Saturday, April 14, 2018

Along the Way on a Snowy Day

You may have heard Minnesota is having a record snowstorm right now. Maybe you're in it, too!

I spent most of my day going to a wonderful memorial service at a church in downtown Minneapolis, and chose to get there by Metro Transit bus. The bus part of the trip was great (thanks to the driver who made his way through near-white-out conditions, especially on the return trip in the afternoon).

Walking to and from the bus was not so great, though, since there was often a 20+ mph wind in my face, driving snow, and unshoveled sidewalks.

But I did get to see this bench along the way:

At least it wasn't a fork in the road, or I might have gotten lost in all the snow.


Note: the bench is bare because the wind has blown it clean. Amazing.

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