Thursday, May 13, 2021

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing

I have never stuck my nose into the Israel/Palestine struggle. It was too involved, too complicated, I always thought. I was leaving it for others who knew more and were going to spend the time to go back in the history and learn enough.

That said, my under-examined tendency has always been to think both Israelis and Palestinians have a right to exist and that they should figure out a way to share the land they both have historical claims on. I liked the Israeli doves. I liked the two-state solution. I liked Sadat, and Shimon Peres. I don't like Netanyahu. I don't like the fact that evangelical Christians are Israel's biggest supporters in the U.S., goading us toward their love of Armageddon.

What is happening now is clearly ethnic cleansing on Israel's part and the world and the U.S. are letting them get away with it. 

The "right to return" to land that other people also think is their land is inherently problematic. This is settler colonialism before our eyes, as if we had mass media during the many times European Americans stole land and burned the villages of the Indigenous peoples living here, or forced those people into fighting back (as in the Dakota War).

Don't comment on this. I don't want to discuss it.


From Twitter:

This is Awad Abuselmya. Israel killed him today in Gaza. Israel also killed his father, mother, brother and sister before. Tonight he will reunite with part of his family, and he will miss the other part.
Ahmed Alnaouq

Awad lost all of his family in 2006, when Israeli war planes bombed their house killing his parents, and his 6 siblings. Awad was the only survivor, he was 19 back then. Today the Israeli army killed Awad in Gaza


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