Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Twitter. April. 2018.

The barrage of jaw-dropping theft, incompetence, and ugliness is wearing down my ability to keep up with Mulligan et al. So there's less of that, and less overall, I think. Probably a welcome trend.

But still, since it happened right at the end of April, I have to begin with the stupidity surrounding Michelle Wolf’s critiques of Mulligan and his cronies at the White House Correspondents Dinner, which ties into the victim and snowflake flame wars, anti-political-correctness, and so on:

To see national journalists cower in fear of a White House they're supposed to be holding accountable is beyond terrifying. Who is protecting us?
Charlotte Clymer

One thing I remember is how scrupulously Republicans avoided criticizing Hillary Clinton's physical appearance. And Michelle Obama's. And Chelsea Clinton's. And Nancy Pelosi's.
David Roberts

The fact that Sarah Sanders can lie day in and out and then claim victimhood when called on it (and be supported by many in claiming victimhood) is a perfect example of how the social construct of "white womanhood" operates as a type of violence. Monday thru Friday Sanders is the press secretary telling lie after lie. Saturday, she's called out on it and now she's a "wife and mother" whose honor as a white woman must be defended. The selective outrage from D.C. press is very telling.
Bree Newsome

“how dare that lady comedian be so vulgar” says the crowd that’s clearly delicate like doilies

Whatever one might think of Michelle Wolf's performance, it's clear that anyone who works for or supports Trump has no basis for complaining about vulgarity or personal insults. Your house is made of very thin glass.
David Corn

It’s understandable that conservatives want to misportray this situation, but it’s maddening how many non-conservatives want to go along with them:

Matthew Yglesias

I think it's safe to say at this point we can file 'free thinker' with other myths like 'fiscal conservative' or 'moral relativist'. Descriptors that do not like they suggest for people who think siding with the status quo and power is a divergence from the norm

I feel like one of the basic parts of becoming a mature, decent human being is realizing that the precious snowflake-like individuality of your ideas and worldview ... don't really matter that much, and you should get over yourself and set about helping other people. And I feel like that process becomes more difficult precisely to the extent that one holds a privileged position in society -- the more privilege, the more coddling, the more indulgence, the more the world becomes a mirror. Thus, it is most difficult of all for celebrities.
David Roberts

I really would like for “free thinkers” to tell me what “free thinking” means. Because so far it appears to only mean “not believing that racism is a real problem.”

Ever notice how people who pride themselves on their brutal honesty never say things like "You're an amazing person and I'm incredibly jealous of what you've achieved" or "I'm a bundle of anxiety and I'm holding on by my fingernails"?
Dr. NerdLove

The entire anti-political correctness argument is... "I don't get why you're complaining that your toe was stepped on when I never felt my toe being stepped on... What does me wearing steel-toed boots and you not having shoes have to do with anything?" –Steel-toed boot factory owner
W. Kamau Bell
There are still some tweets about the on-going travesty that is Mulligan and his crew of crooks and liars:
Seems like a good time to point out that Trump’s rallies would empty out about a halfway through as audiences wondered aloud what he was talking about. I’ll never forget a guy in Indiana shaking his head, throwing up his hands, and shouting, “I don’t even know what’s going on at this point.”
Jared Yates Sexton

Donald Trump is a denial-of-service attack on the U.S. political system. His campaign is a flood of nonsense, preventing legitimate actions.
Baratunde [written in 2016]

The President of the United States has no ethics, has the worst possible worldview, and is probably compromised by a foreign adversary. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s an idiot.
Jared Yates Sexton

We're inured to it, but the president publicly calling someone a drugged-up loser while heading to the golf course he owns as past presidents head to a former first lady's memorial service is something.
Philip Bump

President Tony Soprano, But Dumb
Tom Tomorrow

They lie about everything all the time. Everything. Every single thing, big and small. All of it. Constantly.
Chris Hayes

This is the crazy thing: Everyone effectively stipulates Trump is a criminal. It's why Mueller must be kept in a box — if he gets outside the box, he'll find crimes. The only live dispute is whether there were crimes related to Russia/the election.
Josh Barro

You’d think the fact that someone died in a building owned by the president possibly in part due to a lack of safety measures the president himself lobbied against would be a bigger story today.
David Weiner

President Trump attacks Amazon repeatedly for "not paying taxes". Amazon Pays sales taxes in 45 of 50 states. Trump's retail website pays sales taxes in just 2 of 50 states.
Brian Krassenstein

The President of the United States is trying to tank Amazon, in order to punish its CEO for negative media coverage in the newspaper he also owns. And I'm supposed to think David Hogg spearheading an advertising boycott of Laura Ingraham is an urgent threat to freedom of speech?
Eric Kleefeld
As always, there is an unending stream of news about white supremacy and police brutality, this month with Starbucks added:
what lynching is:
the murder of black people, generally extrajudicial and highly visible, as a means of establishing power, control, domination, and social hierarchy through terror
what lynching is not:
people saying you did things that you actually did and suggesting you atone
wikipedia brown @eveewing

As someone who studied lynching for years and wrote a book about it, I remain astonished & offended at the willingness of people to describe any form of nonviolent public vilification as a “lynching.” It’s lazy and manipulative. And an insult to real lynching victims.
Sherrilyn Ifill

Indigenous folks get called “prairie n******” and South Asian folks get called “sand n******.” Hmmm. It’s almost as if Blackness is what racists hate the most. We must all band together to dismantle anti-Black racism; none of us are free until all of us are free.

You say ‘angry black woman’ as if it’s black women who riot when their football team loses, who hurl abuse after failed chat up lines, who can’t wait to show you the hole they punched in the bedroom wall of their parents house when they were mad
Ayishat A. Akanbi

"Racism is a structure, not an event....we talk about things in terms of being ‘nice’ [or good people] instead of a structure...[further] racism affects different groups differently. Some groups are set up to succeed whereas others are not. " –Dr. DiAngelo
Stephanie Victoria @CrownVictoria22

If you're black in America, you've been sent a crystal clear signal:
Imagine living with that knowledge every single day.
Peter Daou

"Angela Davis: straight black men and white women will always be the weakest links in the struggle for equality because they view equality as achieving status with white men. The problem with that is that white men’s status is contingent on the oppression of other people."

“I’m not interested in talking about America’s history because I want to punish America. I want to liberate America.” –Bryan Stephenson (commenting on the new Alabama museum focused on lynching)
Chris Barton

A 29-year-old man who shot up a Waffle House could’ve walked into any Starbucks in the country and been treated like a customer... The 29-year-old man who disarmed him could’ve walked into any Starbucks in America and been treated like a criminal. We’re living in the upside down.
Cyrus McQueen

I remember someone telling me that Indian immigrants were better than Mexicans because most actually spoke English. Apparently, Indians were colonized by a more “convenient country” for Americans.
Hari Kondabolu

I went through school with emotional trauma. Glad people are talking about trauma's impacts. But rarely among white people do these conversations include the trauma of racism for students of color. Rarely do white people commit to racial justice as "trauma-informed practice."
Paul Gorski

Y’all “abortion is black genocide” folk are fooling exactly no one with your feigned concern for black babies. When they become adults—12 years old in Black years—and get gunned down by police, you’ll be on here talking about what how they were thugs who deserved it.
Imani Gandy

The dominant argument put forward by the police is that they should be able to shoot people unnecessarily. That shooting people unnecessarily is essential to keeping police and the public safe.
Samuel Sinyangwe

Something rarely discussed regarding the impact of Brown v Board is the fact that 38,000 Black teachers and administrators lost their jobs, an example of intent versus impact. While integrating students, we should have integrated teachers.
Dr. Lee-Ann Stephens @MNTOY2006

I can’t get over this… They were in Starbucks for two minutes and police were called. You can’t establish a genuine loitering charge in two minutes. This isn’t about the rules. This is about white fear.

"Moreover, on average, a black household with a college-educated head has less wealth than a white family whose head did not even obtain a high school diploma." y'all should know that though because i tweet that graph like every 6 weeks.
wikipedia brown @eveewing

The racial wealth gap is not simply a byproduct of racism. It is the *goal* of racism. Racism has always served to maintain a permanent black underclass of unpaid or underpaid labor while wealth/resources are concentrated among a "white" elite
Bree Newsome

I'm convinced that the Black folk reparations package in addition to including money, should include culturally competent therapy and a host of holistic options for wellness. There is a subtle shift in our online discussions in this moment. Hopefully white folks who are earnestly trying to do better are picking up on it. Racism is a form of daily, domestic terrorism. It's everywhere.
Shay Stewart Bouley

It’s weird how people will say it’s “unrealistic” to have people of color in period pieces set in Europe, but will find any excuse to make a white dude the protagonists in films about a Lakota Sioux tribe, feudal Japan, or 11th century Imperial China.
Jennifer de Guzman Strikes Again

Do people not realize that most white male horror is "what if the bad things we did/do to women and people of color happened to us?"

It's 2018, and people of color in America can't sit in coffee shops or ask homeowners for directions or trust that they'll survive when pulled over while driving. I don't what to say, other than this is a pretty god-awful national reality. We're badly broken.
John Pavlovitz

Black infants in America are now more than twice as likely to die as white infants — a racial disparity that is actually wider than in 1850, 15 years before the end of slavery
The New York Times

Non-Natives should make a point of saying out loud, at least once a day, that they live on stolen Native land. In truth, the left, like the right, is more comfortable not thinking about us. We are left out of people's analysis, chronically, in spite of their stated values.
Dystopian Scribe

Cops kill ~1100 Americans annually. That’s more than Americans killed by:
• Chicago gangs
• terrorists
• plane crashes
• mass shooters
Cops charged with shooting deaths in 2017: 12
Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ

Anyone who thinks people have gone “too far” in trying to gain civil rights probably never had to try to gain their civil rights
Rhea Butcher

Police are infused with the myth of the Animal Black Man, and shoot reflexively. I'm sure most of them are actually afraid. They're afraid because they believe racist lies.

One-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.
Haymarket Books

The idea that MLK was "moving beyond the issue of race" in late 60s is incorrect. He actually argued that systemic racism in the US was directly connected to the evils of American imperialism and the Vietnam War. He viewed racism, militarism & materialism as 3 heads of 1 monster
Bree Newsome
There was a bit less in the feed this month about sexism and misogyny:
Women are more emotional than men:

Julius Goat

All masculinity is toxic. All femininity is toxic. They are based on a dominance/submission hierarchy. That's not a good thing.
Andrea Kiepe

Boys are literally becoming nazis and somehow it’s girls’ fault for preferring boys who aren’t nazis

You know who deserves a second chance? Every woman who was ever driven off her chosen career path by handsy, misogynistic, shithead men. When all of those women are made whole, then, maybe, I can find a microsecond to give a shit about Charlie Rose or Louis CK.
David Roberts

James Comey didn’t trust
Hillary Clinton...
Loretta Lynch...
or Sally Yates...
So he interfered and made popular vote loser Donald Trump president.
There’s an alarming pattern there of seemingly anti-successful woman bias.
Kaivan Shroff

I dated a girl in college whose mom tried to talk her out of being gay by telling her she'd have to go through life without someone to open jars for her. At the time it was upsetting but in hindsight I kind of love that jar opening was the only use for men she could think of.
Gabrielle Korn

One of the great epiphanies of my lifetime was realizing that I disliked so many female characters because they were created by men who didn’t like women.
Rainbow Rowell

the assumed innocence of white women is a toxic form of white privilege.

“The average male student thinks he is smarter than 66 percent of the class”
Bryce Covert
The list of tweets about sustainable cities, transportation, and climate change, though, is just as long as usual:
"Life is easier with a car" is not a self-evident truth. It's a result of deliberate policy.
Adam Miller

The most significant problem with parking in a downtown is that when you get too much of it, you destroy what made people want to go to there in the first place. The second big problem is that parking decks are ludicrously expensive, yet people still expect them to be free.
Jason Segedy

Driving on surface streets (which is more dangerous and more polluting) should be tolled more per km than driving on freeways. Tolling only freeways is backwards.
David M. Levinson @trnsprtst

Would be great if we applied the same level of design, testing and scrutiny used for our children's car seats to the bike lanes they ride to school in.
Tom Flood

PROTIP: In urban neighborhoods, drive your car like you're driving an ice cream truck: 15-20 miles per hour, and always looking out for kids.
William Lindeke

Confession: I have an almost debilitating level of guilt over not having done enough to halt the planetary crisis. I know this feeling is somewhat common in people who do this work. It still sucks.
Alex Steffen

The very weirdest take on climate equity is the notion that if some guy has built his financial plans on continued climate predatory delay, he should be compensated when real action begins — like, it's "unjust" that *his* high-CO2 investment/job doesn't last long enough to pay out. Climate action/preparation — where SUCCESSFUL — will mean massive, disruptive changes to how and where we live, build cities, make things, grow food, get around and power our societies. The idea that *slowing* any of these changes will lead to a more equitable outcome is insanity. When "just transition" is used to mean "delays that benefit workers and investors in unsustainable industries" it become dangerous nonsense.
Alex Steffen

"All urban streets should be a challenge to drive and easy to walk or bike." –Michael Ronkin, sharing the formula for a shortcut to a better city. (photo: the "Potato Rows" in Copenhagen):

Taras Grescoe

"When the automobile appeared in our cities, it was an invasive species detested by citizens."
Next City

In European cities, they have piazzas, places, and squares—where people meet.
In our cities, we have intersections—where cars meet.
To bring urban conviviality to North America, start with the piazza
...it's the short-cut to building community and civic life.
Taras Grescoe

Concrete separation for protected bikeways is actually much cheaper from a maintenance perspective vs. striping and bollards. Can sweep and plow against it without damage.
erica mauter

Bike lanes only look empty because they are efficient. This stretch in Copenhagen actually conveys 8 times as many people on bikes compared to cars—still it's mostly cars we see.

If your street is too narrow to fit proper bicycle facilities, maybe it's just too narrow to fit proper car facilities:

Lennart Nout

One 12-foot-wide lane for:
Heavy Rail—moves 80,000 people/hr.
Light Rail—22,000.
Bus Rapid Transit—20,000.
So...can someone remind me why we continue to build our cities around cars?

Taras Grescoe

The perception that cyclists jump red lights causes perpetual moral outrage.
The admission that drivers have no qualms breaking the speed limit is met with nods of agreement.
One of these activities killed 229 people in 2016. The other killed zero.
Peter Stuart

The greatest damage of Trump and Brexit is how both of these idiocies have wasted humanity‘s precious time to deal with climate change. In a few years, we will look back and realize that nothing else should have mattered back then.
Wolfgang Blau

While not true in every case, as a general rule, the more intensely urban land can be used, the more ecological the city. Leaving roof space unused is like leaving surface parking lots undeveloped or brownfields un-reclaimed: unsustainable.
Alex Steffen

Here's a chart showing carbon extracted per capita for top-10 economies. These nations create 2/3 of GDP and GHGs. Canada is the standout because of it's rampant expansion of #oilsands. UK extraction has fallen even faster than their emissions:

Barry Saxifrage

The transportation profession needs to get its story straight...
“We can’t install a marked crosswalk because it creates a false sense of security.”
“Pedestrians MUST use the crosswalk.”
”We can’t add crossing time at crosswalk because it will create a failing level-of-service for drivers.”
Bill Schultheiss

High-carbon investors/businesses and their political/media allies — those practicing predatory delay in the face of the climate crisis — are not in any meaningful way *participants* in civic debate, but *saboteurs* of that debate. This remains difficult for some to acknowledge.
Alex Steffen

I will bang this drum over and over again: people who drive will frequently complain to business owners about how hard it is to find parking. People who walk, bike, or take transit just sit down and order something.

How Copenhagen kids get to school. It’s not about culture. It’s about our choices supported by vision and design:

Brent Toderian

During a planetary crisis, acknowledging bad news is not pessimism, it's responsibility. Similarly, real optimism has nothing to do with the fervent hope that the facts are wrong, but centers on the commitment to finding positive outcomes despite those facts.
Alex Steffen

“I don’t want to see people dying, but free, on-street storage for my personal, private car is the most important thing.”
Aaron Naparstek

Nearly killed this morning by a driver who nearly hit me from behind. As she passed I could see she was watching YouTube. If she'd killed me she probably would have said I had "…come out of nowhere".…and people would have replied "These cyclists are a danger to themselves."
Elisabeth Anderson @velobetty

People tend to attribute success to their own brilliance, not good fortune. Modern humanity inherited energy supplies built over millions of years. We got high burning through it. But we're brilliant, so no need to worry about the consequences, right?
Shaun Chamberlin @DarkOptimism

When you hear people invoking "rural character" you can be 90+% certain the area in question is no longer rural, and the residents just don't want anyone else to be allowed to move in.
Jason Segedy

Dockless bikeshare will clutter our streets, both physically and aesthetically:


The transition to clean energy is already happening at breathtaking speed. And the nature of the technology is much more scalable, more like Moore’s Law, than any previous energy technology.
Jon Foley @GlobalEcoGuy

Transit riders are 20x less likely to die on their journeys than people in cars. So why do some people think transit is dangerous?
Mobility Lab

A reminder that up to a third of all cars on the road during rush hour are parents dropping their kids off at school. Providing safe routes for our children to walk or bike each day is probably the cheapest and easiest congestion reduction strategy of all.

Developers are trying to turn a profit. This guy will likely sell it after it's built, just like Ryan did. That's common. We live in a capitalist economy so unless we socialize real estate this is the reality. Livables want real estate to be the exception to capitalism. Having done an analysis of building a parking ramp I can confirm that a parking stall in a ramp or underground garage can cost between. 25,000 to 40,000 per stall. The range depends on amenities, the type of construction use (precast or poured), how much technology, etc. I have a friend who is very aware of the actual cost of building parking. But he drives two blocks to get coffee. He says until it costs him a lot to drive he's not stopping. And he votes Democratic. So, yeah. Put parking meters everywhere!!

The reality of our planetary crisis is that for the rest of our lives, we're going to live thru unending change. The only effective response is to develop adaptive capacity — the ability to constantly evolve new strategies, and the will to implement them.
Alex Steffen

Whoever invented freeways disliked humanity a great deal.

“The vast majority of people on earth will never set foot on an airplane and yet we have circles of people who couldn’t imagine their lives without it. It seems a fundamental inequality of our time ... exactly the sort of thing that needs to be rethought in a world constrained by climate change.”

The plain truth is that the most ethical climate strategy is "Get to zero emissions, as soon as humanly possible, using the most disruptive methods available to spread sustainable prosperity."
Alex Steffen

Just been sent this picture by someone and it couldn’t be more true and thought-provoking...

Ruth Peacey

“I believe it’s unfair for us to have a city where parking is abundant and free and housing is scarce and expensive”
sean collins

“Worldwide, 1 million bags are used every minute. A plastic bag has an average ‘life’ of 15 minutes before it becomes waste, and takes 1,000 years to decompose.” –Greenpeace
Brent Toderian

Umbrellas are a great indicator of pedestrian life.
William Lindeke
This month, the sustainable cities thread had a ton of tweets about housing particularly, so I've broken those out into their own section:
The average price of a home in 2017 is 7.8x the average annual salary - highest on record. In 1997 house prices were just 3.5x higher. In London, house prices are 12.3x higher than average salaries in the city. In 1997 they were only 4x higher.- Tom Knowles
Christopher Whalen

Any wealthy city standing in a comparatively stable position as the climate crisis worsens that doesn't build at large scales to welcome new residents fleeing impacts and instability elsewhere has no business using the words "climate justice" to describe any of its actions.
Alex Steffen

"there’s an inherent contradiction between the goals of promoting housing affordability and using homeownership as a wealth building strategy. Affordability requires that housing be stable in price; a good investment needs to appreciate."
Janne K. Flisrand

"The primary cause of the "housing problem' is a simple economic fact: ordinary private enterprise is unable to provide adequate housing at a price that families in the lower or middle income group can pay. The situation is permanent." –Catherine Bauer, 1935
tracy jeanne rosenthal

One of the weirdest, least grounded ideas in urban environmentalism is the idea that if we don't build more housing in cities, we will use less carbon... that the need for housing will magically disappear, not produce far more destructive suburban sprawl elsewhere.
Alex Steffen

It baffles me when people can sympathize with the aging homeowner who doesn't have the sidewalk cleared but not the one who needs to get to the bus using the sidewalk
Adam Miller

Here's an important tax season tip: renters pay property taxes too, so please don't suggest that's a reason their concerns carry less weight. If we're going to play the *who pays more in taxes* game: “Oh, the 20 of you have lived here a total of 142 years? And your total property taxes paid? Well, these 41 units would cover that in just 3 years.”
Wedge LIVE!

Many European municipalities require a third of the housing built as part of any development to be market, a third affordable, a third social. *All* built by the private sector, all the same quality and fully integrated. Here, a development from Amsterdam.
jennifer keesmaat

The housing crisis is global. (The only real solution is a massive global building boom designed to transform sprawling expensive cities into low-carbon equitable ones.)
Alex Steffen

a house
is not
an investment
it is
a durable consumer good
sitting on
a taxi medallion
made out of dirt
Stephen Davis @nzsd

There's no particular reason why we should encourage people's primary savings to be a single highly leveraged asset. How about we repeal the mortgage interest deduction & help people figure out how to save elsewhere? Among other things, we might remove the influence of racial disparities in mortgage lending
Adam Miller
There were a few on education:
No high-performing nation tests every child every year from grades 3–8. That is NCLB requirement, based on non-existent Texas miracle. Finland has no standardized tests. Others test once in elementary school, once in middle school, once in high school.
Diane Ravitch

Incredible. You either choose to make kids miserable or you choose to let them be happy. That choice is on everyone in every school.
Ira Socol

It's often the smartest, most confident students who ask the most basic questions, because they're not afraid of being humiliated if they ask.
Angus Johnston

"Not only do we teach to the test, but teaching itself often becomes just more testing. For example, worksheets amount to tests because a child cannot learn anything new by doing them" –R. DeVries and L. Kohlberg
Alfie Kohn

School got more egregious rules than the club.
“One bracelet or watch per wrist.”
“Hair color is a natural human hair color”
“No baggy OR tight pants.”
There’s something just so malicious about using the world “culture “ to punish black kids for being themselves.
Shamira Ibrahim
And a cluster that seems to be about the state of the Right and the Republican Party:
"The loss of privilege feels like persecution" really is the skeleton key to our ridiculous historical era.
David Roberts

A researcher with lots of foresight scraped 5 million political ads on Facebook during 6 weeks before the 2016 election. She found that half of the advertisers had absolutely no federal records or online footprint. Of that half, 1 in 6 were Russian trolls.
issie lapowsky

One party wants you to vote. The other wants you die without health insurance. Tough choice!

Funniest thing about contemporary conservatism is that it has seized on the bland, processed, standardized, health-sapping products of faceless global corporations — big trucks, fast food, mainstream country music, McMansions — as totems of Real American authenticity.
David Roberts

Republicans branded themselves as the party of fiscal conservatism, law and order, and religious morality. Trump has added trillions to the deficit, run a criminal enterprise with multiple guilty pleas and federal raids, and had multiple extramarital affairs. Its just about racism.
Marcus H. Johnson

Paul Ryan is retiring at age 48 because he thinks his job is “too difficult.” He has made it so physical laborers will need to work well into their 70s to retire, if they can retire at all.
Kaivan Shroff

Paul Ryan now enjoys the peace of mind that when he turns 50 — in less than two years — he will enjoy a defined-benefits pension of about $79k annually for the rest of his life, funded by the same taxpayers whose Social Security he's been trying to cut or privatize his entire career.
Joshua Zeitz

“Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition …There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.” –Frank Wilhoit. Compare Trump complaining about FBI to his celebration of ICE
Jeet Heer

We joke about Scott Walker because he looks like the lovechild of white privilege and golf pants but it’s important to remember that he's also a dangerous poor-hating anti-choice garbage-human.

The narrative of The Marginalized Conservative has got to stop. They control all three branches of government, have consolidated single-party rule in numerous state legislatures, literally control the media script, and yet still claim to be an oppressed minority. Just stop it.
honor sachs
There weren't nearly enough about immigration, drowned out by all the other awfulness:
Last Thursday, an ICE raid in Morristown, Tennessee, detained 100 people. If you want to know what kind of impact that had on the community: 600 students did not show up for school the next day.

ICE is an organization dedicated to ethnic cleansing. ICE uses torture to silence detainees. ICE arrests and brutalizes journalists. ICE rapes, assaults and kills people in its custody. Calling for its abolition is not radical, tolerating its existence is.

Let me remind everyone that there is no invasion at the border, that Mexico is not an enemy, that detentions at the border are at a 40-year low, that the undocumented populations has remained at 11M for a decade and that to send troops to the border would be a waste of time and $
Then, finally, the best of the rest:
Bigots never really want to debate. They want to recruit. When they say they "debate me," what they are saying is that they would like for you to use your platform to direct a population's attention to them, because statistically, they can sway at least a few from any large set.
Secret Gamer Girl

So your friend doing a lame quiz on Facebook can get your personal data compromised and your third cousin's family-tree research can hand over your DNA to the authorities.
Chris Steller

Research shows that in a city of 100,000, each new nonprofit community organization lead to a 1.2% drop in the homicide rate, a 1% reduction in the violent crime rate, and a 0.7% reduction in the property crime rate.
Brennan Center

A central feature of capitalism is 1) a lot of work that needs doing is not done and 2) a lot of work that should never be done is.
David Kaib

Most of the health-promoting things people are supposed to do in order to be considered responsible body-having citizens require free time: exercise, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. We could make sure people have enough time. Instead, we ask them to exercise at their desks.
Michelle Allison @fatnutritionist

I just want to point something out. The more extreme the reality, the greater the strain on an honest reporter's credibility. Trump has benefitted hugely from this simple fact.
Jay Rosen

Much of human life is a dirty scuffle for significance in the face of our deep awareness of how small and temporary we really are. We eagerly sacrifice other people (by social exclusion, stigma, political oppression, war) to our appetite for symbolic importance.
Michelle Allison @fatnutritionist

It’s almost like there were some connection between these two stories:

Stacey Burns

Things you should know but didn't know you needed to know before knowing:

Rabih Alameddine

“Saying ‘Librarians are obsolete now that we have the Internet’ is like saying ‘Doctors are obsolete now that we have the plague.’”—Cory Doctorow
John Faithful Hamer

I have infinite power throughout the universe, but if you don’t give Me 10% of your income I can’t pay My bills.

Q: Why write about slavery? Haven’t we had enough stories about slavery? Why do we need another one?
A: I could have written about upper middle class white people who feel sad sometimes, but there’s a lot of competition.
colson whitehead

Just a reminder that all cleanses are fake! Unless you're getting a blood transfusion or dialysis, you ain't cleansing shit, bud! Your body already does it for you. And if it doesn't, you are dying, so don't give in to predatory companies trying to push their bullshit supplements

I think a lot about how much easier it is to break things than to build things. It's good to be reminded how often people choose to build things despite that.
Angus Johnston

There really needs to be a semi exclamation point for when a period conveys too little enthusiasm in a work-related email but using the full exclamation point makes you seem like a psychopath.
Nate Silver

The phrase “only the second woman in American history to have a son and husband elected President” is so weird. We’ve only had 45 presidents. That probably shouldn’t have happened at all, let alone twice if this country really was what it thinks it is.
Trillbilly Worker’s Party

my 8-year-old daughter just told me that adults don’t understand what respect is. basically her take is that we mean obedience when we say respect and I’m feeling exposed lol
Saladin Ahmed

Hey so periodical reminder that a single person isn’t “diverse.” You can’t have a “diverse protagonist” in your story. You can have a protagonist from a marginalized or underrepresented group, who can and should be part of a diverse *cast.*
Tea Berry-Blue

I've never rooted for anything more than the Sandy Hook families suing Alex Jones for defamation. I hope they fucking bankrupt that steaming pile of garbage into oblivion
Matt Oswalt

Me, talking with someone from a parliamentary democracy: "Wait, wait ... you say a party is elected based on an agenda ... and then gets to IMPLEMENT the agenda? And then is judged by voters based on the results? I don't understand."
David Roberts

I personally think it's odd that views we would identify as empirically ludicrous and morally repulsive in any other context are supposed to be granted prima facie legitimacy by being called "religious."
David Roberts

In 1979, the United States Congress enacted the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program, which legally permitted American companies, you know like IBM, Microsoft, and Nordstrom’s, to use prison labor.

It’s mind blowing how we have in this country Universal Firecare where trained professionals will climb a ladder and rescue your dog from a burning building FOR FREE but if you get a kidney infection, you are just absolutely fucked.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: There is no evidence that making it harder for poor people to access social programs will reduce poverty.
Southern Poverty Law Center

Progressives need to care more about courts, which are almost exclusively filled with people who have spent their entire life in rarified circles where they have been trained to tolerate plutocracy and white supremacy.

My least favorite form of Politics Porn is, "Look at this 90-year-old woman we saw today at the protest!" Always with the subtext, "The feisty old thing has opinions. Adorable!"
Sandra Newman

There is a brand of ice cream in Japan known as "Panapp" that turns into a creepy face as you eat it:

41 Strange

Precision bombing is to war as clean coal is to the environment.
David Kaib

"Families lose not only their homes, but children often lose their schools… Eviction can actually cause you to lose your job… And then there's health effects like depression… Eviction isn't just a condition of poverty, it is a cause of poverty, too." –Matt Desmond, Eviction Lab and Princeton University
Democracy Now!

Pushing for “work requirements” is at the core of the GOP strategy to reinforce the following myths about poverty in America:
1) That “the poor” are some stagnant group of people who “just don’t want to work”
2) That anyone who wants a well-paying job can snap her fingers to make one appear
3) That having a job is all it takes to not be poor
At the heart of the executive order Trump signed tonight is the GOP’s favorite hobby-horse: so-called “work requirements.” Make no mistake: taking healthcare, food, and housing away from struggling workers has nothing to do with helping anyone work.
Rebecca Vallas

Social anxiety is basically conspiracy theories about yourself

"Community" is such an amazing euphemism for "database."
Ian Bogost

"Your idea won't fix everything that's wrong" is one of the most typical comments you'll read. It's usually made by people who aren't doing anything to fix the problem, and it's always made by people who live on Earth, and really should know better.
Jason Segedy

US - 1 in 5 children live in poverty
South Korea - 1 in 16 children live in poverty
Denmark - 1 in 37 children live in poverty
What does Soouth Korea have that we don’t? Nothing!
Teresa Harris @THarris1939

I know I say it all the time and in different ways and we know this and I know I write these tweets every time after teaching there but I have to reiterate that whenever I leave the prison I feel overwhelmed by how incredibly stupid prison is. It’s just an incredibly bizarre experience to have an intellectual conversation with an engaged, kind, warm, funny, patient, respectful group of people for 3 hours, then walk out and know that they have to stay there behind an intricate metal & concrete cage possibly forever.
wikipedia brown @eveewing

Too old for Snapchat but too young for Life Alert.

Even at its best the billionaire class is a problem. Being a titan in your industry doesn't qualify you as a world leader or to be in position of deciding the fate of developing nations. The hoarding of wealth is why there are so-called "developing" nations in the first place.
Bree Newsome

Hello but tech bros “reinventing” public services isn’t an accident it’s part of the neoliberal drive to privatize literally any and every government-provided service.

These clear backpacks accomplish absolutely nothing. Not every item placed in the bag is visible and there is no possible way to monitor the contents of over 3000 backpacks. It’s great to know that this is where my community puts its resources.
Kyrah Simon

What is missing from this video is that this was made possible by Bill Clinton's deregulation of media with 1996 Telecommunications Act which he claimed would "bring more competition", we quickly went from 50 media companies down to 6, this video showing the result.
Jimmy Dore (commenting on the Sinclair propaganda scripts)

The private equity industry has the same business model as a vampire.
Hamilton Nolan

Is US capitalism collapsing? What do 11 school shootings in 23 days, 50,000 annual opioid deaths, and retirees living in cars tell us? Something really bad that the usual statistics miss and our usual “leaders” refuse to face?
Richard D. Wolff

20-something in 1958: why it sure is swell that even tho i never finished high school my job at the factory allows me to own my own home and financially support my wife and our three children
20-something in 2018: my boss is an app and i owe it money

It has been proven that the most effective way to ensure someone shows up to court is a text message the night before. Cash bail locks up the poor, not the dangerous. #EndCashBail
UPLC Chicago

The “gig economy” = a neutral BS label to cover old employer’s game of overworking and underpaying people. “Sharing economy” = a grotesque “positive spin” on the same old ploy.
Richard D. Wolff

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