Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Fangtooth State

I'm sure you've seen maps where someone adjusts the size of counties or precincts by population to give a better idea of how votes distribute than the usual red/blue county map that's based solely on boundaries. I've run a few myself in the past. 

I just saw this fun one on Twitter from a guy named Aaron Booth. Here's his very nice version of the Minnesota precinct map for the 2020 election:

And then his vote-total-adjusted map, which shows just how dominant the Twin Cities are and why Minnesota is still clearly a blue state:

The thing I saw most on this map, though, was that it looks like the fangtooth fish:

Other people in the comments to Booth's post were reminded of the album art for Pink Floyd's The Wall or the art from one of Hunter S. Thompson's books. But the fangtooth seems like the clearest resemblance to me.

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