Thursday, April 1, 2021

March 2021 in Tweets

Looking through this month of March 2021 tweets, it was classically "in like a lion and out like a lamb" in terms of weather, with lingering references to the Texas freeze and icy sidewalks and bike infrastrure, now all forgotten. 

Racist voter suppression runs throughout (an evergreen topic these days, unfortunately). Two mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder (which of course also included anti-Asian and anti-woman violence). The big ship stuck in the Suez Canal and a few of its memes. The usual array of climate crisis and livable cities topics. And ending with the Derek Chauvin trial retraumatizing us here in Minneapolis.

Again, no sections by topic, just reverse chronological, no block quote.


Being told your husband is the head of you is dehumanizing.

How awesome are these?!?!


"The police were so terrified of three teenagers, a nine-year-old, a firefighter, and a half-dozen other random locals that they HAD to murder a handcuffed man" doesn't strike me as a great defense but I guess we'll see.
Naomi Kritzer

Cops, whose literal job is to confront danger, use "fear for my life" as an excuse to kill some1 over $20 or loose cigarettes or an odd arm position or a toy, while the everyday people they killed were expected to master all fear and perfectly, even Psychically reassure those cops.
Damien P. Williams, MA, MSc @Wolven

Watching and reading this trial...Understanding how many people tried to intervene and save this man’s life and how the police were insistent on their entitlement to kill him in front of everyone is why we need to abolish this whole police state. We ain’t safe with cops around.
Ragamuffin femme @junaudaalma

It’s breaking Black people down having to watch Black people relive having watched a man be murdered solely because he was Black.
Michelle Bhasin

When journalists say "right to work" laws, they are editorializing rather than reporting. They are taking a position and repeating a piece of extremely well-crafted propaganda.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

less neo, more neo-nazi amirite folks:

Clutchy McGritterson

When it comes to government investment, it's really remarkable how much right-wing frames, tropes, and rhetoric dominate the "objective" media.  It's all "handouts" to "special interests." It's always "spending" rather than "investment," always costs rather than benefits. For all their talk of "running government like a business," any business that viewed raising and investing money as intrinsically bad and "wasteful" would quickly wither and die. US prosperity traces directly to previous gov't investments, but you never hear about that.
David Roberts @drvolts

Climate breakdown isn't a matter of resident consensus, nor are the paths to zero emissions theoretical. Some city council members are making it clear that loud climate denialists/incrementalists hold too much power. And by "hold too much power" I mean that CMs seem to choose to listen to them and give their words weight, absent any actual knowledge that this anything more than a couple dozen angry wealthy white people who are used to holding power

“Dad isn’t it weird that the word chicken can mean an animal or a type of food?” –my kid, on the verge of making a horrific realization

Beautiful dinosaur:

BUILD SOIL; Plant Chestnuts! (Photo of Wulong bohaiensis from the Jiufotang Formation, China, by Brennan Stokkermans @BStokkermans

Defense Lawyer: You said mean words to my client, simply because he was killing a person right in front of you?
Donald Williams: Damn straight.

It's hard to get motivated to trust a health system that decided you were an essential worker for a year with no protections and wants you to chase down a vaccine on 8 different websites asking for private info so you can drive 3 hours round trip on your day off

I don’t think the average American understand how disgustingly disrespectful Mt. Rushmore is. We stole the Black Hills, land that is considered holy and sacred by indigenous people, and carved the faces of a pantheon of white men into the landscape like vandals.

Sometimes I wonder if the first interview for an I.T. job is to see if you can not be an asshole for an hour.
Ryan Dow

Sometimes I think it doesn’t get enough attention that the GOP Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was a serial child molester.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Unless you are watching for work or school, I can't imagine why any black person would subject themselves to the Derek Chauvin trial. If he's acquitted I wouldn't be shocked, if he's convicted it changes nothing about American criminal justice
Dr. Jason Johnson

Sad comment on our welfare state that there are multiple programs where simply providing enough funding that everyone *currently eligible* actually receives benefits is a bold proposal. Section 8 is most prominent, but Medicaid home-based long term care is another example. There are supply constraints in both housing and long term care, but these wait lists are generally not about supply at all — they're just about funding
James Medlock

There is no single stat about the tax code that has floored me more than this one: More than half of the wealth in the richest estates has never been, and will never be, subject to any income taxes. Because of stepped-up basis.

Things Google Maps could do if they cared about climate breakdown/human life:
1. don't default to giving driving directions, especially in cities
2. direct drivers off transit and bike routes and community corridors
3. include parking times in time estimates for driving

nooooooo you can’t contribute to local food security you gotta inherit lots of land and do FFA since childhood and go to ag school noooo stop trying stepping over my gates in order to improve society somewhat nooooooo it’s my landed gentry birthright

If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it means YOU’RE STILL IN THE F’ING TUNNEL.
Hannah Lichtsinn, MD @DoctorLix

Bok Choi is among the most photogenic cabbages:

Jonny Sucio

Of all the dangerous things monopolists are wrong about, this belief in their own inability to be wrong is the most dangerous.
Cory Doctorow

As Jamelle Bouie has pointed out, when Lindsey Graham says [he needs an AR-15 in the event of a a] “natural disaster” he’s really thinking “slave rebellion.”
James Gleick

I wonder how different the union conversation would be if we all learned in school that unions are the only reason we have weekends, the only reason we don't work 12 hours a day, the only reason kids aren't forced to work, and that union members fought and died for those wins
Joshua Potash

We like to think that capitalism is about "markets." But markets existed for thousands of years before capitalism. The history of capitalism is defined not by markets but by appropriation.
Jason Hickel

Imagine that it took MPD 150+ years and billion$ to become this level of failure, and in 8 months we are supposed to replace it or we all faltering
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

Any use of control — not just rewards and punishments but also simple coercion — can undermine subsequent intrinsic motivation. One of many examples: Requiring community service may reduce volunteering later, when kids have a choice:
Alfie Kohn

T Karney @pecunium

I was thinking today about right-wing behavior in response to:
A) the call to put up with mild indignities to slow a pandemic;
B) the call to put up with mild indignities in order to prevent terrorism.
A couple of key differences spring to mind.
A was proven effective; B was pure useless theater. Right-wingers rejected A en masse. But B? They couldn't take their shoes off for Stern Terrorism Daddy fast enough. Nurturing Mommy tells you to think about other people and inconvenience yourself on their behalf. Ew! Stern Terrorism Daddy tells you to abase yourself before agents of the state so that irrational fears of violent brown people can be temporarily assuaged. Yeah!
David Roberts @drvolts

Rich people’s “passive income” is just a gentrified version of what universal basic income or other similar models could be.
Rachel Bean @colocha_rachel

Each year for the past 1,209 years, people have recorded the date of first full bloom of the cherry trees in Kyoto, Japan. This year, it happened on March 26th – the earliest ever. The climate emergency is altering the millennia-long rhythm of the natural world:

Eric Holthaus

When someone says, "I don't want to interrupt...", that means he or she has decided to interrupt.
Similarly, I've come to realize, "Well, that sounds nice in theory..." means "I don't even like the theory."
Alfie Kohn

i spent my entire teenage years hating myself because of the shit y’all preached would happen to me because i was gay. so i hope u are mad, stay mad, feel the same anger you teach us to have towards ourselves.

The only actual cure to climate anxiety and grief is helping restore soil, planting things, growing food, working with others, shifting off of grain ag. There are many ways to do that work the reason why I chose buildsoil was because when we get our social ecological hydrological economic architectural systems all in line we produce soil
BUILD SOIL; Plant Chestnuts!

Did you guys hear about the hero Atlanta Instacart shopper who stopped what would have surely been another grocery store massacre?
Kim Severson

"Internationally, Indigenous people make up less than 5% of the world’s population, but they manage and protect 80% of global biodiversity."
Anab Jain

In traffic safety we focus on BEHAVIOR because we take SPEED of motorized vehicles as a given. But if we take BEHAVIOR as a given we should focus on reducing SPEED. Humans err. Systematically. That should not be their death penalty.
Cycling Professor @fietsprofessor

Cars are security blankets in toxic masculinity

People keep warning us that left-wing cancel culture is a slippery slope to authoritarianism and right-wing cancel culture is already there.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark (responding to a story reporting that a new Georgia law will strip the states's Secretary of State of his role as chief elections officer)

Even talking about "Should Trump's Twitter ban be permanent?" rather than talking about "How should a former President who incited an armed insurrection against the US government be punished?" is to be in deep denial about one of the gravest threats our country has ever faced.
Steve Silberman

I think something really enlightening that I learned from my most recent seminar is that authoritarianism isn't best understood as contempt of change or dissent but contempt of *complexity*
Reconstructionist @un_a_valeable

Finally got a chance to analyze CDC data on this. Today, [Minnesota] Governor Tim Walz set a goal of Minnesota being the first state to vaccinate 80% of adults. Minnesota is currently 15th. (Congrats, New Mexico):

Theo Keith

It’s crazy to think that people attacked the fucking Capitol and walked out freely, but a Georgia State Senator got arrested for knocking door that is literally in her workplace.
Santiago Mayer

This is your regularly scheduled reminder that "scientists don't know everything and have been wrong before" does not mean "my uninformed random guess is as likely to be correct as an overwhelming body of evidence, and should be treated with as much respect."
Dr. David Shiffman @WhySharksMatter

2021 gave us the two most American photos in US history:

David Dennis Jr. @DavidDTSS

Making it harder for people to vote is not one of the first things autocrats do to undermine democracy. By the time they feel confident or desperate enough to attack the ballot box directly, they have already been very active.
Garry Kasparov

if you think a gas tax is regressive wait til you hear about driving

We dismantled our cities and built all the sprawl from scratch in about 25 years (1955-1980), I certainly believe we can undo a huge amount of the damage in 25 if we tried to
Michael Tae Sweeney @mtsw

Ok. You’re right. Car culture is terrible. Let’s just plow it all over and relocate everyone to the cities.  And while we’re at it, California will build high-rise social housing for everyone.  There won’t be any political fallout at all.

A lot of the new Republican voter suppression laws at the state level target and restrict mail-in voting. They make the assumption that since Dems votes by mail in 20 in heavy numbers, they always will. But historically, mail-in has benefited older GOP voters.
Marcus H. Johnson

I'll bring voters all the damn water I want. I'm gonna have a cart out there like a motherfletchin' flight attendant. Mineral water. Spring water. Smart Water. Vitamin water. Holy water. Muddy Waters. All the waters! Jim Crow can kiss my black ass!

It's weird how many people say they support car-free urban living but then don't support anything to make that happen. Bike lanes are gentrification. Parking is a community benefit. Public transit must compete with for-profit cars, but not obstruct them. It's really odd.
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

All the states introducing voter suppression effectively admit that Biden beat Trump. By a landslide.
Sandy Garossino

A lot of people asking me about [Pete Buttegieg's mention of taxing drivers by the mile]. I support it, and the gas tax is good, too. We should expand the welfare state to address regressivity
James Medlock

This is not a healthy democracy:

Anthony Michael Kreis

I fucking love em dashes. All other punctuation can go to the crows.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

have you ever had to debate your own human rights in a classroom or are you privileged

1) There is no crisis at the border.
2) Saying there is a crisis at the border is directly implicated with a number of incidents of mass murder, including at the Tree of Life Synagogue.
3) Happy Passover you motherfuckers.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

How 'bout this one?

Don Kostelec

At this point I find "climate change isn't real" denialism less frustrating than "climate change is real, but I won't support any solution that in any way inconveniences me or anyone but a microscopically small share of the population" denialism.
Daniel Trubman

It's wild that the US is having a "debate" over voting rights where the GOP position -- that there's lots of fraud that must be prevented with voting restrictions -- is just an open fiction. Every expert agrees it's bullshit. Yet it doesn't seem to affect the debate at all.
David Roberts @drvolts

Strictly from the perspective of self interest, it makes sense for cities to get rid of jaywalking laws. These stops are highly charged. People are (rightly!) confused and angry about being stopped for such a petty offense. When they protest, cops get angry, often turns violent
Angie Schmitt @schmangee

So, yeah, I do a lot of Zillow surfing to relax. And some of the design choices of contemporary homes baffle me. This house has something 99% of new houses are missing: a mud room! Who wants to tromp straight from outside into a living room? Science confirms: everyone's always hanging out in the kitchen:

David Roberts @drvolts

The average salary needed to afford a new car across all U.S. states is $81,699.  Cars cannot be the foundation of an equitable transportation system.
Harvey Miller @MobileHarv

If you can only win an election by making it harder to vote, you should not hold elected office.
Amy Klobuchar

BREAKING: Republicans make changes to the system they created after voters use the system they c:
reated to vote them out
blaire erskine

Brian Kahn @blkahn

We ought to be spending at least as much reducing auto dependence, building transit and bike infrastructure, increasing walkability, and supporting dense development as we do maintaining roads and highways. And we shouldn't be building any major new auto infrastructure at all.

Alex Steffen

Where California's emissions come from. This ought to be painted on the walls of the State Capitol and of every city hall in California. It's the cars, dude. (And extracting and refining the oil that goes in the cars.)

Alex Steffen

Secretary Pete is tweeting stuff that would get a local DOT Director called into the mayor’s office in almost any lefty costal city.
Queen Anne Greenways

Colourblind is not a neutral position. When you tell a Black person that you're colourblind, what you're essentially saying is "Your colour is a problem and I'm CHOOSING not to see a problem"
1. It is removing responsibility to act.
2. It is saying Black identity is a problem.
Dr Muna Abdi

hm. some college student vs. the people who write the laws and control the police & military. someone's gotta investigate the oberlin campus scene
Bobby Lewis @revrrlewis

If one party is pushing for universal suffrage and to make it easier to vote, and stands to grain from it, and the other party is pushing to shrink the electorate and make it harder to vote, and stands to gain from it — those things are not equal. They’re not equivalent.

This is important. The job of addressing climate change in the 2020s is stabilizing emissions now, and cutting them in half by 2030. And phasing out coal, then gas and oil, is absolutely necessary. Stop worrying about artificial carbon removal, etc. Cut emissions now:

Dr. Jonathan Foley @GlobalEcoGuy

Republicans are not going to accept that they’re historically unpopular and work toward building a broader base and it’s way past time to recognize that fact. They’re going to systematically destroy democracy until it doesn’t matter that they’re detested.
Jared Yates Sexton

How is there an endless supply of phone banks for weird scams, and no company I ever call can put a human on the phone. Hire the scammers! Let them actually work for Marriott instead of pretending they do!
Dave Weigel

Reminder: What happened in Georgia, and what the new law responds to, was not voter fraud. There is no evidence of that. It was voter turnout, specifically Black voter turnout.
Benjamin Wittes

Do vaccines work? With over 70% of seniors with a vaccine shot, COVID ER visits have dropped 80%.
Andy Slavitt

How is “you can’t have a family without a car” not a depressing admission of a total failure in our society? People say it like it’s some unassailable nugget of wisdom.

It is cheaper to build affordable housing than to imprison someone for not having housing. Our policies are mean and uselessly expensive.
Phillip Atiba Goff

People often forget that white suburban resistance to desegregation of neighborhoods and schools was as vicious, racist and violent in the north as it was in the south, particularly—but not solely—in cities like Boston, Chicago and New York. Racism has been a national endeavor.

In Kansas, if you’re a qualified property tax assessor who dares to think that Walmart should have its buildings assessed by the exact same method used to assess local businesses.…  then you are not allowed to serve on the state Board of Tax Appeals.
Stacy Mitchell

you can either have healthcare or this many gatorades:


Seeing as many Syrians are white (aka Steve Jobs anyone) and [the Boulder supermarket mass murderer] comes off just as white as the Atlanta shooter... its a specifically odd case. Everyone thought he was "white" until his name was released.

If your response to someone telling you not to visibly enjoy harming other people is that they are "virtue signaling," I will never be able to have a productive conversation with you. Sorry.
Eric Holthaus

Big finding on fare-free transit: Tallinn, Estonia dropped fares back in 2013. New report: "free public transport has not reached its goal to reduce car journeys." Better ways to achieve that goal: Increase transit service and make parking more expensive.
David Zipper

It’s not a coincidence that the facets of our system that hold back change currently are the same features built into the system in the first place to protect white supremacy and the interests of the wealthy.
Jared Yates Sexton

I'm no constitutional scholar, but was the intent of the Framers of the 2nd amendment really to put death in the hands of any yahoo with a few bucks in his pocket and a need to feel powerful?
Useful summary of why mass shootings are so common in the U.S.:

Alfie Kohn

I cannot stop thinking about how during the press conference after the Colorado shooting the cop there said “many people lost their lives, but even worse than that so did one police officer”

On 12/19, Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs claimed to have "organized an alliance" between the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and 3%ers to "shut this shit down." On 12/26, he said on the 6th, "we are all in DC to insurrection." Sounds kind of seditious.

The Feds need to stop letting state DOTs get away with the fiction of never having enough money for repairs, sidewalks, and bike lanes while at the same time spending billions on highway capacity increases.
Skip Pile @skip_sf

Isn’t it cool how this looks like it’s a candy bar?


Those crazy wild ideas like walking for errands or having the bus come every ten minutes. The unimaginable things our ancestors couldn’t have dreamt up.
@DougScha (responding to Bill Gates' call for "wild" ideas to fight climate change)

This is an important point that urbanists and housing advocates often don’t think about. Yes, increasing density in cities & suburbs is a good thing, and we need lots more housing. But not all density is the same. We need *diversity* and density: multiple buildings/ownership. Essentially all modern redevelopment projects involve a developer owning or buying up an *entire block* and building a *single building* that, even if later sold, will have a single owner. There’s no granularity of building type, age, ownership, or use.
Lou Miranda @TheNewLou

what else do you see...the perimeter? it's not one continuous building, but rather lots of small buildings. that touch. that aren't very deep. this is also typical:

michael eliason @holz_bau

Republicans spent the last year making it easier for folks to get covid, but now they will go back to their more traditional practice of blocking any kind of gun control. One way or another, the GOP is intent on getting people killed.
Frank Conniff

Basic good governance is so underrated.
Alex Steffen

You’re not gonna solve the climate crisis with capitalism any more than you’re gonna smash the patriarchy with lady bosses. The “solution” can’t look just like the problem in a different  outfit.
Amy Westervelt

We need new words. People don’t “lose” their lives in mass shootings.
Barbara Malmet

In 1957, William White wrote that "the Senate might be described without too much violence as the South's unending revenge upon the North for Gettysburg."
Julian Zelizer

If you ever want to just have your mind break at how much economics have changed over the last 60 years, go re-read Ramona and Her Father where a home-owning family in Portland is saved from financial ruin by the dad getting a job as check-out clerk at a grocery.
Maggie Koerth

Every day, Boebert and Greene are tweeting stupidity as if they aren't complicit in the January 6th insurrection. They need to be expelled so they can spend their time tweeting NOT on the taxpayers' dime. Your RT and small donation will help:

BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan

Red states aren't red: they are gerrymandered purple states that punish and starve their economic and population centers in the name of culture war nonsense and white supremacy. There are opportunities to permanently alter this situation.
Cory Doctorow

i am eternally baffled that people will look at a $400M transit project and say "well we need fares and enforcement to make sure we get something of our investment", not blink an eye when we drop $240M on a single interchange, and then try to say congestion pricing is inequitable

Devils Tower is a prime sacred site of the Lakota nation. Settlers who fear nature misnamed it; we know it as Bear's Lodge and GreyHorn Butte. Settlers also named HellsCanyon and DevilsBathtub. Naming is archetypal; symbols give meaning. Renaming honors truth.
Chase Iron Eyes

Wild how we've made ownership of a very expensive, depreciating piece of machinery the ante to participate productively in society in most places. We should fix that.
Daniel Herriges

Living car-free shouldn't be a fantasy or an exception. It should be an acceptable norm and a viable option for people.
Jerome Alexander Horne @jahorne

If you think developers are greedy, wait til I tell you about homeowners (h/t @lukejuday):

Matthew Gillikin

One of my favorite things about criticizing Elon Musk is the wave of people who remind me how unfathomably successful the Right was in undermining faith in public projects to the point they trust a single megalomaniacal weirdo with crafting a post-Earth future over, say, NASA.
Jared Yates Sexton

So according to the Sunday shows Trump deserves credit for vaccinations done under Biden and Biden deserves blame for immigration problems created by Trump. Is that right?
Janet Johnson @JJohnsonLaw

Your periodic reminder that “returning to normal” driving and flying is going to make it impossible to slow the rise in atmospheric CO2–now at 417ppm—and prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.
John Lloyd @boyonabike62

The money you spend on gasoline is used by the most evil humans on the planet to commit atrocities beyond your wildest nightmares.

sneezing in a mask, while best for public health, is an incredibly disgusting experience lol
Talia Lavin @chick_in_kiev

This building’s brickwork (built with leftovers? repaired like this later, over time?) is my very very favorite thing right now:


TV Idea: #NotAllSnakes. Men who say "Not All Men" are introduced to a variety of snakes. Not all of them are venomous.
Joe Wells @joewellscomic

Driving activists love to use theoretical disabled residents to justify why cars should be allowed to go everywhere (for free) but then do literally nothing else to make our built environment more accessible.
Daniel Trubman

Climate researchers at Cal created a local gov't climate policy tool to measure policies based upon how well they reduce carbon footprints. In their analysis of 700 cities, these researchers determined that infill housing has the biggest impact:

Lori Droste

A friend of mine on Facebook typo’d and wrote “nopefully” which I propose we immediately adopt as shorthand for “I do not want that to happen.”

Some thoughts after watching 2 weeks of jury selection in the Chauvin trial: One prospective juror said he used to live near where George Floyd died, and when someone would get shot or go to jail, police would ride through the neighborhood playing “Another one bites the dust."

"As Istvan Bart has documented for the Climate Strategy Institute, suburban sprawl bears more responsibility for increased emissions from transportation than either population or GDP." Excellent column by @jordanmcgillis.


StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_

You cannot insult people based on perceptions of lack of intelligence without being ableist. It is not possible. Every attempt to divide humans by degrees of perceived intelligence is ableist at its core. So when people use "moron" and I point out its highly specific history in the context of eugenics, a term used to label people (like my son) for sterilization, incarceration, and death ... I frequently get asked, "well what I can I use to call someone stupid." You can't use anything and not be ableist. Some words, like idiot, have also a highly specific ableist history; others don't. But if you are categorizing the world by perceived degrees of intelligence, you are being ableist. It's hard to quit.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

I really hate the word "ambition" as it's used in climate politics. If you try to move faster, or push harder past people blocking you from escaping a burning building, is that showing greater "ambition"? Of course not. That would be absurd and misleading.
Dr. Genevieve Guenther

Do people outside of media know that we have about 50% fewer journalists today that we did in 2010 and they make about 50% less than they did? I feel like there's this weird thing where no one outside of media talks about that. If it were any other industry, people would worry. So hard to answer -- the business model is clearly flawed... honestly the whole notion that informing the public is a "business" to begin with seems weird, but wouldn't really want government running media either and nonprofits also have agendas.
Amy Westervelt

I have had smoke alarms go off many times in my life .... it has never once meant my house is on fire.  And that is how you should be thinking about the cases reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.
Maggie Koerth

It very much feels like the police tried to release information--massage parlor, asian, sex addict--that would paint this crime as very differently in most people's minds than "murders four grandmothers."
Courtney Milan

Bicycles are efficient urban transport. Jams are caused by inefficient forms of transport.
Ben Collier @benjyminty

These kinds of maps are staggering even when you think you already know the history:

Aaron Bady @zunguzungu

The Atlanta medical examiner's office released the names/ages of the victims killed by the racist domestic terrorist:
Soon-chung Park, 74
Suncha Kim, 69
Yong-ae Yue, 63
Paul Andre Michels, 54
Hyun-jung Grant, 51
Xiaojie Tan, 49
Daoyou Feng, 44
Delaina Ashley Yaun, 33
Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 @GoAwayWithJae

Conservatives: the woke left are waging war on freedom of speech.
also Conservatives: immediate deportation if you roll your eyes during the national anthem.
Ash Sarkar @AyoCaesar

I think men have very, very few hardships because they are men that are not caused, celebrated, defended, and/or perpetuated by other men, because they are men.

  • More men are murdered! Yes. By other men (and not usually for being men)
  • Men do more dangerous jobs! Yes, they also systematically exclude women from those roles, and the companies, (owned by men) lobby against workplace safety regs because money and not pussies or whatever
  • Men work more hours! No. *Paid* hours. Women work more hours, whether they perform some of them for a wage or not, and men are more likely to do full-time wage work because parenting is for girls and it's easier to breadwin when you're paid 20-45% more for showing up with a dick.
  • Men pay more taxes! As a class, yes, but obviously you pay more taxes if you work more paid hours and get paid more for them. That's how taxes work. I thought math was your thing.
    Also - If you don't support subsidized child care and pay parity you're not actually mad about this
  • Men get screwed in divorce court! No you don't. Stop it.
  • Men never get custody! Not true, but if you didn't parent much when you had help, it seems weird to think you'd do it better by yourself. PS - Child support is not an access fee. Why are you bitter about feeding your child
  • Men are drafted! Well, you're not, but a 79% male congress reauthorized US Selective Service registration in 2002. 75% male in 2016 when they voted to continue keeping women from registering. Oh and, guess who's sending you to war? (we've literally never even been authorized!)
  • Men are more likely to suffer from untreated mental illness? Yes, true, in large part because toxic masculinity has stigmatized men having feelings or seeking help, which is both awful and also embraced, celebrated and fiercely defended by a culture controlled and policed by men.
  • Men commit suicide more often? Ok, so this is a very morbid competition, but the reality is that women attempt suicide nearly twice as often, however suicide attempts made by men are more often lethal because they're more likely to use catastrophically violent methods. Read: guns
  • Men are more likely to be incarcerated? Well, to be fair, Per BJS, men commit 89% of homicides, 99% of rapes, 87% of robberies, 77% of assaults. Still, the total US incarcerated population is ~75/25 men to women. Women do time, but less of it, because usually nonviolent offenses Far too many people, men and women, particularly nonwhite people, are incarcerated in the US and far too many for disproportionately, inhumanely long periods of time. The criminal justice system needs to be rebuilt ground up and I'm not, even here, willing to argue that its fair.

So that's a start. Bad things do happen to men, but rarely *because* they are men, and it helps to remember that the existence of privilege is not contingent on the absence of hardship.
Are men afraid women will laugh at them? Yes. But women are afraid men will kill them.
feminist next door @emrazz

Charlotte Sampson @ProfCSampson

House Republican fears there won't be enough people willing to pick crops if farm workers, their spouses *and their children* have a pathway to citizenship
Steven Dennis (responding to Darren Issa saying he opposes the Farm Workforce Modernization Act in part because you won't be able to keep these workers on the farm)

There are more Starbucks in California than migratory monarch butterflies overwintering in trees on the coast this winter. Not kidding.

white privilege is fucking astounding man the dude just killed eight people and they’re listening to his side of the story

When you don't buy a car, or you commit to not driving the one you own very much, the idea of lots of small businesses within walking distance becomes very appealing, even if their prices are a bit higher. Every 15 Minute City represents vast new business opportunities.
Mary Morse Marti

General rule: people don't get to decide whether they are racist; other people decide this based on their actions
Celeste Ng @pronounced_ing

The US has 329 million people in it. We are not being overrun by 14,000 unaccompanied migrant children in government custody. Stop it with the “border crisis” label. They must be treated humanely and placed with their host families as quickly as possible.
Julián Castro

A new study tracks ordinary folks through thousands of social situations in daily life. The result: Our interests largely correspond with others' interests, often with "mutual dependence...[and] abundant amounts of cooperation." This matters because... "research should focus on understanding behavior in situations [based on] what people actually experience" - as opposed to studies employing game theory, Prisoner's Dilemma, etc., reflecting a faulty overestimation of the prevalence (and even inevitability) of conflict/competition
Alfie Kohn

Watching JD Vance tune up his billionaire-backed Trumpy “populist” campaign after having gotten rich through precisely the elite networks he now uses as foils is really a sight to behold. I bet it will work!
Chris Hayes

Fam, racism is not a virus. White supremacy is not a pandemic. Using illness and disability as a metaphor situates white supremacy and racism as passively spreading. These metaphors evade the way white supremacy and racism are purposefully built into structures and strategically enacted
Septima P. Snark @DrSubini

When the disciples asked Jesus to tell women to dress more modestly because they were babies with big lust, Jesus literally told them to gouge their eyes off, but sure. Silence is probably what your faith says is best here
kelsey mckinney

When men frame a murderer's actions in terms of him "having a bad day" I can't help but hear them telling the world that they themselves are one bad day away from murdering women, and demanding empathy and recognition for that fact.
Amal El-Mohtar @tithenai

The colourful Yellow-footed Green Pigeon with beautiful purple eyes. State Bird of Maharashtra:

Ashit Gandhi (AG)

My teenaged daughter told me this evening that she was grateful I had raised her to be aware of her privilege without invalidating her suffering. (Her words. Not mine.) Life is hard, so it’s important to cherish the moments of joy. This was one of them.
Leah McElrath

NEWSFLASH: just cause a racist doesn’t believe they are racist...doesn’t mean they aren’t racist.
Michael McBride @impastormike_

A dozen Republicans voted against Congressional Gold Medals for police who protected them on Jan. 6
Peter Hermann @phscoop

I really wish that when the American right spends a year or more demonizing a group, and then there's an outbreak of violence against that group, we didn't have to have the "but was it a hate crime" debate when the killer was a lone wolf white man mental illness etc
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

A person about to retire at age 65 will have seen almost 2/3 of this massive surge in CO2 happen since their first day on the job. Some of the oldest people alive have seen essentially all of this rise in their lifetimes. Climate change is not an ancient problem:

Alex Steffen

FACT: Coronavirus deaths have dropped 90% since Joe Biden has been in office. Please spread this. COVID deaths:
Jan 20th: 4,380
Mar 14th: 572
Change: -87%
Source: Google
Travis Allen

Christian nationalists attacking the capitol, Baptist pastors son killing Asian women.. maybe this racist white Jesus waving a flag and toting a gun isn't the Jesus of scripture...
ProfB @AntheaButler

It will be fun to hear self-described Senate institutionalists insist that the constitution gives each senator a right to have their staff email the cloak room to block a bill without even visiting the Senate chamber.
Brian Schatz

Today we begin the long, hard journey of redefining walking and cycling as transportation, not solely as exercise or some kind of pauper's purgatory pending auto acquisition.
Mary Morse Marti

Hell yeah it is:

Dr. Mira Mechtley @biphenyl

Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 1900% since the beginning of COVID. There have been over 3,000 reports. 7.3% of crimes were specifically directed at the elderly. If you didn’t understand why the President calling it the “China Virus” was a problem, I hope you do now.
Alanah Pearce @Charalanahzard

Adam Smith railed against rents, describing markets as "free" when they were FREE FROM RENTS, not free from regulations. For centuries, a "free market" was a market where buyers and sellers operated without interference from rentiers, not regulators.
Cory Doctorow

The chart below show transit shares for 1960, 1970, and 2018. Notice the drop between 1960 and 1970. This is when the interstate freeways were rammed into Texas cities:


This is interesting — have you heard of the “3-30-300 rule?”
3: Everyone should be able to see at least 3 trees from home
30: Cities should ensure a 30% tree canopy in all neighbourhoods
300: Everyone should have a park within 300 metres of home
Brent Toderian

Race and racism are an architecture, not a binary.
Imani Perry

I still can't believe we locked down in March 2020 when there were 556 confirmed cases in one day and yesterday there were almost 50,000 confirmed cases in one day and we're like "eh, the pandemic is basically over."

22,000-hour investigation finds 0.0001% of voters registered with the wrong address. What’s 22,000 hours in taxpayer dollars?
@dellcam (responding to a report that Texas AG Ken Paxton spent 22,000 hours looking for voter fraud and to find 16 cases of false addresses on registration forms)

Is there anything more deserving of protest than a plan to infringe the right to protest?
Hugh Laurie

my favorite observation so far is how bonkers some birthday rituals will feel post covid. let's all gather around a cake and sing in its direction and then have a person forcefully exhale onto the cake and at the end we will divide up that cake and everyone will take a piece
Charlie Warzel

Under capitalism, "private property" is not about the right to have your own home and belongings. It is about the right of elites to enclose and appropriate commons: forests, subsurface minerals, water, the atmosphere, public goods, even knowledge itself.
Jason Hickel

The more I think about it, the more I think US post-WWII land-use and housing decisions were a gargantuan, fateful mistake from which it's never going to be possible to fully recover.
David Roberts @drvolts

We will not be able to self isolate or physically distance ourselves from climate change.

38,000 gun deaths a year in US: no need for background checks
2 cases of voter fraud in 2020: let’s pass 253 new voter suppression laws
Ari Berman

Honestly when I hear the term "lifestyle influencer" my mind immediately conjures Bosch-levels of hell. I can not conceive of wanting to be such a thing. "What do you do?" "I just ... am, but in an influential way."
David Roberts @drvolts

This kind of direction-based slant plane (a setback on the northern face of the building to let sun hit the neighbor even when they’re inches away from your lot) is something you’d expect to see if zoning were actually about light and air, and not about exclusion:

Market Urbanism

i don’t know who needs to hear this but people are supposed to be “soft.” we are supposed to have emotions. having feelings is part of the human experience.

Dear America, I am not happy with my “user experience” in this country. I think there are some huge design flaws.
Hari Kondabolu

The term “woke” went from a term Black people used to signal among us to be aware of white supremacy and systemic oppression to  it being used as a catchall term as a white grievance weapon of bigots defending and justifying that very same white supremacy and systematic oppression

The bar is so low. People are asking for a "living" wage. Not a thriving wage, or even a satisfactory wage, just literally enough to live. People ask "can I live?" and the response is "we'd rather have higher profits." In fact, the rich live 15 years longer than the poor.

incredible how police always arrive at protests at the exact moment they become violent. must just be terrific foresight.

A white savior or ally needs recognition for being a “good white person”. They need you to know they are *non-racist*. A co-conspirator understands that they are complicit and that it is their obligation to destroy the system their ancestors built and that they benefit from.
No White Saviors

I can fully say part of why bike trips can be so sweaty is due to REAL anxiety and fear about cars. How many of us would bicycle a bit more slowly if we didn't have to worry about a disgruntled driver? Expanding bike lanes enable slower cycling because ppl can go @ their own pace.
Courtney Cobbs @FullLaneFemme

It's astounding how this idea that 'immigration = more crime' is so deeply engrained into anti-immigrant rhetoric, despite countless studies that show immigrants commit far less crime than native-born citizens on all levels. Really goes to show how widespread xenophobia can be.

People need to realize that the economic boom of the 50s-60s was fueled by higher wages and robust social programs not "traditional values"

"Slavery is the foundation of racism and power in American Evangelicalism..." –Anthea Butler
There are so many Baptist sects because Baptists broke up over slavery

Startup idea for [street] sensors: Barryer, where a city pays either our startup or their public works department to put up sensors I mean barriers to make pedestrian-safe streets:

Costa Samaras

If your idea of “balance” with community change is that...
- climate mitigation
- affordability
- paying for amenities and infrastructure
- supporting local schools
- ALL other public aspirations
...should all be balanced with...
- community “character”
You’re doing it wrong.
Brent Toderian

Missing from media discussion of Operation Warp Speed: $$ should have been allocated for fast-tracking a rapid, accurate, cheap home Covid test. 5-10 minutes, easy. If so, could have opened up schools, restaurants, theaters earlier. Not done because Trump did not want testing!
Norman Ornstein

Why do some newspapers persist in calling democratically elected labor leaders union "boss"?
It's time to stop—Boss has connotations of autocracy, bullying and corruption. The media would never call Jeff Bezos "the Amazon boss" or Elon Musk "Tesla's boss"
Steven Greenhouse

A bomb at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City killed 168, including 19 children. Within days, Merrick Garland arrived on the scene to supervise the investigation and prosecution. Josh Hawley wrote a column at the age of 15 defending members of anti-government militias following the bombing.

Why is “how the left would have reacted had Trump won” a hypothetical? Trump won in 2016, there were all sorts of left-wing tantrums, but there was no storming of the Capitol to get Biden to throw out electoral results
Dave Weigel

GOP Sen Johnson on why he wasn’t scared Jan 6: “I knew those were people that love this country, truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break a law.... had Trump won and those were thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protestors, I might’ve been concerned”
John Harwood

“There is no path to a decarbonized American economy that doesn’t include a larger, more prominent role for public transit.”

whenever i see the word "non-fungible" i think to myself "not able to be a mushroom"

Yards are overrated. If we want more "walk(/roll)ability" and less driving, we need to be willing to sacrifice a little bit on yards, IMO. More public outdoor recreation space, less private.
Angie Schmitt @schmangee

You can talk about Indigenous environment activism without turning us into mystical beings. We are human and we have a connection to our land because it’s our part of our culture. White capitalist disconnection from the land should be seen as inhuman.
ashley fairbanks @ziibiing

We have cities that would cease to function if everyone had to drive 20mph. Our planning authorities need to...slow down our streets and provide real space for people not in vehicles, while letting cities thicken so we don't have to drive as often or as far.

America needs a tax-positivity propaganda campaign

David Ziggy Greene (S&H illustrated reports):

@SaHreports (referring to an article about scientists working on projects to see if humans can make the trip to Mars and live there)

The thing about the constant noise is right now the GOP is distracting you from the dozens of bills they're pushing across the country to roll back voting rights. It's coordinated to ensure they take back the Congress in 2022. That's the fight. The rest is smoke and mirrors.
Fred Wellman

Ever notice how Democratic presidents always have to start their administrations with Recovery Acts and Rescue Plans? Wonder why.
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

If your goal was over 500k dead Americans, you can thank Trump. The rest of us will thank whoever convicts him.

Every transportation mode receives public subsidy. Transit is actually more dollar and energy efficient per person, per mile.

Space for more cars means destinations are farther apart, resulting in a greater need for cars. This is not a minor effect.
Andrew G. @marginoferror

There is no such thing as free parking, only heavily, heavily subsidized parking
Ben McKeown

Right now, it takes 60 VOTES in the Senate to pass legislation protecting voting rights. But it take only 51 VOTES in the Senate to install a Supreme Court Justice that can spend his or her lifetime undermining voting rights.
Judd Legum

I just realized needing 60 votes is always a win for the GOP. When they have the majority, they don't do anything to pass bills. When they don't have the majority, they have control over allowing anything to get a vote. It is a win-win for the regressive party.
Cynthia Burnett

Fuck "back to normal." Nothing should ever be the same. Let's do something better.
Puff the Magic Hater @MsKellyMHayes

People ask me if I'm scared for my safety when I report from Russia, but they never ask this question about the U.S. The truth is: when a prominent conservative unleashes on you, you get harassment, rape and credible death threats. I have had to call the police numerous times.
Julia Ioffe

For those who haven’t gone through it, it is extremely destabilizing to have major conservative media attack you by name — you get a flood of deranged threats. What Taylor Lorenz is dealing with is not only unacceptable, it’s dangerous. Fox News should be ashamed, were it capable

Where are these property rights libertarians when TxDOT decides it wants to tear down businesses employing 25,000 people to widen a highway over the objections of local democratically elected officials?
Angie Schmitt @schmangee

I've seen this variously attributed to Nelson Mandela and the Buddha, but there's wisdom in it in any case: holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
Tom Tomorrow

Bitcoin is MLM for men.
Kevin Gallatin

clearly the shopping cart theory holds true:

Bizzle McDizzle

The old mythologies of exceptionalism, meritocracy, and nationalism are failing, leaving Republicans to embody a teeth-gnashing denial of that fact coupled with whatever cultural or political cudgel might help. They’re A-B testing cudgels every single day in desperation.
Jared Yates Sexton

you can call out how racist and evil minnesota is towards Black and Indigenous people without first saying how much you love it. "I love Minnesota but we do treat BIPOC like dirt" doesn't hit the way you think it does.

You can’t optimize for speed and safety at the same time:
Lou Miranda @TheNewLou

Honestly you people make me so furious with this bitcoin shit. I'm still waiting on a graphics card for my new computer but I'll never get it cause some guy who unironically follows Elon Musk has confused numbers on a screen with productivity.
Tom Basgen

I've now seen more debate on my timeline about the dangers posed by trans women than I have about police. Are we sure we're being sensible here?
Alex Marshall @ralexm

Office to apartment conversions are a positive trend in today's cities and the more we can encourage these the better off we'll be regarding housing affordability.
Brandon @BRuddTweets

We don't talk enough about how "integration" historically meant placing Black and Brown people in white supremacist environments. That's still what "diversity and inclusion" means today..
Professor Fleming @alwaystheself

"Well, my ancestors came LEGALLY" –guy whose ancestors came to America when the only legal requirement was "don't be Chinese"
"No, my ancestors came BEFORE the Chinese Exclusion Act" –guy whose ancestors came without the consent of the people who were already living there and then probably assisted in the genocide of those people

"Socially constructed" does not mean "fake."
Katherine Cross @Quinnae_Moon

NY Penn Station carries more daily passengers than ATL. Shown at the same scale.  I circled Penn Station.:

Michael Bradley @mbradle3

All these articles I keep seeing about how quarantine at home deeply affects the health of the brain should be a reminder that prisons existed before and will exist after this time and no one seemed to care about their health at all

Important Wednesday Fact: If you drained Lake Superior, the hole would be big enough to hold the bodies of every human being who has ever lived. Also, you would flood the continental United States with three feet of water.
Dave Hogg @stareagle

Tomorrow Texas opens at 100% capacity with no mask mandate. There is ZERO coincidence that happens as Gov. Abbott is suggesting migrants are carrying Covid. Cases will surge. He will blame Biden/migrants. Texas is averaging 200 deaths per day. Yesterday alone, Texas had:
-5,409 new Covid cases (35% jump from day before; 3% jump from week average)
-184 new Covid deaths (48% jump from day before; down 8% from week average)
Sawyer Hackett

The same GOPers who refuse to wear a mask during Covid saying it's about personal freedom passed a law in Arkansas last night that forces a woman who is raped to carry the baby of the rapist to term. This is GOP's version of freedom.

To recap: The same people who deny that systemic racism exists are literally passing laws to (by their own admission) prevent Black people from voting
Asha Rangappa

Less than 1% of philanthropic giving overall goes to Native American projects and causes. The bulk of that money is directed to museums and universities where it has very little, if any, impact on Indigenous people themselves.
The Counter

When we successfully hold the fossil fuel conglomerates to account, we will have to remake all our systems without the poisons they have forced on us. Why not start boycotting them and living in a loving future now? The number one thing that makes walking, using wheelchairs, biking, and taking transit improve in quality and safety? When more people walk, use wheelchairs, bike, and take transit. Sustainable transportation is a system of positive feedback loops. Choose it.

Transit advocates were light years ahead of everyone else in hating Andrew Cuomo
Angie Schmitt @schmangee

Miles driven fell 13% last year while deaths on the road rose 8%.
Myles Udland

Luxury flight is core to the progressive or liberal identity of paternalistic white supremacy masquerading as multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism. Luxury and unnecessary flight has been the price of entry for decades. It's a fundamentally extractive and destructive practice.
The ability to easily and frequently cross (international) borders is a direct function of whiteness, wealth, and political/national privilege. How is it accepted as an aspirational marker for open-mindedness, curiosity, intelligence, connection, or progressiveness? It's hard to think of another hobby besides luxury flight that is as fully a high social status marker AND so utterly violent to the people it excludes.
You: IG photos, name-dropping other cities for clout
Everyone else: struggling w destabilizing global ecosystems, pandemics

Police killings of civilians: rate per 10 million of population. Such extreme statistical differences raise basic questions about a US social crisis:

Richard D. Wolff

strong representation by settler colonial countries here.

I am an AMERICAN PATRIOT and so the most important things for me to support are NAZIS, THE CONFEDERACY and of course THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY.
Andrew Ti

When Republicans say "illegal votes," they mean Black votes.

In 3/20, all the Senate Democrats voted for Trump's Covid stimulus/relief bill. In 12/20, nearly every Senate Democrat voted for Trump's second Covid stimulus/relief bill. In 3/21, no Senate Republicans voted for Biden's Covid stimulus/relief package. Asymmetric Polarization.
Julian Zelizer

Love to be a woman in America where I'm expected to do everything without pay and be responsible for absolutely everything except my own body. #InternationalWomensDay
Lyz Lenz

Prince Harry alluded to this, but it’s true — his marrying Meghan was a once in a generation opportunity to bring the monarchy into the 21st century and embrace a new version of the family that the modern world could embrace and love. They didn’t just fail. They spat on it
Kasie Hunt

Wearing a bra is a lot more of an inconvenience than wearing a mask is.

Y'all gotta stop falsely claiming that Black abolitionists have "no solutions" when, in reality, you just don't like the solutions being presented.

Do Conservatives Care if Voting Rights Disappear?

Don Moynihan

Yes, this week was the perfect demonstration. Democrats are a fairly standard center-left party: They do good stuff but don't go far enough. Republicans are a far-right party with no governing agenda other than grievance politics and rigging future elections in their favor.
Michael Hobbes @RottenInDenmark

Obviously $1.9 trillion is nothing to sneeze at. But I'll note the lifetime cost for the F-35 -- a plane that doesn't even fucking work -- is $1.7 trillion. And that has broad bipartisan support.
Jeet Heer

I am DONE being silenced for my BELIEFS! The Jetsons and The Flintstones take place at the same time, with the ultra-elite 1% living in the clouds far above a post-apocalyptic Earth where the mass of humanity struggles to survive among mutated animals.
Eize Basa @PonchoRebound

While Trump was president, EVERY Democrat voted for the $2 trillion CARES Act, even though doing so helped Trump. While Biden is president, ZERO Republicans voted for the $1.9 trillion American Relief Plan, because hurting Biden is more important than helping Americans.
Brian Tyler Cohen

bill gates admitted a few years back that everything he was saying about education for two decades turned out to be objectively wrong. makes sense that hed then decide to tackle an even larger and more grave problem
Boston Psychology PhD @praisegodbarbon

About half of Republicans’ gains among Hispanics happened before George Floyd’s death last year, and the trend show no signs of accelerating after. Large potential sorting on BLM/Defund, but little evidence it’s responsible for relative Dem losses — at least in these data:

G. Elliott Morris
Whole lot of people who’s lineage benefited from land grants and the G.I Bill toss around the words “handout” and “entitlement” too comfortably for me.

It annoys me that job applicants are supposed to "explain gaps on their resume." Whether the gap was from raising a child, having a serious illness, or traveling the world, I feel like employers shouldn't have the right to determine if it's a "good enough reason."
Sarah Blahovec

quick reminder that a bill that has north of 70% approval in the country, including 50ish percent among Republicans, is bipartisan. If the GOP votes against it, it's because *their* party is ruled by a vocal minority. Biden has a mandate on this.

toxic positivity:


If Dems and other officials do not hold the perperators of past admin crimes accountable *and* tackle the structural issues that made the US vulnerable to mafia state rule, all the Biden admin will be is a brief interlude between aspiring autocracy and entrenched autocracy.
Sarah Kendzior

The car - amazingly powerful - horribly inefficient

Dystopian sci-fi idea: a society where ordinary people can buy powered mechanical exoskeleton that can crush humans at a whim, and are encouraged to identify personally with these vehicles, and to express their manliness through operating them in a risky way. The arms race leads to increasingly larger, more difficult to pilot mechs, which further increases rage and incidental conflict. Soon the entire society is built around these mech pilots that the political system is reshaped for their needs. The landscape itself changed for them.
Keith Ng

A friendly reminder that banks collected around $30 billion dollars in overdraft fees last year. That’s right, banks collected $30 billion from people who literally have no money.

“If your house is on fire, you don’t focus on ‘disrupting’ the fire suppression business. Not now. You grab a hose.”
Dr. Jonathan Foley @GlobalEcoGuy

4 year old: is money real or pretend?
Me: *clears throat* *takes sip of water* *arranges notes on podium*
Emily Adrian

Oldest known human face, carved in mammoth ivory over 25,000 yrs ago:

Museum Archive @ArtifactsHub

Joe Biden won Arizona running on a $15 minimum wage and Mark Kelly won in Arizona and just voted in favor of a $15 minimum wage. Anyone telling you that Sinema "had no choice" here are deliberately lying to you.
Aidan Smith @aidan_smx

What’s endlessly funny and confounding about all of this is that the Right is protesting the Seuss Company’s decision not to print his racist flooding the Seuss Company that made the decision with their money.
Jared Yates Sexton

Apple Pie originated in England.
Baseball is derived from the British games of cricket & rounders.
Hot Dogs (aka wieners or frankfurters) are German.
All these things are AS AMERICAN AS IMMIGRATION.
Hari Kondabolu

Beloved books not holding up outside their time frame is normal and likely a good thing for us as members of a changing society.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

If you think today's jobs report is "good enough," then know that at this pace (+379,000 jobs/month), it would take until April 2023 to get back to where we were in February 2020.
Ronald Klain

As Amazon workers busted their butts and as over 20,000 Amazon workers caught Covid, Jeff Bezos' net worth rose $70 billion since the pandemic began. That $70 billion would pay for a $60,000-bonus for each of the 1 million-plus Amazon employees worldwide.
Steven Greenhouse

People keep joking that Andrew Cuomo only has these problems because he’s Italian, but I submit he’s not Italian enough. None of this would’ve happened if he still lived with his mother
Mark Agee

We had no flu in flu season.
We had no colds in cold season.
But folks are still debating masks as science.
Victoria Brownworth @VABVOX

The odd logic of black conservatives:
"Listen, I don't want to be categorized. Being black has not impacted me at all. Choosing people because of their race is racist."
"What're you doing tonight?"
"Oh...I was asked to do this podcast where they want me to talk about race."

Left turn lanes have become a symbol, to me, that driver convenience trumps the safety of people walking and biking. Left turn lanes are what traffic engineers insist cannot be compromised if that's what it takes to save people's lives.
Janne K. Flisrand @janneformpls

I've noticed how our expertise and experience is usually shifted to emotional terrain. There's this insistence that we're "outraged" or "angered and "offended" by racist caricatures. How about these words: "Saddened?" "Traumatized?" "Fatigued?" "Exhausted?" "Hurt?" "Betrayed?" If you're going to insist that we're excessively emotional, please use the full range of human emotion, not just the Scary Black People ones.
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas

The late James Moffett suggested this slogan for elite, selective schools: "Send us winners and we'll make winners out of them!"
Alfie Kohn

Normalize photos from the Civil Rights era in color:


I’ve heard two people say “talking out of both sides of your ass” in the past month, and it may be the phrase of the year.
St. Chris @FormerlyStC

Today, I heard someone struggle to remember the phrase "put your money where your mouth is" and they went with "put your mouth where the food is." So that's why I'll be smiling all day.
John Moe

People with lots of living plants are just bragging about their executive functioning skills.
ashley fairbanks @ziibiing

Every now and then I think about how the post office had a plan to send 5 surgical-style masks to every American *last April* and the Trump administration killed it.

whomst amongst us has not drawn multiple undisclosed simultaneous salaries as a matter of principled necessity for maintaining the many funiculars we need to climb the mountaintops of character and arrive at ever more perfect unions of mentorship with successively younger wives

139 House Republicans voted to overturn 2020 election results after insurrection
0 House Republicans voted for HR1 to save American democracy
Ari Berman

New research shows that cutting corporate taxes boosts executive pay much more than it boosts regular workers' pay
Noah Smith @Noahpinion

We need to reimagine our schools as places where the brilliance and multiple intelligences of every single student are nurtured. Our dependence on testing signals to our under-resourced students that they are at fault for not fitting into a narrow definition of intelligence. Those who succeed in our world don’t do so because they can prepare for a one-time test. They succeed because they can think creatively, confidently, and critically. Developing those skills must begin in early childhood education, and continue through HS.
Jamaal Bowman

I understand why [white people] can't understand it. Who cares if Dr. Seuss was racist one time in that one book? Should he be canceled? They don't realize that the ONLY time a Black child saw themselves in a Seuss book was in a racist illustration.
Michael Harriot

One thing about the United States is that water access for Black communities is regarded as optional. Something a government provides if they feel like it.

Whiteness is entirely organized around racial violence and has no discernible cultural identity that exists independent of violence against anyone identified as nonwhite.
Bree Newsome Bass

Oddly, the people who claim to be self censoring basically never stop talking
Venerable Bidet

* Dems win power.
* Moderate Dems refuse to let Dems use power.
* Dems lose power.
* Moderate Dems blame progressives for being too radical.
* ad infinitum
We are at step 2 of the cycle.
Elie Mystal

A raised crosswalk in front of every school.
A shelter or at least bench at every bus stop.
This is my fantasy infrastructure stimulus.
Angie Schmitt @schmangee

White people are basically arguing that democracy was strongest when they could say “n——r” out loud, sexually harass secretaries at the office without consequence & openly ban Jewish people from the country clubs
Bree Newsome Bass

When you take a step back, the fact that a group of grifters have made "racism is too vigorously discouraged in America" a top-line item of political discussion in the US is just ... fucking amazing. If you spend your days consumed by the worry that someone, somewhere in America might get some government assistance that they don't strictly need, consider whether maybe you're an asshole.
David Roberts @drvolts

I just helped someone discover the Glyphs palette in InDesign. When the Glyphs palette opened, revealing all the swash-filled alternates in a font she licensed, she burst into a joy-filled laugh. I haven't heard someone laugh like that in a very long time; it was a delight.
Carolyn Porter @porterfolio

Good pedestrian and bike infrastructure does not happen in addition to car-infrastructure. By definition, it becomes good as it replaces car infrastructure.

There is, perhaps, no idea more inimical to saving the living world than the idea that GDP growth—in every historical context and every nation, forever and ever, without end—will always improve everybody's lives.
Dr. Genevieve Guenther

Nothing about sidewalks is designed, built, or maintained with even the most cursory attention paid to or knowledge of basic racial and disability accessibility or the climate context of Minnesota, even prior to conditions worsening under intensifying climate breakdown.

I'm pretty sure it feels to all of you like I have a 3972 character unstoppable rant on sidewalk drainage that just happens like pulling the string on some creepy 1950s doll the moment you mention anything related. But I don't. I create the words fresh for you each time, dammit

"We hate traffic!"
"We love drive-thrus!"
Makes no sense, even if you live in your car.

It’s bullshit that the sidewalks and bike paths look like this while the roads are clear and dry. I had my first spill on Sheppard road this morning. (I’m fine. Bike is fine.)

Jake Scott

I’ll never forget how Texas and Mississippi allowed people to freeze to death and go weeks without water and their next acts of governance were to lift COVID restrictions and mask mandates
David Dennis Jr. @DavidDTSS

"Election integrity" is the GOP's new code word for massive voter suppression
Ari Berman

I loved walking around Vienna. It was such a good city to walk in that I only took transit when I was rushing. Every city should want to be like that

Amazing how many people seamlessly fall into fascism to avoid confronting racism.
Benjamin Dixon

Capitalism is the only religion I can think of that still requires human sacrifices.

lol I aint seen a single Black or Brown person talk about the value of an unpaid internship. And that, in it of itself, is telling.
Anna Gifty @itsafronomics

Curation isn't cancellation.
Ebony Elizabeth Thomas

More people died in Houston in the freeze than Harvey
Lego Businessman

A two car garage is 400 sf. That's 50 million potential studio apartments in the United States alone. But y'all ain't ready for that conversation!
Eric Holthaus

The argument that preserving the filibuster is necessary because it’s an important tool in our Democracy falls apart when it’s clearer with every passing day we won’t have a Democracy without Congress passing voting rights legislation.
David Plouffe

It’s time to stop asking people if they believe in climate change and start asking them if they understand it

Men aren't "confused" about what is okay. I think they just know that women get blamed when men cross lines and count on that to take liberties. And it sucks a lot, and we should collectively choose to change that by treating such behavior as gross and rude instead of cute.
Amanda Marcotte

The fact any union anywhere ever wins an election is kind of a miracle, given the state of US labor law and labor law enforcement.
Chris Hayes

If this generation of religious leaders have been this bad, imagine how much worse all the others were back when it was easier to get away with. Try not to think about what that means for a religion’s earliest leaders.

Nothing to see here but America’s long, violent, and racist tradition of disenfranchisement springing back to life...

Dr. Trevon D Logan

Speeding is NOT a victimless crime: For every 1 minute of travel time saved by speeding, roughly 2.5 minutes of human life are lost in speeding-related crashes.

In 2006 the Voting Rights Act was reauthorized. It passed the House 390–33 and passed the senate 98-0. How did the VRA go from being wildly popular and bipartisan to every Republican in congress vowing to vote against it? We elected Barack Hussein Obama. That's how.
Daryl Sturgis

unpaid internships don’t show that you’re more dedicated to a job than someone else they just show that there’s a phone number in your phone that you can dial whenever you need money
Shea Serrano

“While Mayor, I was often asked ‘how have you been able to afford this in Copenhagen?’ I’d reply, ‘how have you been able to NOT afford it? 25 years ago we were a few days away from going bankrupt. So the city invested in the cheapest infrastructure — bicycling.”
Brent Toderian

from polling of white evangelical Republicans:
—89% say Confederate flag signals pride, not racism
—83% call police killings of blacks isolated incidents
—68% say covid deaths exaggerated
—60% agree “we may have to use force” to save US way of life
John Harwood

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