Friday, July 6, 2018

To Serve Mankind

Scott Pruitt is gone, yay, but the fact that he wasn't fired after the first scandal is indicative of the deep well of crap that is this administration. And that's not even getting into the policies Pruitt implemented (with Mulligan's approval), all designed to undermine the reason for the EPA's very existence. His planned successor will continue those policies with (I assume) no overt scandal, so in a way we will be worse off with him gone.

But none of that is why I am posting about Pruitt today. I'm posting because of his resignation letter, highlighted here by media critic Jay Rosen:

This level of ass-kissery would be more fitting (though still embarrassing) in a monarchy, and the religious language is revolting in a supposed non-theocracy.

Scott Pruitt clearly wanted to service Mulligan in some way (ahem), but when it comes to his fellow citizens, he may as well say he wanted to serve mankind in the Damon Knight tradition.

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