Thursday, March 11, 2021

CNN Fail

It pretty much goes without saying that our mainstream media will fail 90+% of the time when it comes to recognizing that politics is not a horse race, government is not a sport, and there are not "both sides" on the question of fascism, the need for democracy, or the climate crisis. Also, that bipartisanship is something (like deficits) that only applies to Democrats.

Here's the latest example:

A tweet with link from CNN Politics has this headline: Negotiator-in-chief Biden notches his first win but with a bipartisan governing loss.

The responses on Twitter were withering about both the sports terminology ("notches his first win") and even more so that it describes the outcome as a loss for bipartisanship:

1) politics aren't sports
2) if zero republicans refused to vote for a bill that had broad support and helps people, that falls on them
Sarah Lerner

if politics were sports "the democrats win with no help from the other team" would be very easy to understand... wait... is politics sports???
Ruby GL

This was not a setback to bipartisanship. The bipartisanship is with the American people. The GOP Congress chose not to represent the views of the Republican rank and file. If the GOP Congress wants bipartisanship, it can quit playing silly obstructionist games.
John Rutledge

Not fucking once do I remember the national media framing Trump's actions this way.
Ken Tremendous

Does CNN Politics talk to CNN Polling? 85% of Americans support tax policies in the bill. 61% support the bill overall. 66% say it will help the economy. Seems pretty bipartisan to me!

Democrats voted for relief when Trump was President, even though it could help Trump's political position. Why? Because they wanted to give help to Americans. NO Republicans voted for relief when Biden is President. Why? Because hurting Biden is more important than helping people. Who's bipartisan?

"Here is a thing — like the deficit — that we will only worry about when Democrats are in power" should be the headline...

My thought is that the outcome of the vote clearly is a setback for Congressional bipartisanship, but only for the Republican Party. They've shown that not a single one of them cares about the need for it, despite the greatest crisis in generations.

The fact that their voters didn't already know that about them before the 2020 election, or didn't care about it enough to vote them out, is what distresses me.

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