South Dakota or Oklahoma were stolen from Native Americans like...oh sweetie. Oh honey. Where do you think your land came from?
ashley fairbanks @ziibiing

Being catholic in 2021 means sharing a faith space with millions of people who defend cops who murder Black persons, while our clergy remain silent. You betcha those same clergy would get loud as hyenas if anyone were to dare say "women should be ordained." Fun. "Black people shouldn't be murdered by cops." Other catholics: why are you being so judgmental? "LGBTQ persons should be able to live full, flourishing lives." Other catholics: SMOKE OF SATAN. INFILTRATION.
R Bratten Weiss

it is amazing to me that people will object to a wealthier family’s kid getting a free lunch but NOT objecting to these same people getting free parking all over.

Today I learned that the Georgia Governor's Mansion is staffed by  prison inmates serving life sentences. The Georgia Governor's Mansion is staffed by slaves they dress in 'normal' clothes, including a butler's tux, so most people have no idea.

My memory of the first Earth Day in 1970:

Alison Bechdel

We know this because it wasn't just black people who experienced this, it was white, european immigrants who experience this. A 100 years ago the same statisticians recognized violence as a symptom of a capitalist society committing acts of violence in the economy itself. And the only solution was to invest in those communities with pro social interventions: economic security, collective bargaining rights, the right to be seen and simply BE

gun violence stats have always been a lie. Violence within a community is not evidence of an inherently violent community, rather it exposes the structural violence of a State and Society focused on the extraction and exploitation of people

Reminder that the right wing faction of this country just had a failed coup attempt 4 months ago

Oklahoma is trying to pass a law making it illegal to film cops. Meaning that their solution to police brutality is to stop letting anyone see it vs actually trying to stop it.

Y’all recognize that normalizing violence against Black children is a holdover from slavery, right?

David Williams, a Harvard  professor, says a 2018 study found that “every police shooting of an unarmed African American led to worse mental health for the entire Black population in the state in which it occurred for the next three months.”
Renée Graham

Police kill kids and frame it as split-second decisions yet choose deescalation in the face of mass shooters... I'm weary. I'm weary. And I'm wondering how many generations are going to continue to carry this trauma.
Jeneé Osterheldt @SincerelyJenee

It's time for newsrooms change our relationship with police sources. It's also time to write in our stories when police lie. It's our responsibility to report facts.
Maria Ines Zamudio

If you praise yesterday’s verdict and look down upon people who shut down highways, who stayed in the streets, who got arrested—you don’t get it. The system doesn’t work without that, because it was never meant to work for anyone but white men who owned land.
ashley fairbanks @ziibiing

All you need to know about this country is that the conviction of an obvious murder is considered an “historic moment in American history.”

How long have those “N”s been upside down?

Micah Meadowcroft

There's a reason they are valorizing George Floyd as some kind of martyr, rather than depicting him as the victim he was. This entire process is about exceptionalizing these events & these people, to separate your outrage about it from the everyday, violent realities of policing.
Puff the Magic Hater @MsKellyMHayes

Imagine being more upset at Maxine Waters than Derek Chauvin.

The unifying idea of the right is your neighbors are scary
Adam Miller

The entire system is sustained by popular belief in the racial superiority of whiteness & racial inferiority of blackness. Without some adherence to this belief, it’s not possible to witness these events & normalize them.

Remember that Derrick Chauvin was accused of using excessive force at least *17 TIMES* prior to murdering George Floyd. His entire police department had dozens of opportunities to make the public more safe by firing him. This is not a story about “one bad apple” or even a few.
Arlen Parsa

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the city doesn’t have enough money to pay for a $2 million database of police misconduct complaints. Meanwhile the city has paid out $500 million in police misconduct lawsuits over the past 10 years.
David Menschel @davidminpdx

Every officer with a misconduct record needs to be pulled off the street immediately. If it was necessary to halt a vaccine that killed 6 people, it’s necessary to halt a policing system that is murdering people every day.

Rejoice in accountability. Breathe a sigh of relief. But we must not get lost in this moment. A guilty verdict is an island in a sea of injustices. This broken system is far from fixed.
Phillipe Cunningham

George Floyd’s great-great-grandfather acquired 500 acres of land during Reconstruction. All of it was stolen by white farmers who seized the land, using legally questionable maneuvers that were common in the postwar South.
Waleed Shahid

From here on out, the answer to "how will you pay for it?" is "by abolishing the world's third largest military force, an eternal source of racist violence run by white supremacists."
Courtney Milan

Remember, accountability is what happens after the trauma, justice is the idea that the trauma shouldn’t exist in the first place. The police have already killed over 300 people in 2021. One verdict does not bring them back. The demand for justice continues.

George Perry Floyd, Jr. (1973-2020):

Michael Beschloss

All I can think of is the moment we found out nothing would happen to Yanez. Heartbreak because Philando was so obviously murdered. Sobbing into my friend Jake’s chest. Sitting in the rain. There is so much work to do. But I am so thankful that today doesn’t feel like that.
ashley fairbanks @ziibiing

Bittersweet. Justice would be raising the dead. Justice would be the horror not happening at all. This is not true justice. But oh, dear Lord, I am grateful for it. And wish so many thousands gone could have seen this time.
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas

White people: no matter what happens, now is the time for us to be recommitting to the work of building a world where George Floyd would not have been murdered in the first place. All of us will benefit from a world where we invest in our communities by defunding police.
Showing Up for Racial Justice

210 House Republicans voted to censure Maxine Waters
11 House Republicans voted to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments
White supremacy is a hell of a drug
Ari Berman

I just want to reiterate that if they convict Derek Chauvin, it's not a sign that the system has changed, but a sign that they know when they have to sacrifice one of their own.

If you don’t need a vaccine because God will protect you, then why do you need a gun?
Travis Allen

Today I spent five painstaking hours operating on a patient with breast cancer only to have her husband ask me when I updated him, “Is the *surgeon* going to come see me too?” They’ve been coming to my office for more than 8 months AND I’ve operated on her before. #womensurgeons
Amani Jambhekar MD, MBA

Three myths of cars:
1. Without cars we can't get around.
It is because of all the space devoted to cars and car infrastructure that we need them to get around in the first place. Traditional cities are compact and usable by anyone on foot or wheel:

Wrath Of Gnon

A group of House Dems pushed to slash one-time pandemic survival checks because they said middle class families didn’t need the help. This same group of House Dems is now pushing permanent tax cuts that would deliver 80% of the benefits to the richest 5%.
David Sirota

Every story in American politics is basically a story about how our rural white population is trapped inside an information bubble that is constantly lying to them:

Michael Tae Sweeney

the good thing about print is they take some care with ad placement:

Chris Steller

One fun thing about having a toddler is how relentlessly they point out all public services in eyesight at any given moment.  Mail trucks! Fire engines! Playgrounds! Buses! Libraries! Bridges! Ambulances! And they're right! Public goods are amazing.
Ezra Klein

Now in Florida:
- A "riot" is now defined as a gathering with 3 or more people.
- If they're standing in the street and you feel scared, you can run over literal humans without worrying about a $$ civil lawsuit.
- Statues get legal protections.
Tess Owen

We arrest & jail low level drug dealers from the poorest neighborhoods. However, Purdue Pharma knowingly fueled the opioid epidemic with OxyContin and none of those rich motherfuckers went to jail. All humans are created equal only on paper.
Hari Kondabolu

When people behave unselfishly, it is an inherent challenge to the worldview of those who believe everyone is as selfish as they are. They have to render it false or fake somehow. That's what the whole "virtue signaling" thing is about.
David Roberts @drvolts


Title: “Teach him to dial ‘0” and he’ll always have a friend.“, AT&T Bell Companies, 1972:

Cory Doctorow

That image of Chauvin picking rocks out of the car tires, his other hand in his pocket, while George Floyd died is burned into my brain.
Jennifer Daryl Slack

I think that people are hung up on “thanking” the national guard because we’re obsessed w soldiers and military personnel. just like we gotta work on the “cop in your head” you gotta work on american imperialism too

I think a lot about how many kids get called “bad” because they’re intelligent enough not to conform or comply to things that don’t make sense to them.

COVID learning gaps? Maybe. But my 5th grade daughter can cook herself 3 meals a day, responsibly logs in remotely for her education, and has technology skills beyond anything I can comprehend. These are life skills that the past year created.
Timothy Allen @tca1978

We should definitely be taxing church parking lots. Sitting on tons of vacant land while paying no taxes in a housing crisis is so immoral:


It's sorta disappointing actually we don't have building sidewalks and adding bus shelters -- basically quality of life infrastructure -- as a bigger focus in a climate-related jobs plan.
Angie Schmitt

It's become increasingly difficult not to see the entire law enforcement community as having effected a decades-long soft coup. If there's public will for accountability, it gets quashed by municipal governments who mysteriously can't fathom cutting police budgets. Cop associations threaten mayors. Even if the most toothless accountability passes, cops wail and vehemently agitate against their entire government.

Making transit free requires serious thought about stable revenue sources but a very practical thing cities should do right now is make transit free on the weekends. I'm paying bus fare for traveling sustainably while a driver gets free weekend parking. Should be reversed.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

Sad knowing these were once stores, and now people instead drive 2 miles to the local Target Corporation store:


We do not have more crime than other countries. We do not have more violent incidents (per capita) than other countries. We do not have more mental health crises than other countries. We have more guns.
Phillip Atiba Goff

it's utterly bizarre that some people now think that being skeptical of trans people makes them "heterodox" or "non-conformist" or whatever. my dudes, that has been the mainstream position in our culture for your entire lives!
Julia Serano

I swear, it’s the same three headlines every single week:
- police shoot unarmed black man
- mass shooter bought guns legally
- very rich man made a lot of money
Anastasia Golovashkina

If these people are all heterodox thinkers why do they all sound exactly the same?
Katelyn Burns @transscribe

Cities should be attractive. They should be beautiful. Beauty shouldn't be a frivolous indulgence that one must travel to Europe to see. It should be a basic right in the community where you live. You deserve to live in a beautiful place.
Jason Segedy

Stop reporting that "Kim Potter pulled her gun when she meant to get her taser" as though that were true. What's true is that she killed a man with her gun. The rest is just talk.

It remains completely wild to me that the Republican Party encouraged and unleashed an armed attack on our government and is still being treated like a legitimate political coalition.

Daunte Wright and George Floyd died from over policing, and the response to these tragedies has been...more policing and more brutalizing of black and brown bodies. Make that make sense?
Justin Ellis

Climate change is white supremacy made tangible
Mary Annaïse Heglar

Thank god brave investment bankers are standing up against the elite.*
*adjunct English professors
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

There is no correlation to violent crime rates, and police killings. It's a far-right pro-police talking point. The shit is fabricated:


“There are 2 billion parking spots in the U.S. for about 200 million cars. The area of parking per car in the United States is thus larger than the area of housing per human."
Brent Toderian

We fund what we value. We police what we don't.
Ahmed Ali

“Reimagine police.” Why? Why do we have to reimagine a system that was built around racism instead of dismantling it and creating a different one?

A thing they don't tell you about the "push a button for a million dollars but someone you don't know dies" hypothetical is that literally every billionaire is effectively pressing that button as much as they can all the time because that's how exploitation works

Issues of immigration and asylum in the US are always fundamentally about maintaining a white racial majority in a white settler colonial state.

How would it change the gun control debate if we acknowledged that the vast majority of people committing mass shootings are dudes who have showed ample signs of being violent and abusive, often for years, before they kill. And that they are killing their families, coworkers, and friends.
Maggie Koerth

The refusal to regulate guns is about empowering individual white men above all other people to enforce their power via gun ownership. I’ve written extensive threads on this in the past so I won’t elaborate again here. But in brief, this is how we get debates happening where people argue that we [read: only white men, actually] are entitled to our second amendment rights but a police officer is entitled to murder a Black or brown person simply for possessing a gun.

I largely push back on the "copycat" rationale for rise in US mass shootings. Rather;
* Mass shootings reflect rising despair: Durkheim's anomie plus pandemic plus AR-15s.
* Mass shootings reflect desiccated social cohesion;
* Mass shootings reflect bad policies
ie, mass shootings reflect individual decisions, but those decisions take place within larger structures and contexts that need to be addressed.
Jonathan Metzl

I deliberately tell my students not to be devil's advocates in discussions because it normalizes disingenuous argument and leads into gaslighting. There's no point in arguing from the perspective of evil. Nothing good comes from that. I'm very loose with my discussion protocol but the basic constants are don't be an asshole and give others space to speak. You're free to express yourself just don't start oppressing others and saying stupid shit to get a reaction. And they get that.

Older folks: “Why don’t kids go outside anymore?” The outside they built:

Mitchell Jorstad

Guaranteed housing and universal healthcare will save more lives than policing ever could.

The question for our state [Minnesota] is, is it not embarrassing enough that our global reputation is of a state where it is unsafe for Black people to exist? Must we add to that rep that we are a state that sees protest as a choice between chaos and military occupation?
Javier Morillo

What should we call it in a two-party system when one party actively tries to arm its voters and disenfranchise the other party's voters?
David Roberts @drvolts

One week after mass shooting in Bryan TX, Texas House passes bill allowing Texans to carry handguns in public without license or training. This is same state where you can vote with gun permit but not student ID. They’re literally making it easier to carry guns & harder to vote
Ari Berman

Under authoritarianism, only the authoritarian, and his accomplices, are allowed to experience fear and rage.
Myriam Chingona Gurba de Serrano @lesbrains

Conservatives: "I own 23 guns and if the government tramples my rights then I'll shoot them all and replace them with a better government." Also conservatives: "Sure the government may be killing people in your community, but you must, above all, remain peaceful toward them."

Chicago has been building most of its new public branch libraries with affordable housing above and they’re all immediate community-enhancers:

Michael Schwartz

Cop shows are the most effective propaganda in U.S. society. People desperately want to believe that cops are like their fave characters on those shows, and that even cops who do bad things are motivated by a desire to combat evil. The deception is insidious and impressive.
Puff the Magic Hater @MsKellyMHayes

Just once I want a mayor, governor, or president to urge the police to remain calm
Eric Haywood

All hail the Midwest, where the cops in Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit are more comfortable on a farm than in the city they 'protect'

"a majority of conservative Supreme Court justices were appointed by GOP presidents who initially lost popular vote and confirmed by senators representing a minority of the population...No one has done more to ensure minority rule than Mitch McConnell"
Ari Berman

I don’t want to take your guns or for a one-world government to break down your door and terrorize your family. I want you to understand that specific fear, that baseless paranoia, is a weapon that’s been used against you to pay you less and keep you terrified of change.
Jared Yates Sexton

Tell me again why there isn't a tower of affordable/supportive units over this and every Eglinton LRT station
Daniel Rotsztain @theurbangeog

Interesting. Fayetteville, Ark. limited police enforcement of traffic to 4 issues that cause immediate public safety concerns: red light/stop sign running, DWI, speeding and reckless driving. Black drivers stopped for investigative searches went down 50% “Uses of force went down, injuries to citizens and officers went down, and complaints against officers went down.”
Angie Schmitt

Privilege is being able to drive around with this on your plate and knowing the police won’t pull you over and murder you.

Mari Copeny @LittleMissFlint

The real court packing was when Mitch McConnell blocked Merrick Garland 8 months before election but confirmed Amy Coney Barrett 8 days before election when 65 million had already voted
Ari Berman

Policing itself is a form of systemic racism in America. Period. White people are never & have never been policed as heavily as Black people. Period. It has nothing to do with Black people’s behavior & everything to do with ideological & structural white supremacy.

Being Black isn’t exhausting. Racism is exhausting.
Renée Graham

1970 (in today's dollars)
Median house: $120,000
Median rent: $760 a month

Median house: $275,000
Median rent: $1,100 a month
(but to get a job with good pay, you're in areas where homes cost $500k-$750k with rent at $1,500-$2,000)
Dan Price

Who did this?

Climate Ad Project

If shooting a man 7 times in the back and paralyzing him doesn’t get you fired, perhaps it’s time to reckon with the fact that violence is apart of policing, the brutality is not an accident. It’s not an accident, it’s not a bad Apple, it’s the job.
Olayemi Olurin @msolurin

I know some of you want it to be a Very Complicated Issue but white people standing on stolen land debating who is allowed in will never be anything more than a preposterous farce that we've been forced at gunpoint to pretend to believe in

Saladin Ahmed

This comes up in my book (and previous writing), but I’ve never been treated as badly by ANYBODY as I was by the school system while my body changed. Half of my disciplinary issues could have been summarized by saying “she has breasts”.
Ashley C. Ford @iSmashFizzle

I thought it was my taser.
I thought it was my apartment.
I thought his cell phone was a gun.
I thought he was reaching for something.
I thought he was resisting.
I though I feared for my life.
The most dangerous place for black people to live is in white people’s imagination.
ISIAH JAMES @isiah4congress

Modernize infrastructure- would love to see any region take the opportunity to ensure all public right of way meets ADA minimums for accessibility. The ADA’s been civil rights law for over 30 years now.
la flâneuse

I’m sorry but I can’t get over the fact that they deployed the national guard more quickly to defend a Dollar Tree than they did to defend the fucking United States Capitol
Santiago Mayer

Average gas tax among developed (OECD) countries: $2.69/gallon. In the United States: 56 cents.
Tony Dutzik @FrontierTony

We don’t need to “reimagine policing.” We need to examine the meaning of “public safety.” Billions upon billions are spent on policing & we are not safe.  Housing is safety. Healthcare is safety. Funding things that actually prevent social instability & conflict is safety.

I think we’re beyond the “raise awareness” phase of practically every significant social issue.
Aarón Cantú @aaron_con_choco

There is definitely something lurking at the bottom of Lake Baikal. Places like that spontaneously generate lurk:

Kingfisher & Wombat @UrsulaV

i dont think enough is made of that the cops have their own flag now, they are developing their own form of nationalism. truly a hostile armed force in the midst of our society
John Ganz @lionel_trolling

every argument against expanding the supreme court is: you can't change the rules, we already cheated and won! (with a lot of waaaaaaaaah) (not that I have much faith in it actually happening, but who knows)
Tom Tomorrow

Random white parent: Books today are so focused on diversity! What about white children? They'll feel left out!
Me: So you admit that emotional damage is inflicted when a child doesn't have any books with characters who look like them
Olivia A. Cole @RantingOwl

We are calling for a pause on all car manufacturing and driving after discovering that 40,000 Americans are killed in automobile crashes each year.
Bicycle Lobby

This if futile, but I'll say it again. Political journalists! A "climate plan" involves a credible path to decarbonizing the US by midcentury. If it does not involve a credible path to midcentury decarbonization, it is not a climate plan. Please do not launder GOP bullshit.
David Roberts @drvolts

Ideologies of domination are creative. There’s a lot of imagination that goes into how to sustain power... if we think they’re static we will miss so much...
Imani Perry

The longer I do this work, the clearer it seems to me that the thing we're all seriously underestimating about the planetary crisis is how truly weird everything is getting, and how much deeply strange it is all certain to become. We're all newcomers to the planet we're making.
Alex Steffen

"I want a backyard for my kids to play in." Except kids don't really like playing by themselves. There's a reason the McDonald Playplace in my rural town was so popular
Justin @jejsharp

A short history of the American corporate tax rate:

Ben Judah

"20-year-old commits misdemeanor then flees from police" describes every broken-up party on every college campus, every weekend of every year. And yet.
Somil Trivedi

Republican policies are so toxic and unpopular that corporate America has to distance itself from them as a matter of basic brand management and public relations and it's making right wing heads explode
Tom Tomorrow

watching that q documentary, remembering how much of our real world politics have been driven by shitposting fuckups
Tom Tomorrow

Armed police are USians’ most common point of contact for the government and traffic stops are the most common way they meet the police (more than 911 calls). Traffic stops don’t reduce traffic fatalities. They just collect fines and justify otherwise illegal searches.
Dan Greene

Three things 2021 is demonstrating that we should have already known:
1) Prolonged isolation induces psychosis
2) Mass media overconsumption compounds psychosis, and generates irrational fear
3) Fearful people are unable to understand relative risk and become even more fearful
Jason Segedy

Has anyone called it "Crapitalism"?

Instead of starting from the framing that policing is some noble institution that must be tweaked of its marginal problem, perhaps people can look at the facts of what it actually is and what it actually does.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

Every police station in this city is surrounded by razor wire, concrete blocks, boarded up windows, surveillance cameras, etc. If you are scared of the people you are “protecting” probably you aren’t doing what you say you are.

Just reminded of these terribly accurate signs.
William Lindeke



Nothing like a police shooting to demonstrate conservatives' most strongly held belief: With great power comes no responsibility.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

How come women are supposed to defend themselves with a YMCA self-defense class and a fistful of keys but supposedly highly trained big brave police officers can't learn a few aikido moves that will prevent them from "accidentally" doing constant murders
Jess Zimmerman

The system is engineered to deliver these outcomes. Sometimes people struggle, sometimes they don't. Sometimes people are armed, sometimes they are not. Sometimes the cop is flustered, sometimes they are stone cold. But the outcomes are engineered in a much bigger way.
Puff the Magic Hater @MsKellyMHayes

Government buildings should not be allowed to fly the "thin blue line" flag. No taxpayer-funded fascist symbolism.
Veronica Kahl Cary

Cops riot because not only do they assert the power to murder, they demand no one object to it.

they’re gonna try to make this about the absurdity of mistaking a gun for a taser so they can ignore the fact that Daunte should’ve never been pulled over. they should’ve never ran his name. they should’ve never tried to detain him. abolish the police.

If your governing answer to a police murder is putting nearly 2 million people under a 7pm curfew and mobilizing the largest police force in MN history... You're doing it wrong.
Elianne Farhat

I think that any time a cop shoots and kills an unarmed person, they should be immediately fired. Whether in error or purposeful, they simply can't be allowed to be a police officer after that. The legal system will offer them due process but nobody has a right to be a cop.

Periodic reminder that the only crime that carries the death penalty in Minnesota is making a police officer nervous.

You have breaking news of a black mans murder via police thats interrupting trial coverage of another black mans murder via police.
BLACK mixed w/ BLACK

After running up the national deficit for generations to help the rich, Republicans do NOT get to use it as an excuse to stop climate action.
Tom Steyer

I’m sorry....what kind of store??

mariana Z

The war on universities isn’t about destroying colleges, it’s about turning them into profit centers that produce system managers while eradicating any information that might allow them to question the system they’re being taught to manage.
Jared Yates Sexton

My takeaway is that an incredibly disconcerting amount of people believe that the police should be allowed to challenge anyone to a game of Simon Says at any time, for any (or no) reason at all, at gunpoint, with the penalty for losing being extrajudicial execution. Insane.

Daunte Wright was killed in the Twin Cities for the same reason that George Floyd was killed in the Twin Cities: because the first language of police and the organizing principle of policing is violence, and because white supremacy is a structuring element of the whole system.
Simon Balto

Let me get this straight: In the 1950s, corporate taxes accounted for 35 percent of all federal revenue. Now, they account for 7 percent. Yet Republicans still think corporations pay too much in taxes?
Robert Reich

I've said this before, but we need some psych or sociology student to do a dissertation on the ubiquitous conservative habit of describing any process they don't like in the language of sexual violence -- "ram through," "cram down our throats," etc. It's so creepy. #projection
David Roberts @drvolts

The BBC are doing 50x more analysis of Philip’s death than they did of Brexit

The bad news about complex systems: they are unpredictable and uncontrollable; small actions can snowball and cascade.
The good news about complex systems: they are unpredictable and uncontrollable; small actions can snowball and cascade.
Dr. Elizabeth Sawin

This is a public policy choice. Cars should not be able to drive over 25 mph in cities. It is technologically possible to so this. There should be zero traffic fatalities in urban areas. There should never be cars sawed in half because they blew a light at 60 mph in any city.
Bill Schultheiss

Title: Bile Beans 1955:

Cory Doctorow

Really struggling tonight to understand why every vehicle in the city shouldn’t be physically speed-limited to 25 mph. What is the possible rejoinder?
Elliot Seibert

I have to laugh at the idea that somehow it’s BLM that has made black people scared of the police. Not - you know - 150 years of experiencing actual violence at the hands of law enforcement. This is what a lot of white people genuinely believe.
chris evans @chris_notcapn

If you build more car lanes, more cars appear. If you build more bike lanes, more bikes appear. If you build more space for people, more people appear. This isn’t a particularly complicated equation.
Matthew Kobach

White supremacy--the notion that (especially rich) white men are inherently more deserving and "built" western civ, and that all immigration and redistribution dilutes their deserved power and weakens civilization--is the most elite dogma there is, undergirding all conservatism.
David Atkins

Tiger Woods drove 80 in a 45 mph zone, crashed into a tree & didn't get a ticket.
Special treatment for a celebrity? No, the special treatment for all scofflaw drivers.

The cost of child care is outrageous & constrains the choices of women. But something doesn’t sit right about framing child care as an economic program. Like our sole purpose in life is to be cogs in an economic system. We must move beyond this framing - it is dehumanizing.
Jennifer Keesmaat

A message to people everywhere in the world where there are a lot of cars: You know how we often look at how people in America put such effort into defending guns, gun ownership, gun “accidents,” and we think “why don’t they see how WEIRD that is?” That’s how we are with cars.
Brent Toderian

A common trope is that people with disabilities cannot walk and need to drive, and therefore any policy that might inconvenience drivers constitutes ableism. Does the data on the travel patterns of people with disabilities back this up? According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, people with disabilities are less likely to own cars, more likely to use buses and trains, and about equally likely to walk compared to other Americans.  

Three things people don't understand are impossible to maintain without massive subsidy:
1) air travel
2) car travel
3) the suburbs

I think there's some willful misunderstanding of degrowth - we need to eliminate or degrow the industries and activity we don't need and grow the ones we do. It has nothing to do with enforcing poverty on the Global South.
Meg Ruttan Walker @TricksyRaccoon

this country is so racist we have to bring in special breathing experts to tell us if being murdered kills you

Saying cops can’t do their job if you get rid of qualified immunity is like saying surgeons can’t do their job if they can be sued for cutting off the wrong limb. Like literally that’s what it is. Literally. Not figuratively literally but literally literally.

White supremacy and public safety are patently inconsistent.
Cedrick Frazier

So much money and so much violence has been spent conditioning us to believe we are alone, that our friends and families and colleagues and neighbors are untrustworthy competitors, and that vulnerability and trust are synonymous with weakness. Change hinges on countering this.
Jared Yates Sexton

Powerful from The Times today. Boris Johnson's big red bus:

Shona Murray

Things make a lot more sense when you realize charitable foundations were partly an invention for the obscenely wealthy to stave off public anger, hide their money from taxes, and establish private governments that operated according to their whims. Also, charities can be used by the wealthy to assuage guilt among the rest of the population and assure them the worst suffering is being addressed, thus curbing any need for larger, necessary systemic changes.
Jared Yates Sexton

"Hi, I'm a dude that's spent the past 30 years railing against Title IX, mocking the WNBA, sneering at female soccer stars, and making lesbian jokes about any female athlete. And folks, I'm worried about what the trans movement will do to the purity & sanctity of women's sports."

Seeing Mayor Pete doing his job as Transportation Secretary makes you realize that Mitch McConnell's wife never did anything when she held that post.

seems to me the debate over what constitutes "infrastructure" is actually just an ideological debate about the purpose of public spending, with the Left contending it's to build a universal foundation for dignity and thriving, and the Right believing it's to facilitate commerce
Natalie Shure

Global Inequality leads to much of the immigration throughout the world. To understand immigration is to understand osmosis.
Hari Kondabolu

Yo yo yo- Replacing fossil fuel-based heating & cooking systems with electric technologies in the majority of U.S. buildings over the next 3 decades would lead to a massive reduction in GHG emissions—equivalent to removing 65M cars from the road.
Rachel Golden

2020: Will democracy survive?
2021: What, exactly, is the definition of infrastructure?
This is what progress looks like, folks. Savor it.
Binyamin Appelbaum

Still pretty worried about democracy's survival TBH
Joshua Holland

"we were going to make it so all severely disabled poor people could get essential supports and services at home, but technically that wasn't infrastructure so we decided to spend more paving freeways" would be the worst timeline
James Medlock

one time like 15 years ago when i was walking thru a mall, something snapped and my brain said "this is all pre-trash" and the thought has never truly left me

What is infrastructure? We like Secretary Pete’s definition:

Climate Power

"First African-American" / "First Black" anything in 2021 is not a sign of progress, it's a legacy of backwardness, brutality and baked in inequities that won't heal at a simple symbolism. A far greater indicator of the need for structural change than it is a sign of betterment

The filibuster is about maintaining white minority rule. And Joe Manchin wants to make sure that he is the white minority who gets to rule.
W. Kamau Bell

"Almost 8,000 new private jets are expected to be bought by multinational companies and the super-rich over the next decade, each of which will burn 40 times as much carbon per passenger as regular commercial flights,"
Paul Dawson

All of us have a variety of feelings about Joe manchin, which is fair and fine. But it’s so weird how we take for granted the fact that not one single Republican will help the American people. Not help them to vote easily, have livable wages, access jobs or infrastructure.
Monjula Ray @queerBengali

Oh you think $80 billion is too much money to spend on trains over the next few years? Americans will spend that much on gasoline by the end of June. Trains are too cheap to meter.

It is quite ludicrous that we will spend north of 500 billion on bombs and other killing machines next year but 30 billion on a national rail network is just too darn expensive.
Louis Wertz

Indeed. The variants should be named after the leaders who made them more likely to arise by turning their countries into gigantic petri dishes.  B.1.1.7=Boris variant, P1 = Bolsonaro variant, etc.
James Lockhart Smith

If you spend decades demonizing universities, dismissing academic research, and attacking professors as threats to their country and/or civilization, you should expect to find that your views are not well represented in academia. Their absence there is a mark of your success.
Ted McCormick

There is no point, in the long saga of American history, at which the people who argued “too many people are voting” have looked good in retrospect. A lot of people have argued that, for different purported reasons. All in the same bin, in history’s eyes.
James Fallows

Things vilified as “divisive”:
Black lives...matter
We should resist...fascism
Our society should be...just
Equity is...good
If you are put out by any of these, you are absolutely the problem.
Phillip Atiba Goff

Uber is now Australia’s second largest employer according this article.
David M. Levinson @trnsprtst

If social justice and equity are "divisive concepts" to you, guess what you're a fascist.
Kevin Gannon @TheTattooedProf

So the next time a DOT or public works department says there are safety reasons to widen a highway, please take a close look at what that means. Reducing driving is a proven, effective way to reduce traffic fatalities.
Ashwat Narayanan

This is a country that has the audacity to celebrate an Independence Day on stolen land while having colonies. “Territory” is a euphemism for colony.
Hari Kondabolu

#SomethingBeautiful Narrow alleyway with arches between the buildings to keep them stable, Florence:


I fear a lot of the "community opposed to development" narrative is driven by conflict bias in journalism. "Neighborhood overwhelming indifferent to development proposal as demonstrated by 98% not showing up to community meeting about proposal" just isn't a juicy headline.
Daniel Trubman

Strange how pedestrian safety is rarely a driver consideration until the villainous cyclist shows up.
Tom Flood

An out-of-date part of the American public debate on climate change: When we hear a plan spends, say, 30% of its funds on climate-related measures and the rest is conventional spending, we still think "this is 30% better," rather than "this is still 70% climate failure."
Alex Steffen

We still have a pioneer-like -- expand infrastructure, exploit land resources -- mentality. Our land has already been paved and exploited way past what is sensible and healthy. Cars and roads just everywhere.
Angie Schmitt

“Someone with a 1-hr car commute needs to earn 40% more to be as happy as someone with a short walk to work. On the other hand, if someone shifts from a long commute to a walk, their happiness increases as much as if they’d fallen in love.” –Fast Company
Renee de St. Croix

"Black voters once again managed to jump through the hoops Republicans put in front of them, therefore the hoops are no big deal" is one of the worst arguments I see people consistently making on this website.
Noah Smith

It's a perfect macrocosm of the consumer's dilemma: if you rely on money, rather than politics, to accomplish political change, you will never make a change that reduces the power of money in politics. It's impossible to spend your way out of monopoly capitalism.
Cory Doctorow

decolonization isn’t reverting back to life 600 years ago. it’s bringing a new harmony and balance that’s informed by our ancestors. decolonization is uprooting the colonial capitalist system as a whole and making a world where no one lives at the expense of another.

I know we're not supposed to notice, but theology is some of the weirdest stuff folks say in public without ending up in a 72-hour observation hold.
Alex Steffen

I keep being super angry about this whole Matt Gaetz thing and think I’ve finally figured out why. No one saw sharing nude pictures of women at work as anything more than a detail to a larger story. They still don’t.
Jen McGowan

So they’ve now expanded the pejorative “woke” to encompass being in favor of allowing citizens to vote easily.
Kurt Andersen

How Lower-Income Americans Get Cheated on Property Taxes: Local governments generally undervalue more expensive properties & over-assess less expensive properties. The result: rich homeowners get a big tax break, while less affluent homeowners get shafted.
Steven Greenhouse

When Katie Hill was the *victim* of someone sharing *private* nude photos of her, opponents attacked her. When Matt Gaetz was accused of being the *perpetrator* of showing nude photos in an *official government* setting, those same people have nothing to say.
Walter Shaub

When you say shit like “wow I guess I better have my notarized contract ready before I have sex,” all I hear is, “I have no idea what enthusiastic consent looks like. I literally can’t even imagine it.”
feminist next door @emrazz

David Fleming, Surviving the Future: "...large-scale problems do not require large scale solutions; they require small-scale solutions within a large scale framework"
Anne Gloger

Drinking is overrated imo and sobriety is underrated. If we were constantly inundated with messages about how great sobriety is (wake up feeling good), instead of all the ads saying drinking makes you fun and social, I wonder if it would be better.
Angie Schmitt

If there isn't enough space on a street for safe cycling, there isn't enough room to store cars. That's it. That's the tweet.
London Bicycle Café

I don’t know how you can confidently claim that voting restrictions won’t matter when previous voting restrictions in those same states suppressed nearly the entire Black population for one-hundred years:

Samuel Sinyangwe

Let Republicans hyperventilate about why a vaccine passport is a dangerous, dystopian idea, and then repeat their argument back to them replacing vaccine passport with voter ID.

George Lakoff literally wrote a book about the rights kidnapping of the word "freedom" in public discourse some ten years ago. It's called "Whose freedom?" Sometimes I wish Frum would read something other than his own opinion pieces in the Atlantic...

It wouldn't be difficult at all for any state to automatically register voters, just like it wouldn't be difficult for the federal government to automatically process tax returns. That there are so many hassles and obstacles for citizens are features, not bugs.
Jonathon Bernard

Here at Large Corporation, we strongly believe in *most profitable cultural position*. We stand against *unprofitable cultural position* and hope this stance will help you consume more product. Our position is subject to modification as market demands dictate. Plz buy product.

I was driving around today and it occurred to me that these other cars are full of the people who comment anonymously on the internet.
Jason Segedy

Happy Crab Month:


"The desire to be acknowledged as better, stronger, or more intelligent than a fellow being or fellow scholar easily leads to an excessively egoistic adjustment, which may become injurious to the individual and the community" - Albert Einstein

Just so I understand this correctly, the GQP Republican Party supports sedition, insurrection, guns, money laundering, wire fraud, election fraud, voter fraud, white supremacy, money laundering, lies, sex trafficking, bible thumping, treason. What a platform.
Ricky Davila

The best, most stable and lasting “generational wealth,” is community wealth. If you belong to a community that has abolished poverty, poverty isn’t a thing to worry about because it’s obsolete.
The Negro Subversive is an Afro-Realist

In 1833, to “compensate” Britain’s colonial slaveholders for their loss of “property,” Parliament granted the slaveholders  £20 million ($3.3 billion in today’s money) from British taxpayers. The enslaved people didn’t receive any compensation for a lifetime of unpaid labor.
WaldenPond @TominWis1

Libertarians celebrate a capitalism without a state that never did or could exist. They do that because they are so deeply distressed (and rightly so) by the actual capitalisms that do exist all around us.
Richard D. Wolff

When the minimum wage barista with a waxed moustache living in a shared house is a middle class gentrifier, while the guy from Essex who owns a plumbing business and a mcmansion is working class, your class discourse has become pure aesthetics

Over the next decade—
Biden’s jobs plan: $2.3 trillion
Military spending: $8.3 trillion
Kaniela Ing

Things I didn't know until today: Aaron Copland, official canonical american-ass americana composer guy? Gay lefty. They skipped that aspect in high school music class.

I see the local council is having a planning meeting on Sunday:

Kit Allwinter

For folks into details: San Francisco is denser than Frankfurt; Los Angeles denser than Milan; Union City, New Jersey, denser than every city in EU except Paris; DC denser than Berlin. We don't have high speed rail because car/airline industries dominate transportation spending.

This is a hellsite where direct oppositional debate is almost never productive but gradual building of affinity networks and revealing new places of overlap and understanding is imminently possible.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

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