Tuesday, June 26, 2018


It's such a bad day in American history that I can't write about it. So instead I'm sharing something that makes me laugh, while it makes an important point. I present:

If white characters were described like characters of color in literature (from Buzzfeed, of all places) by Heben Nigatu.

A few excerpts:

1. He looked at her longingly, as he imagined her exotic, mashed potato skin laying gently against his.

2. She took off his shirt, his skin glistening in the sun like a glazed doughnut. The glaze part, not the doughnut part.

6. She didn't know it yet but the girl of her dreams had just walked in. Her eyes were radiant and her skin glowed with mozzarella undertones.
As the lead-in says, "Welcome to the mocha-chocolate-coffee-bean-exotic-butterscotch-caramel-cinnamon-cafe-au-lait side of town."

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