Saturday, January 6, 2018

P, F, What's the Difference?

As I followed the Waste Management garbage truck down the street, I noticed it had two identical chrome-plated signs above its back bumper, next to the spot where the workers load the trash for compressing. Because I was driving a car, I couldn't take a photo, but — aside from the color of the background — it looked basically like this:

Because it's essentially a stencil, the letters that have interior spaces (like R, A, and P) require horizontal connectors to hold the interior spaces. It seemed to me, on the sign that I saw, those horizontal connectors were thicker than the ones in this yellow version.

Looking at this image now, I find it pretty easy to read, but in the shiny material I saw attached to a jouncing vehicle on the road, with wider horizontal connectors, that P in PARTS looked a lot like an F. Especially in the context of a diesel-belching truck.

If you get my implication.

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