Sunday, January 31, 2021

Twitter: Insurrection, Inaugration, Reaction

Well, January 2021 was a month, wasn't it? I almost did a mid-month Twitter round-up because I knew it was going to be overwhelming, but then it didn't happen.

As is my recent practice, this post will be in reverse-chronological order without breaking it into topics, but this time I'm going to put in some subheads at particularly important points during the month (especially the inauguration on January 20, the midpoint of the period of agita leading up to it, the January 6 Capitol insurrection, and the post-New Years calm). You may remember my January 6 post that already covered the outcome of the Georgia elections and some early reactions to the Capitol insurrection, so I'll link to that when that comes up in the timeline. But there's a lot that came after that post.

As usual, it's a bit weird that time runs backwards in the post, and this month it's maybe even weirder than usual. You might consider reading it from the bottom up.

Oh, and this whole thing should be considered a block quote, but I'm not going to put it inside one. It just makes it even longer.



My mom asked me how so many people can believe the crazy ideas of Qanon. I said we live in a country where ten guys made a trillion dollars while 50 million people slid into poverty, and we're told, "that's just the way it goes". Tell me who's crazy?
Duncan Forster @cdndmf

The fascinating (in a gross trainwrecky way) thing about [QAnon] is that it's lies that usually get applied to marginalized people (e.g. Jewish blood libel, queer and Black folks being sexually predatory, Asians eating babies) just getting flung *everywhere*, like monkeys with poop.
N. K. Jemisin

There's nothing "crazy" about it. Whoever came up with Q literally just scraped together every bigot's fever dream from the last century, rubbed the serial numbers off, and superglued it together with Trumpism. This is it, folks: THE worst fanfic. We've found it, God help us all.
Oliver Darcy

Playing in the Snow (1935). Lithograph by Chicago painter and printmaker Eleanor Coen (1916-2010):


Imagine being a person who genuinely thinks the most malign influences in American life are multiculturalism, Black Lives Matter, ANTI-fascism and socialism (which only exists in the U.S. in lite form-Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps and farm subsidies.) It’s wild.
Joy Reid

Describing a vaccine that averts 100 percent of hospitalizations and deaths as “only 66% effective” is going to mislead people — the difference between dying and not dying is a really big deal.
Matthew Yglesias

They wanted to lock up Hillary Clinton over emails but want us to move on from an insurrection, let this hypocrisy sink in.
David Weissman

Believe me, friends, I know how scary and despair-inducing the news about variants can feel, but we have vaccines that are SO much better than expected and getting them into bodies around the world changes the math on this disease very dramatically.
Erin Kissane

Very typical, and revealing: Fox News spent much more time discussing Biden's climate-related executive orders than the other networks did. And you can guess what spin they put on it. There is no media apparatus celebrating climate progress with anything like the volume, frequency, and intensity with which the right-wing media apparatus denounces it.
David Roberts

I believe there is a road to serfdom -- I just think that it is a road much different than Hayek thought
Tim Wu @superwuster

Love this. With thanks to Manda Scott:


most people would be fired from their jobs if they wrote on social media about how they wish their colleagues were dead and someone should shoot them. not sure why the job of congresswoman should be any different
Desirina Boskovich

So, it's been 10 days and Biden is doing things that Americans in general like, and that the national GOP hates. They're complaining he's not attempting unity. He is, though: With Americans, not the white supremacist party on the Hill which has no intention of working with him.
John Scalzi

Want to feel old? The baby for whom Zoë Baird hired an undocumented nanny, sinking her chances of becoming Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, is now a China adviser on Biden’s NSC
dylan matthews

Some day, kids, we will talk about the White Pages. They’d send a giant book to your house that doxxed the whole city, and if you went to the library you could get dox books for other cities. The phone companies also ran doxxing hotlines (“411”), where you could just ask them for the full details on anyone in the country.
Matthew Yglesias

If the pandemic really upends the office 9-5 commute like everyone predicts, more than ever we need to slam the brakes on these plans to spend $800 million widening interchanges that are congested for 50 minutes twice a day.
Angie Schmitt

– Trump: -17
– Kemp: -9
– Raffensperger: +13
– Biden (transition): +25
– Biden (fav): +11
– Abrams: +10
– Ossoff: +10
– Warnock: +17
– Dems: +6
– GOP: -26
– $2000 checks: +56
– impeachment: +6
Jesse Lehrich

Check out those $2,000 check numbers, which explains why Ossoff and Warnock are urging the caucus to just pass them rather than let Republicans spend six months "negotiating" before conceding that they didn't actually have any cheese and were deliberately wasting your time
Scott Lemieux

Republicans are in array. The media are in disarray about how arrayed the republicans are with and about trump

I'm now accepting nominations for: the Trumpiest moment of the Trump years. Not necessarily the *worst* -- just the Trumpiest. For me it's a tie between Herman Cain tweeting Covid denialism from the grave...and Trump boat-paraders sinking one another's boats. Other noms?
David Roberts

I just don't understand why my society gives business people so much leeway. I think often about Shaw's old "Those who can't, teach" line, and all the MBAs who spout it. Projection. Pure projection. But they buy it, and so do too many others.
N. K. Jemisin

If you doubted that spending at the Trump hotel was intended as a bribe to the president and his family...

David Frum

Your periodic reminder that Mr. Rogers’ “look for the helpers” bit is intended for young kids. If you’re an adult, his pep talk might be, “Go f*cking help someone.”

Ilhan Omar's criticism of the Israeli government for oppressing the Palestinian people is not antisemitic; Marjorie Taylor Greene saying we Jews own Jewish Space Lasers is antisemitic, understand the difference?
David Weissman

The entire reason we have rules to expel members of Congress is to expel members of Congress who have openly endorsed the murder of their colleagues, traffic in racist, virulent conspiracy theories, and have worked to overthrow the government.
Jared Yates Sexton

Amid all the crazy theories of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the only one grounded in reality is that there's a welcome place for her in the Republican Party.
Frank Conniff

Whose brilliant idea was is that teeth aren’t covered by health insurance?

It looks like the only problem Republican politicians and media have with January 6 at this point is they didn't win
Aaron Klemz

Could you imagine if hundreds of Democrats would have invaded Mar-a-Lago today with zip-ties, guns, and nooses looking for Trump and McCarthy, leaving 5 people dead? Would republicans want to move on from that and preach unity?

I’m a Jew. Ilhan Omar is not the problem. Marjorie Taylor Greene is.

Probably the story of our time in politics is that the Republican Party is radicalizing around an explicitly anti-democratic violent white nationalist ideology, and that most of elite establishment media is uninterested or editorially incapable of accurately telling that story
Brian Murphy @Burrite

The same people the past four years saying, “Not disavowing Trump doesn’t make me a racist.” are the same people tonight saying “Not disavowing Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t make me a crazy, racist, dangerous, confederate proud, conspiracy theorist.”
Rex Chapman

There is a fine line between keeping an eye on terrible people and absolutely filling our timelines with nothing but that Majorie asshole.
The Hoarse Whisperer

Everytime I see Lauren Boebert's name I think about how her restaurant's refusal to follow basic food handling regulations resulted in 80 of her constituents coming down with bloody diarrhea.
Seth Cotlar

Stop calling these "conspiracy theories" and call them what they are: intentional disinformation tactics that are rooted in anti-Semitism and racism, and meant to erode public trust
Costa Samaras

Look at this woman. The beauty, strength, integrity, intelligence. Imagine what it meant to see her in lead roles on the screen for little Black girls like me. #CicelyTyson

Sherrilyn Ifill

Now seems like a good time to remind you that a measly 0.1% tax on Wall Street trades would raise $777,000,000,000 over a decade.
Public Citizen

The pipeline industry permanently employs fewer people than Bed Bath and Beyond
The conservative climate fear-mongering begins
Biden's Keystone XL order already is already inspiring false claims from the right.
Emily Atkin @emorwee

Pin this tweet: There will be GOP congressional candidates in 2022 whose campaign slogan will be some version of "Storm the Capitol"
Chris Hayes

Trying to figure out why after 400 years black folks were not radicalized, but after 4 years, white supremacists were.
modern man @tooronlists

What if I told you that the more Black a school district is, the larger the pool of gifted white children grows?
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

Republicans have attacked Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain while fully supporting Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene
Philip Germain

I wonder how many BW/WOC around the country really want to run for elected office but are afraid of the racist/sexist backlash they see others experiencing. Or worse (?) *they* aren’t afraid, but their partners/families are & are discouraging them.
Reagan Gomez

2008 financial collapse? You should have considered the risks!
Student loan debt? You should have considered the risks!
Credit card debt? You should have considered the risks!
Hedge fund makes a risky bet & might go under? It's not their fault, shut everything down!
jordan @JordanUhl

underappreciated that the senate tradition of requiring sixty votes on all measures only dates back to Mitch McConnell taking over as leader in 2007
Matthew Yglesias

Republicans have a dangerously crazy problem:


I love the stock market because when it goes up we get nothing but when it goes down we all lose our jobs. Except during a pandemic when it goes up and we still lose our jobs

The only thing worse than someone who hasn’t read ANY books is someone who has only read ONE book. You can’t convince them that what they read isn’t gospel.
Marc Lamont Hill

As a Jew, I'm not interested in Holocaust Remembrance Day statements from politicians who won't even deal with the fact that Nazis stormed the United States Capitol three weeks ago.
Doug Lindner

I’ll never get over the fact that these Trump cultists have convinced themselves that one of the most obviously narcissistic people ever, someone who couldn’t even be bothered to show up to his brother’s funeral, nevertheless has a deep and abiding love for them
Matt O'Brien @ObsoleteDogma

Puerto Rico has 3.1 million US citizens. That's more people than Wyoming, Alaska, North Dakota & South Dakota combined. Yet those states have 8 senators, all Republicans, and Puerto Rico has none.
Ari Berman

Wyoming has 578,000 people, is 92% white and has 2 senators. DC has 705,000 people, is 46% Black and has 0 senators.
Democrats introduced bill today to make DC 51st state

Pedestrians! Be considerate. Cross in groups! Whatever you do don’t scare the motorists! They are sensitive. Their steel frames are at risk from your, checks notes, flesh and blood. Photo via ⁦@adamtranter:


The biggest ever opinion poll on climate change has found two-thirds of people think it is a "global emergency." "Even when climate action required significant changes in their own country, majorities still backed the measures."
Jason Hickel

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant!!!" No, the CONSEQUENCES that came with it were the disinfectant. Shining a light on horrific behavior alone just emboldens the perpetrators if there are no consequences tied to that attention.

Oxfam says the 10 richest people made enough during the pandemic to pay for the entire world to get vaccinated. "And that's just the profits they've made during the pandemic — the additional moneys they've made," says D. Paul O'Brien of Oxfam America.
Democracy Now!

The only way I could ever possibly write a book is if I were writing it as a way of procrastinating on writing a different book.
David Roberts

Just a reminder that Hillary Clinton was a private citizen when they held Benghazi hearings. Save the “he’s a private citizen” bullshit.  4 died in Benghazi, 5 died in D.C. Hillary didn’t tell Islamic militants to attack but Trump told insurrectionist to.
Yellow heart @hopeformaybe

"Political correctness," like "cancel culture," is a way for the dominant group in a culture to resist efforts to surface and address the unequal power dynamics that maintain its power. What's baffling is how so many left-leaners fall for this same play again and again.
David Roberts

They put stolen valor Cawthorn on the House Veterans Affairs Committee. The kid who lied about getting into the Naval Academy is going to question leaders and veterans who actually served honorably. That’s just an ‘F You’ from @GOPLeader
 to veterans. Shameful.
Fred Wellman

As I keep saying: center-left political elites are more invested in pretending that there are moderate Republicans than actual Republicans are. The illusion used to be a co-production, but at some point the GOP realized that center-left elites will do it on their own.
David Roberts

I can't get over the fact that Republicans' entire argument against impeachment is "You can't hold us accountable for radicalizing domestic terrorists because it will upset the domestic terrorists we radicalized."
Matt Murchison

Nothing says "American healthcare" like "vaccine lottery."

The desert pea of Australia. (Photo: Karen Ingram):

Nature Is Weird

For so long the theory was that Republicans were acting like they were because they were afraid of a Trump tweet. And I kept arguing, no they are acting like they are because they are *invested in the same project as Trump*. I think that's more evident now than ever.
Chris Hayes

Here's a fun challenge: cite a past moral panic -- about porn, rock music, satanism, "hookup culture," whatever -- that was a) accurate about the danger of its target & b) successful at reducing the prevalence of its target. I'll wait here.
David Roberts

9/11: Never Forget!
Benghazi: Always remember!
January 6th: That was, like, 2 weeks ago guys. Let's move on.

PSA: You have not prevented gentrification if your neighborhood still looks the same as 40 years ago but the real estate costs 10x as much
Dr Momifornia

If a 3rd grader can learn “puritan” as vocabulary they can also handle “settler colonialism” and “exploitation”
Gardner Seawright

Means-testing social programs is a bad idea. It is inefficient (as it adds bureaucracy) and it shames people who get support.  Everyone should get the same benefits from government. (This is not "to each according to need") Wealthier people can pay higher taxes to make up for it.
David M. Levinson @trnsprtst

The matron of this Oil Patch family thinks her community is "the last place on Earth with free speech." She should display a BLM sign in her window, or put a Biden/Kamala sticker on their truck to put that theory to the test.
Robert Moffitt @justplainbob

Notice how white establishment argues we can’t simply disregard thoughts & feelings of the minority % (overwhelmingly white) who support attempts to overthrow election & storm Capitol, but any other day they think nothing of disregarding the 30% of US population that’s nonwhite.
Bree Newsome Bass

We spent decades systemically bulldozing the economic center of *every* major Black community in America, funded 90% by the Highway Trust Fund.
Sam Gallaher @samwell224

So why did American cities agree to build inner-city highways that were bad for cities? Spoiler — it involves racism. And corporate greed.
Brent Toderian

I spent a lot of time knocking doors in 2010 and I cannot stress enough that the problem was not that we tried to do major healthcare reform, it was that we produced a complicated law whose benefits had not yet kicked in and that was an absolute beast to explain to casual voters. And a lot of the quirks that made the law such an albatross came out of misguided, ultimately fruitless efforts to compromise with Republicans and keep the price tag down. Let's not do that again!
Leah Greenberg

I’ve always thought that “Vision Zero” was a messaging setback for livable streets advocates. In my opinion, “15 minute city” is much more effective. Can’t focus on just deaths, which are the most grave product of many failed strategies. We need conversation on “HOW” not just “What." More enforcement and cops? Reducing the number of pedestrians and bikes on the street? The problem is that Vision Zero doesn’t really embrace a core strategy — and thus is open to interpretation. This is what made it so appealing in the first place. Zero Traffic deaths HOW? I think advocates assumed that politicians would just embrace livable streets prescriptions by extension of VZ, but anyone who watched NYC over the last 8 years knows that this hasn’t really happened. Too many “drivers: be nice” commercials, too few traffic calming projects.... I much prefer the “15 minute city” paradigm because it better communicates that cities should be human-centered, walkable and bikable… and that a good neighborhood is one where the planning leverages streetscape design, but also zoning/planning mechanisms to create inviting streets... the thing is that if we are successful at implementing 15 minute cities and neighborhoods, then the reduction in traffic deaths and injuries will also come by extension as they’ll be fewer cars on the road. Vision Zero is a metric not a strategy.
Shabazz Stuart

Joe Biden wants Congress to pass an agenda that is very popular with the public. An agenda the country can unify behind. Let’s give Republicans the chance to get behind it, but if they don’t, then we can’t let a bunch of cranky obstructionists stop a popular agenda.
Chris Murphy

The GOP is actively trying to purge its pro-democracy, anti-coup members. We should wonder how much worse the last three months would have been without effective gatekeepers in the rank-and-file. A safe assumption for policymakers is that it will be a lot worse next time.
G. Elliott Morris

Liz Cheney is struggling to remain conference chair (after backing impeachment). McConnell allies had to fight off an anti-McConnell resolution from KY conservatives (he has bashed Trump.) Arizona Republicans passed a resolution attacking Ducey (who certified Trump's loss there.)
Perry Bacon Jr.

It's funny how the same people saying Amy Coney Barrett won't rule a specific way on abortion just because she's Catholic are now endlessly screaming that Joe Biden can't be Catholic unless he stops abortion.
Robin Marty

The biggest lesson of the Hawley profile in the KC Star is that thinking "he's going to be President someday" about a kid should be treated as a warning sign like cruelty to animals is.
Sen. Lemon Gogurt (R - MS)@Ugarles

This is the kind of issue defining that Republicans are so good at. Death tax. Partial birth. Etc. Except in this case it’s accurate and for good. It would be nice to have every Democrat call the #JimCrowFilibuster what it is. Say its proper name.
Anand Giridharadas

Don’t understand why it’s a big deal that Kamala Harris is VP?
Until the red box?  She would have been enslaved.
Until the blue box?  She couldn’t vote.
Until the yellow box? She had to attend a segregated school.
Until the green one? She couldn’t have her own bank account.


Al Gore [bottom row, third from left] was Vice President when marital rape was made illegal in every state.
Deborah Golden

Biden's Chief of Staff says the focus will be on four crises: "the COVID-19 crisis, the resulting economic crisis, the climate crisis, and a racial equity crisis." So why not fill the briefing room with reporters who have expertise in those four things?
Jay Rosen

Trump paid Stormy Daniels about 13 times the amount it costs to buy a Rolex. Just sayin'.

Most voters don’t pay enough attention to have an opinion on the filibuster. But they will *absolutely* have an opinion if the party that is ostensibly in charge fails to actually govern.
Amanda Litman

Republicans are now simply wreckers, nothing more. They'll destroy as much as they can.  Looking to them for "unity" is a hopeless fantasy.
Langdon Winner

One of the problems politically with gas taxes is that they are so legible. Compared to a more opaque tax-like regulation like parking minimums where nobody knows about it and if they do can't figure out what it costs them.
Angie Schmitt

Democrats need to treat this relief package (and their legislative agenda) the way McConnell treats Supreme Court nominations: you do what needs to be done to get it done.
Chris Hayes

Any Senator who votes not to convict Donald Trump is voting in favor of violently overthrowing the United States Government.
Rob Reiner

Young Democrat / Young Republican:

Ron Filipkowski

If you look at what happened from November through January and think it's gonna be easier for black people to vote in 2022 and 24 you are off your bird.

Maybe the guy who refused a hearing for Merrick Garland and then rammed through ACB in 8 days shouldn’t lecture anyone else on the sanctity of Senate norms.
Rep. Steven Woodrow

1. Do not respond to "stupid" or "laughable" criticism of non-traitors because it's "hypocritical" and "ridiculous." They're traitors. They don't care. They just want *you* to change the subject and avoid the great masses of people calling for their execution.
2. *Do* respond to attempts to denigrate the new, non-treasonous president with short, direct refocus on the historic crimes. Example: "Fancy watch!" "I'm sorry, the last president schemed to have Congress murdered and left 400,000 people dead. Did you say something?"
Eric Garland

Biden uses a Peloton to save taxpayers $144,000,000 by not playing golf - how about that for a headline NYTimes?

"We should make streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians by making it more annoying to drive" is one of those things that somehow in the brainworms urban discourse gets framed as a gentrifier issue but is beyond question a racial justice issue. By far the most dangerous state for pedestrians is Florida. No one who's spent any time in Florida is under the illusion that there are white pedestrians in Florida. It's not that complicated.
Jake Anbinder

If America was a child one our parents would run the house, work full time, try to use the right pronouns for our friends and keeps peanuts away from the kid with nut allergies. The other would be an abusive dope addict who claims the government is run by rabbits using microwaves
Daryl Sturgis

You cannot have a maximalist first amendment and a maximalist second amendment at the same time.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

In MANY countries, when there's been a failed coup attempt, those that supported it or were involved in it ARE IMPRISONED OR WORSE. Turkey comes to mind. WTF are Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, 146 House Members, state legislators, & Trump doing walking around free?
Helen Armstrong

"The Party of Personal Responsibility Thinks Everybody Else Deserves Blame For The Coup It Attempted” is why satire is a dead art form
Matt O'Brien @ObsoleteDogma

Narcissists tend to say "everybody" when they mean themselves. As usual with the GOP, it's projection
Dan Tappan

Wary, be wary, of the Sixth of January,
The Freedumb sedition and coup;
The instigators of the Sixth of January,
Should have new bracelet loops.
#ImpeachTrump #GOPSedition

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton says she has 208 co-sponsors for her D.C. statehood bill.
Kyle Griffin

Headlines complaining about Biden’s peloton and Rolex after 4 years of a dude with a literal gold toilet are beyond parody
Laura Bassett

A fun American history fact? And by fun I mean awful, at no point has America actually punished racist violence in a meaningful way. Whether we're talking the Red Summer,  Black Wall Street, the mass theft of Japanese farms during internment, the argument is always "to heal"
Mikki Kendall @Karnythia
please enjoy this cosplay from my sister:


Trump told Georgia Secretary of State to "find 11,780 votes." He tried to oust acting AG & force Georgia lawmakers to void election result. He incited domestic terrorists to storm US Capitol to overturn free & fair election. He must be convicted & barred from public office.
Ari Berman

This early dispute with Canada shows that Biden is going to put meaningful action on climate ahead of pressure from industry, and spend his currency on the world stage to make it happen. We've never had a US president willing to go that far before. This is great news.
Eric Holthaus

I kind of think we need a constitutional amendment to bring the Signified and the Signifier back together.

Extend Medicaid to every family at or below 200% federal poverty level and then allow any families between 201% and 300% to purchase it as a public option with subsidies. Allow families 301% and above federal poverty level to purchase it at per capita spending. Hospitals and doctors can fucking adapt to the lower prices. Plenty of current providers survive on medicaid, and literally every other health system on Earth survives at those rates or lower. I don't give a shit if a doctor has to drive a BMW instead of a Porsche.

Meat production has an enormous greenhouse gas footprint and impact on wildlife, biodiversity and ecosystems. Only 4% of its footprint is from transportation or “food miles.” Eating local does very little to reduce the impact of the meat you eat, which is why we need to eat less
Dr. Jennifer Molidor

This is worth repeating, as it keeps being forgotten. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, WHAT you eat is much more important than WHERE it comes from.
George Monbiot

The impeachment trial is not political spectacle, or an act of revenge. It is a means of showing the American people what really took place on January 6, and, more importantly, how many prominent people were involved—including, of course, Donald John Trump.
Greg Olear

Two simple heuristics:
If your town is arranged weirdly, it's probably racism.
If a government procedure rule makes no logical sense, it's probably racism.

"Is That a Rolex on Biden's Wrist?" - @nytimes"

Dean Barker

who the fuck knew pandemic response legislation was left wing virtue signaling?
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

It’s a shame that Republicans have rejected Joe Biden’s calls for unity. But that is exactly what has happened.
Adam Parkhomenko

Dear Republicans: You lost, get over it.
Dear Democrats: You won, govern.
Things are bad and getting worse and we don't have time for a 2009 redux.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Any society trying to survive having overshot resource limits needs to devote more than half of its energy/activity to earth repair. What’s left over needs to go to reconfiguring everything to function at a lower energy state.

if republicans want unity clarence thomas and samuel alito should resign from the supreme court. that'd be a good gesture.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

I’m retweeting this because it’s important. Reversing four years of Trump won’t be enough. Biden must reverse 40 years of Reagan—specifically Reagan’s fatuous dictum that “government is the problem.” We saw where that led on Jan. 6.
Timothy Noah

Every single Republican Senator using "fair process" to slow-walk impeachment should be reminded of their rush to confirm their Supreme Court Justice nominations and their refusal to allow witnesses during the first impeachment proceeding.
Kurt Bardella

Retweet if you agree Republican Members of Congress setting off metal detectors and not stopping for Capitol Police should immediately be arrested

You can't have housing affordable and no new development. The only way to get affordability is TONS of new development, market rate and subsidized.

Did I miss the memo? Since when did the people who are responsible for committing horrible crimes get to tell the victims of those crimes to "move on" and dictate what the consequences will be for their own actions?
Don Winslow

Who drives cars and who gets hit by cars:

Adrian Pietrzak @zoningwonk

I realize this makes me extremely cranky, but I am so, so tired of religious invocations & prayers at what should be secular government events. Everyone deserves the freedom to exercise their religion. But government should not endorse religion (and, let's be real, Christianity). And I would just say that if you need your religion publicly enforced -- whether that's through blasphemy laws or by getting your back up at the prospect that government events wouldn't feature prayer -- maybe your faith needs more of YOUR attention, not the government's.
Jill Filipovic

There's plenty of room to disagree about communication tactics, but I hope the non-science journalists out there claiming that the public health people are too gloomy read this. Also as just myself, I feel compelled to note that without systems of social and economic support, individual commitments to self-restraint in terrible situations are just too fragile to rely on.
Erin Kissane

Senate Democratss represent 41 million more Americans than GOP but Mitch McConnell wants 21 small state GOP senators representing less than a quarter of population to be able to block laws supported by huge majorities of Americans with filibuster
Ari Berman

Chuck Schumer needs to be as ruthless to help people as Mitch McConnell was to hurt them.
andy lassner

Why you should have a cat:


I would love to see pipeline worker levels of handwringing over the millions of working moms pushed out of the workforce the past year
Amy Westervelt

remember, no smiling, any smiling means you're complicit with the myriad of problems still facing our world, you can only smile once they're all solved

Trump awarded 24 Presidential Medals of Freedom. Only three of them went to women — two golfers and Miriam Adelson.
meg cramer

We’re only two days into the new admin & Republicans are doing an outstanding job of reminding everyone that they are just as awful without Trump.
Bree Newsome Bass

Just want to point out 38th/Chicago and George Floyd Square is not closed. It’s arguable more open than it’s ever been. I see far more people walking around in this few block area than I did prior to May 2020.

So I just watched Amanda Gorman give an interview on PBS where she talks about a white man telling her that her work is "too confident" & I just need a name hon. The aunties need a word with him.
Mikki Kendall @Karnythia

It’s not divisive to call out white supremacy. What’s divisive is to not work to eliminate it.
Cori Bush

Nearly 1 in 5 defendants charged in relation to the attack on the U.S. Capitol have served in the military, an NPR analysis finds. To put that number in perspective, only 7% of all American adults are veterans.

I'm still f^cking angry that a large swathe of a political party attempted a political coup and they are being treated respectfully by so many.
Jeff Hauser

"Unity" in the Republican sense is not calling the cops when your drunken husband breaks your arm again and says he loves you very much.

It's not the "nuclear option" to get rid of the filibuster.  It is returning Senate procedure to where it has been for most of history.  The filibuster is the aberration.  Majority rule is the norm.
David Rothkopf

A beautiful grasshopper:

Nnedi Okorafor, PhD

All the very good executive orders overturning all the very bad executive orders really underscores how much we need a functional congress that has not been hijacked by religious extremism. The thing where what civil rights who has can change at random every four years is BAD.
Racheline Maltese

It’s now confirmed — as suspected, the Trump regime had no vaccine distribution plan whatsoever. Beyond the obvious evidence of willful sabotage, this fact alone should disqualify this malevolent @GOP from ever having control of the federal government.
Fernand R. Amandi @AmandiOnAir

They didn't overthrow democracy in favor of a Christofascist authoritarian state, and we celebrate that. But they tried very hard and very openly, and they came very close, and they'll try again, and we have to acknowledge that.
A.R. Moxon @JuliusGoat

Neoliberalism laid the groundwork for Trumpism but Trumpism is 100% about white supremacy. Can we please retire the economic anxiety & overlooked white working class narratives. Trump did not invent racism, white people were violently racist long before neoliberalism. This post Trump period will be filled to the brim with the cognitive dissonance of the white establishment & people claiming that Trump came outta nowhere while demanding we find common ground with white supremacists.
Bree Newsome Bass

"The key dynamic in U.S. politics right now is political civil war dividing the white middle strata between those who want to be part of a multiracial, inclusive future, and those who fear and refuse that," Theda Skocpol of Harvard told Thomas Edsall
New York Times Opinion

Sneaking this into my lectures on WWII to see if anyone notices:

Terrence Peterson @dr_tgpeterson


Restoring and expanding the Voting Rights Act has to happen in this first two years while there’s a Democratic majority in both houses because we can be certain the GOP will be doing everything in its power to prevent us from having a free and fair election in the midterms.
Bree Newsome Bass

No. History will look back on the Trump presidency and see a linear path from Goldwater to Trump based on elite impunity and racist electoral systems. He will only be significant in the long run if that path ends here rather than continuing to whoever knows 24 or 28.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

I hope a major takeaway for everyone from past 4 years (at least) is the importance of organizing and mobilizing our communities around an agenda based on our needs. Sustaining that energy *is just as necessary* with elected leaders who are amenable to you as w/ ones who oppose you.
Bree Newsome Bass

I wanna be Michelle Obama but I know I’m a Bernie Sanders:


Graham, Hannity et al complain that Demcrats attacked Trump right from the start. True, we thought he'd be a lying, corrupt, cruel, racist, soulless, dangerous demagogue. He was. Since when does vindication require apology?

There’s an Amanda Gorman at every high school you call underperforming, inner city, and/or the G word. Honor. Black. Students. Art.

Joe Biden is the first person in American history to not serve in the White House with another white man.

absolutely wild to once again have a president and vice-president whether we live or die?? feels strange but could get used to it. I can't count the number of times I thought, "he does this because he doesn't care if people die, because he actively WANTS some people to die." just the horrible psychic weight of that knowledge, for four years, my god.
Nicole Chung

Trump no longer controls the nuclear weapons. Whatever you do today, stop every few minutes and remember that.

There is no compromising with Confederates.
Sunrise Movement

Our institutions failed. Our safeguards failed. Our checks and balances failed. Most of our officials failed. The American people did NOT fail. We fought. And against overwhelming odds, we derailed an autocrat. And we will continue to fight for the justice we deserve.
Sarah Kendzior

This speech is an interesting casting aside of the laziest ideas about exceptionalism — that goodness automatically prevails. That wrong cannot ever win.
jelani cobb

It's over.
kar nels

Goodbye, President Trump:

Faces in Things

I get to tell my grandkids and great grandkids (God willing) that I helped to defeat a fascist in office. The world didn’t get better right away and so much more work had to be done - but we did defeat a fascist.
Linda Sarsour
Thing is, it was worse that I imagined. I didn't expect him to separate children from their parents, mishandle a pandemic, or gas protestors for a photo op. I didn't even know what a putsch was. I could go on, but I don't want to be here all day. What angers me most is the wait and see mentality. Let's give Trump a chance. Let's let the virus play out and build herd immunity. Let's let the mob at the Capitol grow unto an uncontrollable force before doing anything. Of course, we can't apply this wait and see mentality to letting asylum seekers in, letting trans people use the bathroom of their gender, making police face consequences, or doing goddamn anything about climate change. Heaven forbid that.
Ryan Dow

So, apart from Cohen, pretty much the only top Trump political ally or campaign aide charged with a crime whom Trump didn't pardon was Rick Gates. He cooperated with Mueller.
Aaron Blake

ICYMI Today a woman from Oakland is getting sworn in as the #VicePresident of the USA by a woman from the Bronx.
Jorge L. Vasquez, Jr.

This morning. I may have this framed:



From the "Only in Oregon" files: A forester planted a bunch of Larch trees in the middle of a Douglas Fir forest, just so this would happen in the fall. Yeah we do interesting things with trees up here:

Let's be clear about this: Trump skipping out is not just rudeness. It's cowardice. Trump is a physical coward. He knows he can't hold up. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he's weak.
Tom Watson

A reminder that the CDC expects the UK variant to become dominant in the entire US by March, a function of immense unnecessary global travel by plane. The privileged people on planes spread disease, and they're less likely to suffer/die than the people/communities they infect.

It truly inspires me that, 50 years later, the U.S. civil rights movement is still so powerful that white supremacists can’t even handle it in history books.
Will Potter (referring to a Jeff Sharlet op-ed about the Trump administrations 1776 Report)

Starting tomorrow, you will start to see some of us criticizing a president we voted for. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.

If you wanted a set piece showing how weak Congress has become relative to the president *and* how cultish the GOP has become towards Trump, you can’t do better than Cheney losing a leadership position because she objected to inciting a mob that attacked the Capitol

History will look back on the Trump presidency & wonder how Americans fell for him, why they tolerated him & his crimes for so long & how slowly they shook it off, even when it was clear it was over. It will seem inexplicable.

If unions didn’t work Amazon wouldn’t be pouring so much time and money into union-busting.
Mike Monteiro

I know it’s a small thing in the context of everything else but multiculturalism is the reason we no longer ban people with names like “Pompeo” from coming here
Adam Serwer

"The mob was fed lies," Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says. "They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. And they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government, which they did not like."
Kaitlan Collins

Federal conspiracy charge against Edward Caldwell, a leader of the Oath Keepers.  First one.  Now we're getting somewhere.  And if you think about, if he's part of a conspiracy, it must be a big one.   Expect many more conspiracy charges, pressure to cooperate, etc.
Harry Litman

In a gesture of healing Rudy Giuliani should be ordered to only appear in public in a dunk tank for the next 12 years.

My daughter (11), who is named for my mom, is PUMPED as all hell for VP Kamala Harris. It matters.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Some distinguish between liberal virtues (compassion, care, fairness, empathy) & conservative virtues (loyalty, duty, obligation, responsibility). It suddenly hit me that what's so extraordinary about Trump is that he conspicuously lacks all of them. He doesn't even invoke them.
Alfie Kohn

Alternate history where Dukakis wins because instead of running on "competence" he promised to "manage the hell out of [America]"
Chris Steller

i believe that many of the calls for unity are indeed heartfelt and not just strategic preening by centrists with no skin in the game. but it takes two to cooperate and only one to defect.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Everyone already knows how they feel. They are the “silent majority” that never shuts the eff up
Tracy Norman

"It's a waste of money!"- at least one dude a week on reddit, throwing something away that was already paid for.
Kari Dru

The ideology of finance is a subset of right-wing thought, defined by Corey Robin (in "The Reactionary Mind") as the belief that some people are born to rule, while the rest are born to be ruled over. This belief has many guises (Dominionism, imperialism, racism, monarchism, fascism, libertarianism) but they all boil down to one thing: eugenics. It's one thing to believe that markets are meritocratic during a moment of dynamism, when the low-born can rise to riches. But when their offspring pull up the ladder and social mobility halts, "meritocracy" becomes hereditary: markets elevate the best people, and the best people are all descended from the wealthy, so the wealthy must be of better stock (cue Trump and his talk of "good blood"). But eugenics made a comeback under another guise: the "human capital theory," which holds that markets reward us in proportion to our value to society, and thus the CEO is paid 10,000x more than the janitor because the CEO provides 10,000x more value to the human project.
Cory Doctorow

From the "Only in Oregon" files: A forester planted a bunch of Larch trees in the middle of a Douglas Fir forest, just so this would happen in the fall. Yeah we do interesting things with trees up here:

Airplanista @Av8rdan

In 1760s Virginia the future Founding Father and planter Richard Henry Lee forced his slaves to march around a courthouse carrying banners protesting the "chains of slavery" of the Stamp Act. Maybe history just seems like slander when you are used to glorifying slave owners without contest.
Liam Hogan @Limerick1914 (responding to the 1776 Report)

You've really got to read the 1776 report, not just summaries. The writing is so much worse than you think. It's like some twisted kind of performance art: how many plodding, pedestrian, ham-handed cliches can you pile atop one another? The authoritarian mind is so plain, so utterly without aesthetic spark. It's not funny, or curious, or empathetic, or piercing. It is utterly blind to irony & contingency. There's a reason anyone who creates anything-- writers, artists, scholars, entrepreneurs --is a Dem now. Fascists aren't funny.
David Roberts

People like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Madison Cawthorn being elected is even further evidence that Dems did not rig the election.
Sheryl @sherylreb

The filibuster was accidentally invented by Aaron Burr, was barely used at all until racists used it to block civil rights legislation, and it was waived for Trump's nominees, including 1/3rd of the Supreme Court. It exists today solely for Republican partisan advantage. Kill it.
Max Kennerly

Scoop: Justice Democrats, Sunrise Movement & New Deal Strategies are circulating a new memo urging Biden to push to ditch the filibuster. They caution against reconciliation because it “relegates critical issues” like civil rights to “second-class status.”
Holly Otterbein

My favorite thing about the 1776 Commission is how it declares there is a single great patriotic history that we all must adhere to but then accuses its *critics* of engaging in forced reeducation
Steven White @notstevenwhite

Telling workers they are essential while also arguing they deserve to be poor is uniquely American
Lauren McKenzie @TheMcKenziest

At Starbucks, we were instructed to throw away all the sandwiches/salads/protein plates at the end of the day. No, you can't take them home. No, you can't donate them. Throw them away. We considered it "theft" and you would be fired if you didn't toss them. Multiply by 31,256.

The real function of commodified food system is to generate scarcity in the food supply while rationalizing over exploitation of landscapes. It is based on the exclusion from the commons.

Trump started his presidency with his travel ban — insisting on “extreme vetting” of people coming to the U.S. from Muslim countries. His presidency ends with the FBI conducting “extreme vetting” to make sure the U.S. National Guard doesn’t include his lunatic followers.
Asha Rangappa

Watch out for new legislation from both the GOP and the Democrats that use the Capitol attack to further criminalize protests and "rioting."  Any type of new anti-protest bill will unfairly be used to crack down on civil rights movements in the future. Don't fall for it.
Garrison Davis @hungrybowtie

I get the interest in cults but I’m already bored of the qanon thinkpieces. its just white supremacy as religion. that’s literally it. i feel like we should hear more about the people who have to live in fear of the terrorists. and not more about the terrorists
Marcus H. Johnson

I am just so furious that “solutions” to the pandemic continue to involve downloading extra financial and other burdens onto individual citizens instead of holding governments accountable. “Everyone should get their groceries delivered” is shitty advice because it’s impossible
Anne Thériault

South Dakota has received 7.724 billion dollars in farm subsidies since 1995. That's a lot of lunches.
Kevin Gannon @TheTattooedProf

Graham tried to tamper with the georgia election. he should also be expelled.
Noah Berlatsky

The beautiful colours of the rose finch!

A Book of Rather Strange Animals (Photo: @claspaoni)

Our government and institutions are riddled with fascists. That we cannot rest comfortably that a person who won a legal and fair election can be sworn in without a treasonous coup or orgy of violence is a damning indictment.
Jared Yates Sexton

I never hear concerns about how the McDonald’s CEO making $18,012,549 per year might drive up the price of a Big Mac.

Pence thinks Trump should get credit for not getting America into another war. Did he not notice Trump spent four years waging war on America?
Steven Beschloss

... not to be "divisive" or incendiary and I'm not saying we haven't made any progress
But over the next couple of days, you're gonna hear a lot about King's "Dream" and how far we've come.
All I'm saying is that you should remember that EVERY criticism you hear now
Is the same stuff they told Dr. King when he was alive.
And the reason we have a long way to go is not because we aren't trying
It's because the SAME ARGUMENTS are being used to stop us.
They are ALWAYS wrong.
Michael Harriot

I once bought a cheap off-brand thesaurus. Not only was it terrible, it was terrible!

There's a legend building among the non-deadend Trumpers, that Trump had a decent record before some arbitrary date: before the election, before the pandemic. It needs to be stressed that Trump was a crook, charlatan, bigot, thug, and incompetent from the start to the end.
David Frum

In '98 I worked at Wendys and made $7.25—the current federal min wage. A medium #6 combo after taxes came out to $4.45. Today that same combo runs you over $9.00. So when you say doubling the minimum wage will double prices, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about lmao.

We need to remind ourselves and everyone else again and again and again that this whole horrible episode happened entirely because most of the Republican party spent ten weeks backing a campaign of what they KNEW were lies abt the 2020 election. 100%. They knew. And here we are.
Josh Marshall

People flipping burgers make a more meaningful contribution to the economy than people flipping properties

“Online misinformation about election fraud plunged 73% after several social media sites suspended President Trump and key allies last week”
Jesse Lehrich (citing a Washington Post article)

I don't think it would be hard to draw up that list right now. In fact, I think I might, and set it aside until after the vote.
Robert Moffitt @justplainbob

Claiming White supremacy is about ignorance instead of power allows powerful White folks to get away with their support for it. They don’t fear our ideas. They fear our power.
Phillip Atiba Goff

bitcoin is the logical end of capitalism in that it has managed to remove every intermediary step between extractive environmental devastation and private profit under the false auspices of a more democratic power structure

Let's not let it be lost that deplatforming Trump from Twitter is already making a huge, noticeable difference in our political climate.
David Roberts

Symptom of living in good neighborhood: you enjoy ‘taking a walk’. No destination. Alone, or not. Physical and mental health. Happiness.

A gorgeous blue carpenter bee! (Photo: Ayim Mushahril):

A Book of Rather Strange Animals

Over a hundred countries have abolished the death penalty while America chooses to execute a black man on MLK’s birthday. F*n savages. #SaveDustinHiggs
Adnan Khan @akhan1437

I don’t know who needs to hear this but blue lives don’t matter to white nationalists/supremacists. Blue lives only matter to them when the police use their authority to abuse and oppress black and brown people.
Jemele Hill

Trump placed open white nationalists all throughout his admin from the beginning and we — mainstream media, polite society — normalized that and we should all be absolutely appalled. Trump was always a vessel for much more sinister groups tht we make-believed were a small fringe.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

I would absolutely love to see an analysis that looks at how often over the past four years the media interviewed white supremacists vs how often they interviewed people who experienced white supremacist violence.

A good idea coming out of the Trump years would be to invest in white collar law enforcement and prosecutions *before* the gangsters take over the federal government. Like broken windows theory for rich people.
Matthew Yglesias

why do marvel movies need 3 hours to accomplish what the powerpuff girls did in 11 minutes

This is the part that frustrates me about minimum wage arguments. There is no such thing as unskilled labor. We only talk about workers that way when we don't want to pay them.
Mikki Kendall @Karnythia

They weren’t burger flippers when everyone was locked down for quarantine. They were heroes and essential workers. Then the subject of money comes up and they’re societies lowest again.

Hey let’s pay *everyone* a living wage for their work and make wage gaps smaller and stop pretending that how much someone gets paid is some kind of indication of the moral value of them or their work rather than a result of enduring inequality and oppression in our society
Katie Mack @AstroKatie

SOUL is a movie about the consequences of improper temporary traffic control devices at an active construction site.

To sum up: Fox's top advertiser, the linchpin of the network's primetime commercial breaks, was at the White House urging the president to do a self-coup to stay in power.
Matthew Gertz

I always imagine novelists waking up and being like "I need to write 5000 words today. More if possible," and then I always imagine poets being like "Whew, seeing that bird this morning really took it outta me."

My simplest argument as to why Trump was to blame above any other person for what happened on the 6th: If he had conceded the election like all other candidates have since 1876 and told his supporters that Biden was legitimately elected, none of it would have happened.

BLM: please don’t kill us for rolling through a stop sign.
Conservatives: we should win the election even if we get far fewer votes.
Ok, I’ve listened to both sides, and am prepared to make a judgement on which is valid.

There’s a weird thing where Veterans vote like 55% for the GOP 45% for Dems, but the media thinks Veterans are like 90% GOP and therefore refuse to cover any Vets identifying as left-leaning because they think it’s “not representative,” thereby contributing to the misperception.
Alexander McCoy

I just saw someone refer to Marjorie Taylor Greene as "Klan of Green Gables" and there has never been a more perfect insult.
Kendall Brown

Dear New York Times: Where are the DAILY feature articles about the multi-racial, interfaith, inter-generational coalition of 81,000,000+ Americans that is sending Biden-Harris to the White House in 6 days? Don’t you need to understand us better? Love, 81,000,000-+ American voters
Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

I’m so sick of seeing Christians in America claim persecution. You aren’t being persecuted for loving Jesus you are being held accountable for not acting like him.
Mariah Lee

Just a reminder that the violence and destruction during the BLM protests that everyone is equivocating to the coup attempt was largely caused by the same Right Wing interlopers who attempted a coup. And now, here we are, the Right is actually using the white supremacist violence during BLM to defend a literal murderous coup. It needs restated. We have a fascist problem in this country. Denying it only makes it stronger.
Jared Yates Sexton

It's pretty wild to go back to the RNC and summer Trump ads and they are almost *entirely* about the Biden mobs that are being unleashed on America and will overrun it if he wins.
Chris Hayes

citing your IQ instantly and utterly disqualifies you from being smart
Saladin Ahmed

"If you impose consequences on Republicans for good reasons, we'll impose consequences on Democrats for no reason" is an argument for imposing consequences on Republicans.
Alexandra Erin

In the same way that you might begin an interview with a pro forma, "this is on the record," or "how do you spell your name?" journalists (and talk show bookers) should set the ground rules with, "Very quickly before we start: who was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election?"
Jay Rosen

After a white supremacist killed 17 people in the Parkland school shooting, Florida’s Republican legislators required every school in the state to have a police officer. School arrests increased 9%, citations by 33%, Black kids disproportionately harmed.
Samuel Sinyangwe

JANUARY 13 below here

Republicans are 1000% more interested in removing Liz Cheney from a House leadership role for standing up against a Trumpist insurrection than in removing Trump for inciting that insurrection
Seth Abramson

3/4 of the impeachments in American history:

William D. Adler

Compromising with white supremacists in 1877 killed Reconstruction and our country has never recovered from it.  100+ years later and people still want us to compromise with white supremacists.
Dexter Cumberbatch

The personal safety argument doesn’t come close to justifying the 197 non-impeachment votes in the House. A person too fearful to vote their conscience should resign immediately. You’ve just told the nation’s enemies that a well-placed threat can compromise your vote.
jelani cobb

When Republicans forced Amy Coney Barrett through to SCOTUS like a fist through a straw before RBG was cold in her grave, did it incite people to violence? Was there any insurrection? No. Because the violent element in US politics is the fascist Republican Party.
Bree Newsome Bass

No president in US history has successfully united the country in a commitment to multiracial democracy. That’s why we’re here. What folks call unity in the past were gentlemen’s agreements among wealthy white men who allowed some degree of structural racial oppression.
Bree Newsome Bass

The surge in massive vehicles on our streets is also a reason why pedestrian deaths continue to climb in the U.S.:

Alex Burns

It’s truly stunning how a president who was impeached twice and lost popular vote twice appointed a third of Supreme Court and a fourth of federal judiciary
Ari Berman

The United States murdered a woman last night so severely mentally ill she did not know *where she was, had no concept of *why she would be executed, and didn’t even understand that she *would be executed. If for no other reason (and there are many), we must #AbolishTheDeathPenalty.
Scott Hechinger

Republicans who stole Supreme Court seat and confirmed another justice 8 days before election when 65 million had already voted, then tried for 2 months to overturn a free & election that culminated in violent coup, don't get to lecture Dems about unity, healing or democratic norms
Ari Berman

The road to widespread car dependence is paved with good intentions.

“The only way forward is a multiracial democracy that fights for the economic rights of all people and the civil rights of all people. Period."
"They would rather see our country burn than to see them be shoulder to shoulder, equal, to others." –AOC
Justice Democrats

Shorter most of the GOP: we can’t impeach the President bc if we do the terrorists he incited might assassinate us.

Republicans making the “why are we rushing this?!” argument while an armed regiment of the national guard sits on the floor just outside the chamber...
Morgan Hook

Stop saying there was a peaceful transfer of power when Republicans incited a violent coup to storm Capitol to overturn a free and fair election
Ari Berman

Lay it all at the feet of your Republican friends and associates, from the baby caging, to the insurrection, the white supremacy and the manatee harm. All of it. They enabled it all.
D.A. Bullock @BullyCreative

Everyone tweeting "1776" and "1984" is really tweeting "1861."
Hans Noel

New rule: If you brought us to this point by peddling The Big Lie, you don’t get to preach about “healing” and “unity.” Healing and unity always require truth and accountability.
Rep. Jason Crow

I have been listening to Teach for America for 30 years. I debated Wendy Kopp at Aspen Ideas Festival in 2011. She claimed TFA was closing the achievement gap. Not true then or now.
Diane Ravitch

Quite the front page of tomorrow's @TheNewEuropean:

Martyn McLaughlin

Just so we’re all clear, Trump committed impeachable offenses from the time he was sworn in. What changed is he became a mortal threat to figures of the white elite.
Bree Newsome Bass

"Starting McDonald’s in Denmark is about $22 an hour...[with] six weeks of paid vacation a year, life insurance, a year’s paid maternity leave and a pension plan. And like all Danes, they enjoy universal medical insurance and paid sick leave."
Waleed Shahid

Entries for the racist translator:
"law and order" = white supremacy
"call for unity" = white privilege and no accountability
"patriot" = white supremacist
"economic anxiety" = racial anxiety
"stop the steal" = stop equality

what idiot called it Parler and not MeinSpace
Saladin Ahmed

When do the words "double standard" become meaningless? Because they're an understatement. While our Muslim clients get force-fed pork, the guy who led an insurrection is getting fed an organic shaman diet. This is what #WhitePrivilege looks like.

The GOP claim that normal political means are unavailable (impeachment, for example) because of the threat of more violence is itself a surrender to the violence, at best. At worst, it is leveraging the violence for political ends.
David Kurtz @TPM_dk

If you’re enjoying the calls for unity by Republicans who’ve backed Trump to the hilt, just wait till we get to the calls for fiscal austerity by Republicans who spent the Trump years voting for trillions in deficit-financed tax cuts...
Ezra Klein

Once @drcarlhart taught me to be intentional about not saying “privilege” when I meant “power” and “disparities” when I meant “discrimination,” I never looked back. White power is violence. Discrimination is violence. Get the language right.
Kirsten West Savali

The vaccine rollout is so typical of this country's approach to delivering public goods. A decentralized and underfunded patchwork of organizations tasked with moving mountains by a federal government motivated primarily by a fanatical fear of the wrong people receiving benefit.
Rian Watt

We are witnessing the results of decades of America refusing to confront the open aggression that white supremacy evokes, the excuses made for it, the coddling of it, even as it took hold of first one and then the other American political party. Now we have white power terrorism.
Joy Reid

That every action by Biden/Harris and D’s in Congress will be seen as “leveraging the situation” vs outrage at our sick reality and an attempt to repair it ... I reject this. This argument is another symptom of the problem and an attempt to stop change.

Remember when they call for unity; this man was outraged because Colin Kaepernick ‘disrespected’ The American Flag:


Sheldon Adleson leaves behind the modern GOP and the Trump presidency as, by far, his most important legacies.
Chris Hayes

With the benefit of hindsight, would you say that the Nuremberg Trials were divisive ?
John Cleese

Gonna be a lot of schadenfreude about the insurrectionists' treatment by police and jails. I get it. But please know that this is part of the struggle against the carceral system. If it's cool to do bad things to people you don't like...our society will do that to Black people.
Phillip Atiba Goff

Who is more deluded & unselfaware? Vote!
1. "You're emotional, I'm rational" guy.
2. "You're partisan, I see both sides" guy.
3. "You're in a bubble, I'm independent" guy.
4. "You're ideological, I just respond directly to facts" guy.
David Roberts

There is no such thing as an "armed protest." That is not what a protest is. The word you are looking for is "assault."
Sam Bergman @violanorth

You can pinpoint a lot of different moments, but when Kellyanne Conway said “alternative facts” and everything didn’t come to a standstill at that moment, it was only an accelerated downhill journey from there.
Bree Newsome Bass

Keep in mind: Hitler launched the campaign of lies and evil that brought the Holocaust in an age when the Internet was yet to be even dreamed of. The century-long reign of racial terror directed at Black people in the South was not an artifact of social media. In other words, keep your eye on the central malignancy in this  story line
Brent Staples

One major cause of Trumpism: money laundering. Trump has made much of his money over the past decade helping third-tier oligarchs launder their money. This was money stolen from the people of Azerbaijan, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, etc.
Adam Davidson

It amazes me that they thought they could fly to DC, sleep in a hotel, stage a riot/insurrection, go back to the hotel, drink in the bar, sleep overnight, then fly back home - like it was no different than a trip to Comic-Con.  These people have no idea of the hell they unleashed

Somewhere in the reckoning of the Trump era we need to revisit how much folks fawned over these two violent white women, Melania and Ivanka Trump, purely because of their physical appearance & ability to engage in performative white femininity.
Bree Newsome Bass

When Twitter banned Trump I thought it was a face-saving move. But their rationale was oddly precise. Then Google and Apple banned Parler. Then Amazon kicked it off the open web. They’re not scared of boycotters. They’re scared their services are being used to organize an attack.
Brian Beutler

who could've anticipated this problem in a country that has organized the provision of its public goods around the principle that preventing a single "wrong" person from receiving a benefit is more important than ensuring all the "right" people do????
Sam Adler-Bell

Americans only love the college experience because it's the only time in their lives they live in walkable communities

Saying that impeaching Trump will hamper Biden's agenda is saying that holding Trump accountable and stopping future Trumps is not part of Biden's agenda. It should be.
Jeet Heer

It seems silly to suggest we’re on the brink of *another* civil war when it’s so painfully obvious that today’s Supremacists are still gunning for a do-over of the last one.
julie kearns @juliejunket

They are trying to slap a Native man with 17 years in prison for supposedly grabbing a police shield during the Black Hills protest. This guy is taking pictures with one:

Lucas Brown Eyes

“The theocratic anti-science politicians spread disease to colleagues as they cowered in a secure location while terrorists scoured the Capitol searching for leaders to hang and the president forbade the National Guard from deploying.” –A History of 2021, p. 98.
David M. Perry @Lollardfish

Republicans have reduced “peace” to only mean white comfort, protection of white supremacy, unchecked authority and unaccountability.
LaTosha Brown

I want to share some new words with our leaders.
"Shouldn't," "be," "it," and "is"
Here's how you can use these in a sentence:
"This shouldn't be America, but it is"
Here are two more nifty words to add.
"wish wasn't"
Used in a sentence:
"I wish this wasn't America, but it is"
Feel free to try these new words out.
Chenjerai Kumanyika

Immigrants appreciate the US and the principles it's founded on far more than the entitled white ruralites who claim to own it.
David Roberts

I can’t stop thinking about the 147 House Republicans and 6 Senators who still voted to overturn the election just hours after the attack. It’s every bit as sociopathic and un-American as anything Trump has done. And we should do whatever we can to end their political careers.
Jon Favreau

Republicans acted madder for longer when someone was impolite to Sarah Sanders at a Red Hen. Because that’s just what it always is - an act.
Ben Rhodes

Terrorists ransacked the US Capitol and *hours later* 138-of-202 (68%) House republicans voted to make trump a dictator. Nothing they say about unity is worth a nickel. They tried to finish the rioters’ job and end democracy.
Bill Pascrell, Jr.

This photo. Credit: Ashley Gilbertson/VII, for The New York Times:

Steve Mullis

Amazon, Apple, Google have no legal obligation to host Parler. But what’s the likelihood they would’ve removed Parler if Trump had won a second term? This strikes me as problematic.
ian bremmer

We don't need unity with fascists. We need unity against fascists.
Max Berger

The conservative politicians who are calling for unity right now wouldn't even support unity over a free & fair election in which Trump's own former Attorney General said there wasn't widespread fraud. They didn't even support that unity after the failed coup.
David Darmofal

Imagine thinking humans have a right to Twitter but not to healthcare.
Erin Beck @3littleredbones

"Healing" is also the language of white supremacy. This country doesn't need to heal. It needs to fucking CHANGE.

So let me get this straight: Republicans in Congress wanted to impeach Obama for passing the Affordable Care Act, but they don't want to impeach Trump for inciting an insurrection?
Robert Reich

Your gentle reminder that the Spanish Civil War was caused by fascists rising up against a democratically elected government because the left had come back into power and were undoing the damage done by the outgoing right-wing administration.
Cari Luna

If Americans really want divided government, all they have to do is elect Democrats.
Unite in justice for the poor and oppressed
David Roberts

The entire world order of the past half millennia has been organized around ideological white supremacy. We will be hard pressed to find a single action that in and of itself will defeat white supremacy. Judging anything by that standard is an impossibly high bar.
Bree Newsome Bass

I will admit that I thought people on the right would at least *pretend* to care more about the fact a MAGA mob killed a cop.
Chris Hayes

In every white supremacist context, there’s BIPOC who try to get everyone in the room and there’s BIPOC who want to be the only one in the room. AOC is the former, T*d Cr*z is the latter.
anthony c. ocampo, ph.d.

White supremacy exists to hoard resources on a finite planet. That’s exactly what the Trump Administration’s climate policy was during his time in office.
Eric Holthaus

I'm a therapist... Soooo much of our "mental health" problems stem from the fact that in the last 40 years-ish education, health care, and property costs have skyrocketed while salaries are flat, and people feel like failures for not being able to keep up.
Tom Andre

Hey, ummm academic law twitter, this is gonna get uncomfortable, but we really, really, really need to address the way that law schools elevate and embolden white supremacist students by treating their overt racism as intellectual discourse.
Mallory Langston @primnimproper_

If impeaching Trump would "further divide the country," as Republicans claim, then what did the GOP think challenging Biden's election win would do?
Kyle Griffin

I really hate when you Americans says dumb things like "this is not the Third World." Why do you think it's acceptable somewhere else? And if your govt stopped stealing shit, the "Third World" would be first and you would be last. That day will come sooner than you think.

How is everything so incredibly scary and also so INCREDIBLY STUPID at the same time?
Sarah Mackey

US employers cut 140,000 jobs in December, according to the latest jobs report. Women accounted for all the losses, losing 156,000 jobs, while men gained 16,000.
The US economy lost 140,000 jobs in December. All of them were held by women
The economic recovery is backtracking, and women — particularly women of color — are bearing the brunt of the job losses.

hmm deactivating a twitter account is a chilling precedent.
an actual chilling precedent:


I just want to point out that the White House seems to be mobilizing faster in response to Trump’s Twitter account being removed than they did to the violent insurrection Trump incited at the Capitol on Wednesday.
Olivia Nuzzi

Republicans confirmed Amy Coney Barrett 8 days before election but say you can’t impeach Trump 12 days before inauguration
Ari Berman

Have a thought for Ivanka and Jared.  They thought they were on Dynasty and the God Emperor was going to name them his heirs apparent. Turns out they were on Duck Dynasty
catherine liu

The next time somebody leads a bloody coup attempt against the United States government, maybe the U.S. government should punish them before Twitter and Facebook do.
Keith Boykin

I'm old enough to remember when members of congress waited until AFTER they were seated to be charged with crimes.

This is what happens when your entire media apparatus treats white supremacy as an idea to be debated rather than a movement to be defeated.
Shabazz Stuart

20 years ago, being a moderate in the Republican Party meant being mildly pro-choice or being somewhat more open to social spending or something like that. Now it means thinking Democrats are allowed to win elections.
Steven White @notstevenwhite

worth remembering that sitting Republican lawmakers -- many of the ones who are now saying it would be "divisive" to punish a literal putsch directed by Trump -- were openly discussing impeaching Clinton on Day 1 had she won the election.

If you ever want to make me laugh, make me read about the natural virility of white men.
Tressie McMillan Cottom

I believe the last president to skip his incumbent's inauguration was Andrew Johnson -- incompetent,  impeached, sympathetic to Confederate traitors -- so this is pretty fitting.
Kevin M. Kruse

"This is OUR house" they shouted as they looted, vandalized, and smeared feces in the halls.
Tom Tomorrow

A criminal president who twice lost the popular vote and incited an insurrectionist mob after failing to overturn an election has appointed a third of the Supreme Court and a fourth of the federal judiciary
Ari Berman

MAGA 2016: fuck your feelings
MAGA 2021: make delicate, sensitive love to my feelings
Tom Tomorrow

JUST IN: 2020 was the hottest year in recorded history, tied with 2016:

Eric Holthaus

The Confederate flag breaching the United States capitol for the first time in history within 24 hours of Georgia electing its first Black senator is not a coincidence
Darrell Owens @IDoTheThinking

The greatest cynics all began as the greatest optimists.
LDR @GeniusLR

Republican leaders aren't stupid. They knew that:
- lying repeatedly about voter fraud would enrage people;
- calling media "the enemy of the people" would lead to attacks on journalists;
- telling people to march on the Capitol would lead to exactly that.
They knew.
Andrew Stroehlein

If you’re a Nazi and you’re fired it’s your fault! [clap clap]
If you’re a Nazi and you’re fired it’s your fault! [clap clap]
When you’re spotted in the mob
And you lose your fucking job
If you’re a Nazi and you’re fired it’s your fault! [clap clap]

If you’re a fascist and you’re maced that’s on you! [clap clap]
If you’re a fascist and you’re maced that’s on you! [clap clap]
When you try to stage a coup
But you haven’t got a clue
If you’re a fascist and you’re maced that’s on you! [clap clap]

My kids, 10 and almost 13, echoed what a lot of other US kids have been quoted as saying: Although yesterday was scary, it wasn't as weird to them as it was to us, because they've seen a steady rise in unpredictable chaos for as long as they've been aware of politics.
Anne Barnard

"I don't feel sorry for congress at all. Oh, I'm sorry, did you have to hide under your desk because of guns? Wah wah wah. I've only had to do that six times since kindergarten. School is terrifying. Maybe now they'll pass gun reform." - one of my 9th grade students, today
Alisa Valdés-Rodríguez, M.S.

I'm 36 years old. The two other times in my lifetime that a Republican administration committed serious crimes—Iran-Contra and torture—nothing happened. We looked forwards, not back, etc. It's not good enough. How will elites learn there are consequences if there never are any?
Matt O'Brien @ObsoleteDogma

Meanwhile, a current Metro D.C. police officer on the scene yesterday said in a public Facebook post that off-duty police officers and members of the military, who were among the rioters, flashed their badges and I.D. cards as they attempted to overrun the Capitol.
Natasha Bertrand

By the same token, it is a category error to treat civil unrest, however damaging, as equivalent to a mob incited by the chief executive to disable the seat of the national legislature at the moment of a transition of power to a political rival.

So after ruining our democracy, Facebook is gonna ruin our pandemic response by hosting 45,000 “you can’t trust vaccines” pages
Angie Schmitt

JANUARY 6 and the insurrection below this

Can’t stop thinking about that photo of a man strolling through the US Capitol with a Confederate flag over his shoulder the day after voters in Georgia elected the first Black and first Jewish person from the state to serve in the Senate. The metaphor was almost too on the nose.
Clint Smith

In the span of 24 hours Black Americans voted to save our democracy and a white violent mob tried to destroy it.
Bryce Tache

To not even wear a mask when it would protect your identity while committing crimes is so fucking funny
Kafka, Esq. @metalgearobama

The image of the black Capitol workers cleaning up behind white supremacist thugs who attempted a coup just a couple of ours ago is almost more than heart can take.
Keenan Austin Reed @CapitolK_Aus

98 House Republicans voted to disfranchise the Arizona electorate tonight. After this white insurrection, which was supposed to sober up the lawmakers.

How is it that police are "prepared" to shoot Black children on sight but are not prepared to secure the Capitol from white supremacist terrorists?

Breh I’ve been on hiatus from social media with limited news intake past couple weeks & I was aware Trump issued a call for his rabid supporters to mob the capital. Anyone saying they couldn’t predict this would happen is either lying or too incompetent to be in charge of security.
Bree Newsome Bass

The seditious six. [Cruz, Hawley, Hyde-Smith, Kennedy, Marshall, Tuberville]
Phillip Atiba Goff

Think of how obvious and true this is for Liz Cheney to say [Trump is responsible] & then remember not a single (?) MNGOP leader has done anything even close to this. Even if they only wanted to score political points you’d think someone would own this space. And they haven’t. That’s how terrible they are.
Matt Privratsky

Here's the spot where the tweets would go that I posted on the day of the Capitol insurrection and the Georgia election. See that other post about January 6 here.

Our numbers [in Minnesota] on hospitalization and death are back down from the scary late Nov/early Dec peaks. But I suspect we’re about to do the thing where we take away the rules that got us here and see what happens.
Maggie Koerth

Psst hey kid. Wanna see a whole society fail the marshmallow test? Over and over?
Tim Maly @doingitwrong (referring to

The extra irony is that we are also failing on the resource scarcity thing that undermines those original marshmallow test findings in the first place. If we had ways of supporting people through a crisis, “eating the marshmallow” would stop being the logical choice. This analogy may be a bit tortured, but, here’s the deal: the marshmallow test turned out to be less of a measure of innate ability to put off gratification and more a test of which kids could trust adults and also knew that wasn’t their only chance at a sweet. Likewise, the infernal calculus of COVID reopening would be a lot different if people weren’t desperate for the money they earn at jobs that dl endanger themselves and the community right now.
Maggie Koerth

JANUARY 5 BELOW THIS (January 6 is above this)

Somebody found this Corgi puppy laid out in a shop surrounded by claret. They thought he'd been attacked and was hurt and bleeding... It turns out he'd eaten and entire jar of jam and passed out on the floor in a sugar crash:


Realized today that my inchoate political rage has no ongoing viable target, which was weirdly liberating/reassuring
Adam Miller @ajm6792

Cannot stop thinking about how researchers put a zoonotic disease laboratory in a place where a lot of zoonotic disease crossovers were happening and now conspiracists are like "what are the chances a zoonotic disease could have come from a place right near this lab??"
Maggie Koerth

So let me guess this straight....any sort of liberal-leaning protest is now automatically Antifa now right? That’s what’s happening.
@MeggieBaer (commenting on a legal protest on the sidewalk outside Josh Hawley's house)

Car registrations are up 76% in Manhattan & 45% in Brooklyn. But it's this that should shock you: there are 3 million on-street mostly free parking spaces in NYC. If each space is 9'x18', that's 486 million square feet or 13.3 Central Parks worth of space.
Costa Samaras

When the mob buys a judge they do what they're told. Trump assumed appointing one would work the same way.

I'm not an environmentalist. I'm not vegan and I don't dream of hiking pristine landscapes untouched by humanity. Im a climate justice organizer because I love humanity. The Earth belongs to everyone. We can use natural riches to make our world livable, to make all life possible.
Alex O'Keefe @_dotgov

The pandemic offers a crucial lesson for how not to respond to the climate crisis: hubris, denialism and delay is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.
Jason Hickel

lmao remember when Ivanka was gonna give us childcare?????? the crazy thing is, if Ivanka hadn't been such a grifting head of hair, we could have begun to fix the childcare problem in America, because she had the political mandate
Lyz Lenz

Car models with the most DUI’s. (via @pkedrosky):

Carl Quintanilla

Trump is mad and thinking, “Y’all stole the election for Brian Kemp, how come y’all can’t steal it for me? You know how to do it.” Raffensperger is like, “We TRIED boss. We counted 4 times. We even wrongly purged 200,000 voters. We did everything we could. They out organized us.
LaTosha Brown

I'm only half-joking when I say they should recruit vets to help give the vaccine. On any given vaccine clinic day, I can get 60+ patients done in 2 hours, and that's patients trying to bite me.
Mark Primiano @Doctor1Hundred

Turns out the biggest threat to national security weren’t Muslims or Mexicans but Republicans
Dr. Ambereen Dadabhoy

Jobs were lost when Auschwitz closed.
Bill Griffith (replying to a NYT story on petroleum engineering students facing an uncertain future)

Let's all remember, the only reason this election wasn't stolen is that a few key Republican state officials chose country over party. The GOP will spend the next few years working to purge any such officials & then take another run at it.
David Roberts

Seems to me that if you found a country that was more about power than democracy, then it’s not shocking when people are so willing to suspend democracy in order to preserve power.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

Fascinating to note that President Eisenhower tried to stop urban expressways once he realized they were in the plan that flew under his name. Their detrimental impact on the fabric of cities was evident immediately.
Jennifer Keesmaat

Jesus said he would return within one generation. Paul thought the same. They started a long tradition of Christian leaders making wrong predictions.

UK take. Can also add pollution, climate change, serious injuries, inefficient use of space, etc.


When the story of this election is written, let it reflect that white Republicans attempted to torpedo democracy largely because black/brown people stepped up to save this democracy. When we vote, they lose power and they don’t like it. Honestly, they can all fuck off.
Jemele Hill

If your understanding of structural oppression is limited to the ways you're oppressed and you don't want to go beyond that, then you're not ready for this journey.

Senate Republicans: It's not our job to hear any evidence as part of an impeachment trial.
Also Senate Republicans: It's 100% our job to introduce our own evidence to second-guess slates of electors that were duly certified by the states.
Steve Vladeck

White people opting out of diverse public schools. No one wants to talk about this in Cleveland. Hits too close to home for too many folks. You know who is the worst about this? Moms. Moms and their “good schools” discussions. It starts as soon as you conceive. Tremendous energy goes into avoiding diverse public schools. To the extent that foundations and philanthropy have involved themselves in this issue they have only encouraged it by pushing a “school choice” model imo.
Angie Schmitt

Just seen people discussing how bicycles are elitist because you have to store them, and am more horrified than ever at the normalisation of hand-outs to motorists
Ian Walker

remember when everyone was like "new york has MASS GRAVES from c*vid" and then it turned out those were just the regular everyday mass graves that they throw all the dead homeless people in and everyone shut up about it?

It's just swell how Republicans file one frivolous suit after another in a futile bid to end American democracy and face no consequences, but if my clients invoke their right to trial and lose, the judge tacks on extra prison time and scolds them for "wasting court resources."

Cities need to do things to prevent reckless driving. If they’re not really gonna enforce driving violations (and I don’t blame them for that), we need to be building physical infrastructure to protect people. It can’t just be a free for all.
Angie Schmitt

Well-engineered, properly spaced, smooth, sinusoidal speed humps like this one in Portland pose no problem for bikes or cars traveling the speed limit but give faster cars a jolt:

Queen Anne Greenways

It’s stupid that in the US we have a higher tolerance for curb-jumping vehicles than bollards.
Angie Schmitt

Ask a socialist why they hate capitalism, and they'll give you a myriad of reasons.
Ask a capitalist why they hate socialism and they'll describe capitalism.
Logan, Socialist of the Corn

FUN FACT: You can be 100% batshit crazy and not lose your license to practice law in the US.

We don't talk enough about how zoning basically exists to perpetuate economic apartheid.

Detroit is going to install 4,500 speed humps in 2021 for less than $12 million. Name a more efficient way to address a serious problem like speeding across and entire relatively densely populated city. (I’ll wait)
Angie Schmitt

This authoritarian movement will outlast the Trump presidency because Republicans still want a corrupt, white supremacist theocracy.
Anna Lind-Guzik

2 House Republicans tell me they expect as of now that at least 140 Republican Members of the House will on Jan 6 object to and vote against the Electoral College results showing President-elect Biden won
Jake Tapper

I was told when you lose an election you're supposed to shut up and get over it
Tom Tomorrow

JANUARY 1, the oldest tweets

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