Sunday, July 1, 2018

Scenes from a March (Abolish ICE)

Yesterday's march in Minneapolis to end family detention and separation and abolish ICE was a hot couple of hours. The Star Tribune put an estimate of 7,000 people on it, but I don't know how they came up with that since it grew continuously even after it had left the starting area. It wasn't like large gatherings at our State Capitol grounds, where they have large past events to compare it to from aerial photographs and people stay in pretty much the same area.

But whatever. I saw lots of people I knew, probably more than at any other event before or during the Mulligan era. It was sunny and 90-something degrees, but I put on sunscreen and a white hat and it wasn't too bad.

Here are my few photos.

Check out the tomato cage this guy is wearing. His is the most clever concept I saw.

I liked this sign, though it's a bit softer than my usual favorites.

Best artwork.

Best collage.

These two signs were held by white women who appear to get the larger picture:

Then at the end, when we had circled back through downtown to the Convention Center area, I saw this bin on a bench:

There's nothing like a good Gil Scott-Heron reference at the end of a march.

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