Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Blur of May 2018 on Twitter

May is a blur. Looking through the tweets, I see a reappearance of general Trump-related rage and angst and analysis. Lots about school shootings, guns, men who shoot people with guns because they can’t manage to find someone to have sex with, police actions, “free speech” for some but not others, and children in danger from ICE. Meanwhile, the death toll in Puerto Rico is now estimated to be 7,267 percent higher than the until-now official number.

First, there's the general Trump agita:

Most Americans work very hard. So adding the full-time job of keeping track of the outrages and abuses of this Administration is time none of us really could afford to spare. Less time for family. Less time for curiosity. Less time for helping others. No time for peace of mind.Dan Rather

Trump has been fully engaged in a lifelong con game, in which he makes money through bullshitting every single person and openly talking about how he is bullshitting everybody.  This isn't a debate or a question or a mystery. Certainly not to him. He loves talking about it.
Adam Davidson

Chris Zaberto

Rachel Maddow asks: "Why isn't this a bigger story in news? James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence for seven years is saying Donald Trump is only in power because another country illegally installed him. That's a huge story." Agreed, the biggest story in US history.
Allen Marshall

Memorial Day irony: Getting lectured about patriotism and morality by people who support a draft-dodging bigot tabloid scandal king, third rate t.v. celebrity and criminal who conspires with our enemies, obstructs justice, lies constantly,and pays hush money to porn stars.

It's absurd that journalists quibble over "lies" while Trump openly admits he is at war with the truth. As he explained attacking the press to Leslie Stahl: "I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you."
Lauren Duca

They may think they’re negating or undermining him, but that’s not how human brains work. As a cognitive scientist, I can tell you: repeating his messages only helps him.
George Lakoff

"One of my teachers at Columbia was Joseph Brodsky...and he said 'look,' he said, 'you Americans, you are so naïve. You think evil is going to come into your houses wearing big black boots. It doesn’t come like that. Look at the language. It begins in the language." –Marie Howe
Aleš Kot

Let me get this straight. The President staffed his campaign with two indicted tax frauds/money launderers (one pled guilty already), an agent of a foreign power (Page), and an unregistered foreign agent (Flynn), among other things. And the scandal is that the FBI was concerned?
Bradley P. Moss

Do not repeat the language of propagandists. They win via repetition, not by convincing you.
Phillip Atiba Goff

It is kind of funny to me to see how many folks have psyched themselves into thinking that it is bad tactics to focus your fire on the unpopular president with his unpopular policies and rampant and unpopular corruption.
Jamelle Bouie @jbouie

The strangest moment in my entire career was when Trump's attorney, Sheri Dillon, asked me to allow Trump's financial disclosure form to be the *first* out of all of the millions filed not to contain the filer's certification that its contents were true.
Walter Shaub

Just a reminder that we currently have no reliable information about the physical health or financial obligations of the President of the United States.
Seth Masket

The entire world is enrolled in Trump University.
Chris Hayes
On Trump’s statements about “taming” North America and describing MS-13 members as animals:
When "tamed" is a euphemism for "genocide," "murdered," "pillaged," "stole" –@Dallas_Hunt
Hal Dockins

When Trump says "tamed" he means "murdered" and "enslaved."
Paul Thomas

Whenever a human wants you to think of another human as less human than you (or they) are, and therefore less deserving of human compassion, It's because they want you to help them or look away as they commit murder.
Ashley C. Ford @iSmashFizzle

Here's the thing some of y'all seem unable to say, so I'll say it: Drug dealers aren't animals either. 'Criminals' aren't animals. They're human beings. It matters to say that.
Saladin Ahmed

Before enslavement Africans were called “apes”
Before the Holocaust Jewish people were called “rats”
Before the Rwandan genocide Tutsis were called “cockroaches”
Calling undocumented people “animals” as the president just did is gravely serious. It’s not just an offensive word
Clint Smith

When the president uses dehumanizing language about entire groups of ppl it can’t be understood only as offensive, but as the type of thing that’s always preceded enslavement, genocide & mass expulsion. To see it *only* as offensive is to misunderstand its potential ramifications
Clint Smith
More thoughts on Trump voters and how to not alienate their delicate sensibilities:
Can pundits stop saying that there are “extremists” in both parties? On the right, an “extremist” denies science and embraces white supremacy. On the left, an “extremist” is a woman who wants health care for all Americans. These ... are not polar extremes.
Matt McDermott

Stop trying to convince Trump voters that they are wrong or misguided. Ignore them. Focus your energies on convincing the 100+ million Americans who didn’t vote in 2016 that their voice matters. Bring a friend to the polls who hasn’t voted in the past.
The Next Dems

"I voted for Trump because I thought he would hurt OTHER people, not me!" is a flourishing genre.
Mark Harris

"Accusing Trump and his supporters of being racist only backfires and makes them double down." LOL This is only possible if they're racist to begin with. How is the problem described as being created by those acknowledging the racism and not the racists themselves? Folks who argue that talking about the racism of Trump admin only serves to inflame his base would've opposed the Civil Rights Movement for the same reasons. White moderates made the same arguments against MLK.
OHHHHHHHH I SEE. You thought we could have reconciliation, justice, peace and equality in this country while ensuring there is absolutely no discomfort for white racists or those who empathize with them in the process. Yeah... No.
Bree Newsome

Another day. Another op-ed from the New York Times blaming liberals for a bunch of fuckers voting for a goddamn white supremacist. I’m so sick of people blaming everyone but the people who voted for trump for trump being president. Fuck alladat. I’m not even going to link it.
Imani Gandy

Any argument about Dem/liberal behavior driving more people to the right founders on the reality that more people *aren’t* moving right. But in the US system, people who dislike the left have power disproportionate to population, and Dems haven’t figured out how to deal with that.
Alex Burns

Liberals are too sensitive. Also, if a liberal says something I don’t like I’m going to become a nazi.
Adam Serwer

an underrated element of asymmetric polarization is that "normal" conservatives only consume media that is exclusively radically right-wing and "normal" liberals consume media that marginalizes the far-left and very purposefully elevates certain conservative voices
Official Centrism @pareene
On racism, white supremacy, police brutality…
What do people think the ’30s in Germany were like? The Nazis didn’t take power overnight. It was a process. When you give a platform to racists, you are aiding the creep of fascism. Read a book, for fuck’s sake.
Wendy Molyneux

A reminder of how recent events unfolded:
-US elected 1st Black POTUS
-Racist backlash immediately followed including Trump-led birtherism mvmt
-Supreme Court gutted 1965 VRA
-Trayvon Martin was lynched
-There was eruption of mass Black protest and uprisings in MO, MD and NC
-Obama admin tried to tamp down protests and deemphasize race as an issue
-Trump ran on openly white nationalist platform
-There is now a constant effort by power establishment (conservative and liberal) to rewrite the narrative as though racism took a pause between MLK and Trump
Bree Newsome

"White racial resentment" = racism
"Racially charged" = racist
"Racially insensitive" = racist
"Racially discriminatory" = racist
"Implicit bias" = racism
"Economic anxiety" = racism
"What some are calling racist" = it's probably racist
Bree Newsome

White people invented the term “racially charged” so they wouldn’t have to call each other racist.
Samuel Sinyangwe

Michelle Wolf merely mentioned Sarah Sanders eye shadow and people LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS. Roseanne just called a black woman an ape, AN APE. And yet those same people are silent. Silence says a hell of a lot. And right now it’s saying y’all are some trash ass people
Dewayne “Not Dwayne” Perkins

I’m almost done with season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale and what I‘ll say is this: it’s effective as a horror story for white women because in it, men do exactly to them what America has done to Africans and other people of color. My criticism is that the show isn’t aware of this *at all.*
Natasha Oladokun

Let me correct folks about white privilege: It’s not measured by the absence of struggle among white people. Some white people struggle too, obviously. But privilege is measured by whether people born into sim circumstances, with sim talents and sim work ethic have sim chances.
Charles M. Blow

Don’t tell me that your racist relatives are “the product of their time.” If they’ve figured out how to use cellphones and the internet, they can figure out how to not be racist.
Hari Kondabolu

People of color have been alive in every time period — they knew that racism against them was wrong. White people could have been (and some were) anti-racist in every time period. To view racism as products of certain eras is to imagine a false historical landscape without people of color.
Julianne Weis

"If black people chose another way to protest, I would be right there with them."
Said by people who have never ever supported a black protest ever in their whole lives ever.
Rafael Olmeda

I can't be the only one who's noticed that the same class that expects perfect diction from us and snottily corrects us for pronouncing some multisyllabic Latinate surname wrong can be extremely hypocritical when it comes to the pronunciation of NON-European names and words.
Ebony Elizabeth

Fans are quick to tell black athletes they don’t have a right to speak up about anything because they’re rich. But they’ll gladly listen to rich white guys all day who they have nothing in common with, who wouldn’t give them a sip of water if they were dying of thirst.
Jemele Hill

“Overpopulation” is white supremacist propaganda perpetuated by wealthy white people who are unwilling to act sustainably and expect brown people to change their behavior to accommodate their selfishness.
prosecute ICE @lieholepiehole

Native Americans
•We suffered 500 years of genocide
Black Americans
•We suffered 400 years of slavery
Japanese Americans
•We suffered concentration camps
Straight White Male
•Being called exactly who we are is the Genocide, Slavery, & Concentration Camps of this century
Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ

Defeating white supremacy requires making it socially unacceptable to be a white supremacist. There have to be real consequences including losing friends, jobs, status. It’s exactly what should happen when these monsters expose themselves, and no one should feel sorry for them.

We live in a country where white people once watched Black people, hang from trees as a form of entertainment. Their descendents aren't outliers, they are carrying forth a tradition.
Charlene Carruthers

I love when cishet white people act like racism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia etc. are simply “positions” with which one agrees or not. It’s ridiculous.
Imani Gandy

I've written thousands of words on why there aren't more black libertarians. This facebook post from the vice-chair of the Libertarian Party reminds me I only needed one: libertarians”


So tired of people talking about the "treatment of the Native Americans" in past tense. Y'all still mistreating us. It is on•going. No more past tense. That's done.

The passive voice seems to have been designed for colonialism itself, a system premised on the non-being of the colonized, who aren’t killed but simply die. Today’s corrected New York Times headline [about Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers] shows both that this is true but that it also has its limits when confronted w/ reality
George Ciccariello-Maher

As someone who's been pleading with folks to stop calling 911 over every little thing for years, I just want to make sure we're completely real about something in the current dialogue: Calling the cops over every little thing is a gentrification tactic.
Dystopian Scribe @MsKellyMHayes

The burning cross is a little known symbol of economic anxiety throughout our nation’s history.
Phillip Atiba Goff

There’s a difference between white people being under attack and white supremacist ideology being under attack. Every human being, including those who profess to follow Christ, should desire and seek the eradication of white supremacist ideology.
Be A King @BerniceKing

Whenever the cops kill an innocent Black person, people say “It’s not all cops, it’s a few bad apples.” I wish the cops viewed Black people the same way before firing their guns.
Hari Kondabolu
On sexism, patriarchy, and men’s inviolable right to women’s bodies as (with a side of Jordan Peterson):
the reason little girls get obsessed with princesses is because that is the only role in which girls are protagonists
S.I. Rosenbaum

The conspiracy theories that infect this country all have one thing in common: that women and minorities are conspiring to topple patriarchal rule to the detriment of our culture.
Jared Yates Sexton

Middle aged man: If I don't get paid to say whatever I want wherever I want it, I am oppressed.
Woman: *Apologizes to a chair for bumping into it."
Jennifer Wright

A man can say sorry once for troubling behavior and he is a  reflective antihero. Women apologize for nothing their whole lives & it’s still their fault.
Aparna Nancherla

Sometimes people hear “toxic masculinity” and think the term is anti-men. It isn’t. It’s anti-telling-men-they-have-to-repress-emotions-and-be-dominant-alphas-to-be-considered-real-guys. It’s pro-men. Thinking, feeling, resilient, strong, awesome men.

One thing Barbara Ehrenreich wrote that has stuck with me. More women go to college because women are so disadvantaged in the non-professional fields.Many of the jobs that pay well that don't require a college degree — police officer, firefighter, building trades — have been effectively closed to women for a long time.The non professional jobs that are dominated by women — early childcare, secretarial work, some food service — offer miserable wages.
Angie Schmitt

In my fiction I try to show cishet white men being empathetic and valuing the contributions of women, people of color and other marginalized groups. Not to deny the real problems of toxic masculinity, but to show decent behavior does happen. We need to model it in our stories.
Charlie Jane Anders

NFL is pretty chill when it comes to violence against women and brain damage but i guess free speech is where they draw the line

Women's dating advice: Go to therapy. Go to the gym. Fix your problems. Fix your self-esteem. Learn a new skill. Devote countless hours to becoming the best version of you. No one can love you if you don't love yourself.
Men's dating advice: You were born so you deserve a woman
Julia Claire

As Charlotte Bunch and others teach us:
1. "Feminism is not just incorporating women into existing institutions."
2. "Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women's issues."
3. Feminism is about "ending domination and resisting oppression."

Notice how Jordan Peterson frames men as so volatile they must be placated with regular sex to keep from going berserk, yet he doesn’t extend that argument to the logical conclusion that men are too unstable to be trusted with policy decisions, corporate leadership, etc?
Jamie Killen

If you’re using lobster behavior to justify existing human social hierarchies, you’re less interested in lobster behavior than you are in maintaining those social hierarchies.
Bailey Steinworth

You're a slut.
You're a slut.
You're a slut.
You're a disgusting, easy, filthy slut.
Now fuck these men who hate you, because they'll shoot people if they're angry.
There's a good girl.
Girl on the Net

-women should be free to choose their sexual and romantic partners
-anyone who thinks or argues otherwise is a vicious misogynist
-true freedom includes not having to worry about being shot for rejecting someone
Talia Lavin @chick_in_kiev
On sustainable cities and climate change:
You're an urban business. No one is patronizing you for the ease of parking.
Adam Miller

Non-walking planners all seem to think people walk for it's own sake, as a hobby, not to actually live life and get the errands done.

Painting and repainting crosswalks is a small price to pay to save lives. We don’t hesitate to pay significant costs to keep roads cleared of snow; why not spend a fraction of this same amount to create safer streets?
jennifer keesmaat

To create a liveable city, it is essential to reduce vehicle speeds. Doesn’t cost much. Doesn’t take much time. Designs exist, elsewhere, that every city can embrace.
jennifer keesmaat

There’s a predominately baby boomer strain of environmentalism that views low density housing with lawns as good for for the environment. It’s not. Building dense compact cities and aggressively preserving natural areas is the best thing we can do for the environment.

I lived in the building on the right, a two-and-a-half story elevenplex, for four years. The mansion on the left takes up almost as much space but houses one family instead of 11:

Becky Zosia Dernbach

I don't understand people who live in urban neighborhoods for their suburban qualities, but we seem to have a lot of them.
Adam Miller

Holy sh*t. New research out of Stanford calculates that limiting global temperature rise to 1.5° rather than 2° costs ~$300 billion more, but could produce ~$20 TRILLION in additional benefits. A 30:1 benefit-cost ratio! Decent.
David Roberts

Hi, as someone who travels almost exclusively by car, I need to say this; Cyclists are the not the problem, people driving cars who think they're in a fucking hurry are the problem. Trust me, that five seconds you need to spare to overtake safely will not make a difference to you.

Something I don't think gets talked about enough: *Pollution* from cars kills more people than even car accidents. Getting cleaner cars and fewer cars on the roads is an environmental and public health necessity.
Jesse Piedfort

Making green choices individually is good but working for collective climate action is better. Doing both is the best!
prosecute ICE @lieholepiehole

Who’s gonna tell Americans that gas should be at least $12 a gallon?
Bicycle Lobby

The idea that the urban version of an American Dream is a 3,000 square foot detached single family home on a 5,000 square foot lot near a light rail station or frequent bus route has to change during a housing crisis and during a climate crisis.

Following systematic racism and woefully inadequate history classes, car-centric government policy is a top contributor to the inequity we're experiencing today.
prosecute ICE @lieholepiehole
Too much of our housing debate is concern trolling about affordability from well-off people who'd never agree to pay an extra penny in taxes to help anyone too poor for market rate housing.
Wedge LIVE!

“What population are you catering to?” This is the worst question you can ask about transit, because it subtly leads us to plan for demographic segregation. High ridership is diverse ridership, and you get there by thinking of all populations.
Jarrett Walker

It's time for progressive policy to be firmly anti-car. Cars are a tool with a limited best use — moving people quickly across large distancesProgressive policy should be to minimize the need for that use. Policy should encourage and facilitate living closer to stuff and shopping closer to home. We should be trying to maximize the number of people who do not have to drive. We do that by investing in transit, reclaiming street space for people on bikes and on foot, and allowing enough density for local retail to thrive. We make it easier to not drive than to drive, for everyone who is able. Cars kill cities. The evidence is overwhelming. Let cities be cities again. And that's all just quality of life stuff. Cars are also killing people and the planet.
Adam Miller

LOL people who weave extreme vignettes about how "you can't take a kindergartner 300 miles to dialysis on a bike" or "your grandma can't carry Thanksgiving dinner for twenty (20) on a bike" to excuse 99.44% of them driving three (3) blocks to park at Wawa for a submarine.
Phila. Bikes

No one is for density for density's sake.  We're for affordability and walkability and community and corner stores.
Zachary Wefel

I recently read an argument that zoning, rather than the automobile, is what is responsible for bad urban form.  But, one could also make a decent argument that, in many ways, the automobile is responsible for zoning.
Jason Segedy

Your local news headlines today are just a list of terrible car crashes. Every day it's like this. Having a society built on driving cars all the time is insane.
William Lindeke 
Right Turn On Red was legislated in the 1970s to save gasoline by degrading pedestrian safety. It has no place in people centered cities or commercial corridors. It’s removal is frequently opposed to appease a traffic model. #VisionZero
Bill Schultheiss

At minimum, we could use more research about the safety implications of right-turn-on-red, especially in urban areas
Angie Schmitt

The collective yawn of the media to the revelation that Trump may have faked his medical records especially after he made Clinton's health an issue is the latest reminder that he gets to play by different rules than any other politician.
Dan Pfeiffer

It’s weird that the answer to “Not everyone can bike” isn’t “Well, make public transit better.”
Doug Gordon @BrooklynSpoke

I think this is quite accurate. If you add density but do not add the infrastructure to ensure it is liveable — transit, bike lanes, parks,  schools - then the backlash from existing residents should not be surprising. Density must be tied to infrastructure improvements.
jennifer keesmaat

The United States is now producing more than 10 million barrels of crude oil per day -- the most of any country at any time in human history. Last year, transportation passed electricity as the number one source of U.S. emissions. We are addicted to oil.
Eric Holthaus

"Spreading homes and businesses out across the landscape is really expensive. Driving for every daily need is really expensive. We’ve locked ourselves into an incredibly expensive way of living without any real fallback position..."
Strong Towns

The problem with cyclists:
-They go too fast
-They go too slow
-They won't get on the sidewalk
-They won't get off the sidewalk
-They are rich hobbyists
-They are folks who can't afford a car
-They are entitled and demand bike lanes
-They take the lane when there's no bike lane
Peter Flax

"the single biggest factor in the carbon footprint of our cities isn't the amount of insulation in our walls, it's the zoning."
Alex Steffen

Keep bike lanes from contributing to gentrification by building full bike network at once. So impacts and benefits are spread broadly and not focused in one place. Demand is high for #completestreets but constrained supply increases the price of walkable/bikeable n’hoods
Eric Rogers

The most sustainable parts of the country won't let new people move to them. The least sustainable parts of the country welcome newcomers but can't get a handle on sprawl. This is a recipe for climate disaster.
Angie Schmitt

This is the kind of public space the U.S. has been most invested in building over the last half century. Not great parks. Or great waterfronts. Spaces that disperse people, rather than bring them together. (This, and well, stadiums, to be fair):

Angie Schmitt

April 2018 was the 400th consecutive month of warmer-than-average global temperatures. I'd say that's either a trend we should look into, or a pretty amazing coincidence.
Eric Holthaus
On immigration, ICE, and separating children from their parents (and losing track of children):
People act like ICE is a pillar of American law enforcement, but it’s only been around since 2003. Monster energy drink has existed longer than ICE. Life without it is possible. We can and must eliminate its funding and dismantle its entire operation. We should also abolish ICE
Peter Miller

Nearly 1,500 migrant children go "missing" and it's barely news. One white kid murders 10 people at school and there's a debate over whether he's a victim. This is a violently racist country, and always has been. Insist on fighting for change. The other option is to be complicit.
Lauren Duca

"Barron Trump could not be pulled out of his super expensive New York school last year to go to a different super expensive Washington school because it would be too traumatic for him...but whatever..."  Credit to Bill DeHoff for this observation  #ICE
Carolyn Porter

Pew asked Americans if the U.S. had a responsibility to accept refugees. No group — racial, by age, religious or political — was less supportive of that idea than white evangelical Protestants.
Philip Bump

There are 3, maybe 4, Bible verses that address same-sex activity, and those are debatable. By contrast, there are HUNDREDS that call for justice and mercy for “strangers” — immigrants and refugees. Evangelicals need to stop claiming biblical fidelity as a distinctive when it’s not.
Rachel Held Evans

Remember when Republicans thought Hillary Clinton was involved in a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza place that had no basement and one even brought an assault rifle to “protect” them? They’re awfully quiet about protecting the kids now:

Brian Tyler Cohen

Since the Right loves Leviticus so much, we offer this: "When an alien resides with you in your land, do not mistreat such a one. You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; you shall love the alien as yourself..." Lev. 19:33-34
Catholic Democrats

In 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls in Nigeria; world was rightly outraged. ICE "lost" 1500 children in America. Where is the outrage?
Michael Ian Black

It isn’t easy for a man to rip a screaming child away from his mother. Most of us couldn’t do it. This is where “animals” comes in. Declare he isn’t really a child, she isn’t a woman. Now it’s like pulling a piglet from a sow. This has always been how states enable savagery.
Radley Balko

This country doesn’t care about children. Not the children being murdered in our schools, not the immigrant children who are here for a better life, not the poor children, not the homeless children, not the sick children. This is a human rights violation. And they don’t care.
Alexis Isabel

One day we'll look at ICE's treatment of people of color in the same way we view 1930s Germany's treatment of Jews, and the fact that there's not more outcry against it is morally reprehensible.
prosecute ICE @lieholepiehole

I would love to sit down with Tim Pawlenty and have him explain to me exactly what he thinks sanctuary policies are and who he thinks “illegal” immigrants are because I guarantee he has no idea.
Kara Lynum
On guns and gun violence:
So half of the right is arguing for door control, and the other half is telling teenage girls to have sex with any boy who wants it to prevent mass shootings. Welcome to the modern American conservative movement.
@ js_edit

If keeping your hobby [guns] legal kills 35,000 people every year then well fuck your hobby.
Mikel Jollett

Imagine being moved to political protest by store clerks speaking Spanish or people identifying as another gender, but not by children regularly being slaughtered.
David Roberts

Also, when people like this talk about how guns can protect “you,” they don’t mean protesters or people of color. They support guns as a tool for maintaining existing power in an unequal system, namely their own

ollie north is actually the perfect representative for the business end of a cult of white patriarchal manhood that defines "liberty" as the freedom to inflict violence with impunity
Jamelle Bouie @jbouie
On education:
Here's a controversial opinion: Private schools should be banned. The rich shouldn't be able to buy their kids a better education. The fact that this is *is* a controversial opinion says a lot about our society, to be honest
Cynthia Bro @55Counties

One of urban transportation planning's biggest problems is that we still largely plan only for commute trips, because that's the data we collect best. However, it's only 20-25% of trips!

The hilarious thing is that what's "naive" and "romantic" is the idea that if you teach all this stuff to kids, they will learn it. One look at the Common Core standards and I'm like, "Y'all are living in a completely imaginary world."
Carol Black

If the success of public education rests on us solving poverty first we'll all die in the poverty of mass ignorance before seeing a working system of education.
Citizen Stewart

If educators are not teaching through a lens of justice and equity — they too have made a choice. That choice is not "neutral" or "normal" — it is an active decision NOT to examine the impact of curriculum on the multiple student identities in our classrooms. That choice means perpetuating years of whitewashed curriculum never designed for the success of all students. It leaves texts in need of disruption without it.
Christie Nold

“If we deliberately tried to come up with a way to widen the achievement gap, we might just invent homework” –Deb Meier
Alfie Kohn

Lol. I like all the Common Core standards. I would also like it if every child had a 90 mph fastball, was a Top Chef, and could sing like Aretha Franklin. What else should we put on the list of things kids can fail to do?
Carol Black

Public school parents who expect in a majority black and brown and low income school system to attend schools that are majority white and rich, I would argue, are on the dole. You are getting a private school education for your kids for free. And that is immoral and undemocratic.
Ida Bae Wells @nhannahjones

Biggest predictor of low test scores among kids: unstable housing situations.

Told students the five-paragraph essay doesn't really exist in the real world. Response: What?! Why are they teaching us writing that's not REAL? Me: Good question.
Ben Boyington

I loved coaching wrestling. I loved helping the kids that truly wanted to get better and I loved getting to know the kids that just wanted to be part of a group and kinda wanted to get better. Wonder how hard it would’ve been if everybody in the school had to be a wrestler.

"In 2012, more than twice as much money — $297 million — was awarded to charter schools from the country’s largest foundations as was given to community colleges, even though two-year colleges educate nearly four times as many students."
Nikhil Goyal
And once again, there’s the best of the rest:
On applying emotional intelligence: “It has never happened in human history that somebody changed because someone else told them how stupid they were.” –Christ Tippett, “On Being”
Phil Kalina

In 20 years, children will write DBQ’s on what this photo says about the state of our nation. America 2018:

danimiller345 (the photo shows students dying-in at a Publix Market, protesting school shootings)

Too many Obama-era bureaucrats refused to take bold, decisive actions for justice because they were afraid of rightwing backlash. It happened anyway, just not in the way they imagined. When you’re in power, BE BOLD. The GOP is, but for oppression.
Alexis Goldstein

Should we be surprised that rich people like Elon Musk are greedy?
Dean Baker

The thing about marginalization and trauma is that sometimes you cannot separate the trauma from yourself as an identity and there is no functional way to be dispassionate about it.
Sydette @Blackamazon

There are no Tony Starks. There are only assholes who take everyone else’s ideas, put them together and claim they are Tony Stark.” -Cory Doctorow
Michael Senft

"Patients Entrance," York, England. I love the little dragon dude between the two words:

Carolyn Porter

Questions I regularly ask myself when I'm outraged about injustice:
1. What resources exist so I can better educate myself?
2. Who's already doing work around this injustice?
3. Do I have the capacity to offer concrete support & help to them?
4. How can I be constructive?

Why do the worst men have to call each other “Bro”? It taints the idea of Brotherhood. Couldn’t they call each other something more accurate like “Jock,” Spotter” or “Defendant”?
Hari Kondabolu

The hubbub around weddings is capitalist garbage and a huge waste of money (even if I do cry at like every wedding I attend)
prosecute ICE @lieholepiehole

all pieces by a rich person who spends a week on food stamps are hereby required to be paired with a piece by a person on food stamps who gets to spend as much of the rich person’s money as they want for that week
Nicole Cliffe

Watching Elon Musk seamlessly moving from "the free market solves everything" to "trade unions sow social division among classes" and "we need a watchdog to discredit lying journalists" is like watching capitalism decay into fascism in real time on twitter.
Existential Comics

It's amusing how confident and overly-simplistic people can be about the housing market, which rivals the health care market for its mind-blowing complexity. Many wrong things are delivered with such dismissive authority.
Matthew Desmond

Bitcoin is the most selfish libertarian bullshit i've seen in years. You've destroyed the PC parts market and you're tormenting the world energy supply all in the name of trying to win free money

Jared Kushner has updated his financial disclosures at least *40 times* since March 2017 and faced no consequences. Matthew Cortland forgot to put his apartment number on a form to get food stamps and it could cost him his life.
Jeremy Slevin

The three (3) types of British crime shows:
- title is a surname, makes you sad
- title is a place name, makes you sad
- “gosh isn’t murder positively beastly, oh well mustn’t let it ruin the village’s Paintings of Fences & Sheep competition, it’s the 50th anniversary after all”
Emma Wortley

I was legitimately stunned "The Florida Project" wasn't nominated for Best Picture. Then I remembered it's a gritty, unromantic look at poverty that forces the viewer to recognize conditions that actually exist in this country for millions of children.
Charlotte Clymer

Not quite sure why the Met Council deserves blame for homeless people on the train. It’s like blaming schools for poverty. We criticize the institutions who have to cope with problems dumped on them, beyond their mission.
David Brauer

Can we revisit how Kimberlé Crenshaw actually defined and intended “intersectionality?” Because I don’t think stacking oppressions like Lincoln Logs and using whoever has the tallest tower as the indicator of moral and political righteousness was the idea.
Ari C. @lit_ari_ture

“Don’t do things that you know are morally wrong. Not because someone is watching, but because you are. Self-esteem is just the reputation that you have with yourself. You’ll always know.“ —@naval
Paulo André

happy mother's day to all the moms in YA books who have to die for the plot to work
kat o'keeffe

When you’re inclusive but still hate the poor:

Isaac Azuelos

"It's like everyone imagines that if they were poor, they would make the best poor person and actual poor people are doing it wrong"--my sister on those weird shaming articles about how easy it can be to feed a family of four on $100/week and meal prepping or whatever
Kaitlyn Greenidge @surlybassey

"It’s increasingly clear that many people who go to prison are incarcerated because they are ill, and also that poverty erodes agency and wellness in a way that creates conditions for crime, violence, and addiction."
Nikhil Goyal

One thing I hope we take away from all this “consulting” stuff is that a lot of rich people get paid for being rich and knowing other rich people and not for doing anything reconizable as work
Adam Serwer

If the 20th century was a time of ascendent democracy, the 21st marks the rise of global oligarchy. At the end of the Cold War both the USSR and USA shed the cherished political principles that the conflict was supposedly about. Both have become flagrantly oligarchical schemes.
Langdon Winner

Insisting on the right to convert every US political leader into a heroic & noble saint upon death, while condemning critics as gauche & classless, is propaganda. It's easy to dismiss all the deaths McCain has caused because they're distant and invisible, but they still matter.
Glenn Greenwald

Since the 1970s, productivity has grown nearly 6 times the rate of pay. The EPI points to the erosion of worker protections and weakening of union power as major culprits.
Economic Policy Institute

People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.
Tal Waterhouse

When did it become okay to be more offended by what someone with no power says than by what someone with power does?
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Do you think the people who founded GoFundMe understood they were starting a healthcare company?
anne v clark

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