Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ought to Be Illegal, Part 2

When I wrote a few days ago about vehicles that should be illegal, I wanted to include a photo I'd seen many times on Twitter, showing how many children can sit in front of a full-size SUV and be completely invisible to the driver. But searching for images on Twitter is one of those things that's hard to do, so I couldn't find it that day when I was writing.

Well, it turned up in my feed again today, so here it is, thanks to alexandre alfonso:

He accompanied the image with these words:

For some SUVs, the front blind zone is so large that you can have 12 children sitting in front of the car and the driver cannot see them.... You just have to wonder how a car where the driver's line of vision start at 3 meters in front of the car can satisfy any safety standards.

He also included this graphic:

Which gets more specific but doesn't have quite the gut-punch of the child photo.

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