Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Metaphor, and More

This letter from today's Star Tribune says it for me:

Is that Republican agenda working for you, fellow citizens?

Call me a slow learner. It was finally after reading about another rollback of current policy by the Legislature that I figured it out. The notion has been rolling around in my head for an embarrassingly long time without the words to define it, but now I have the words. Those in power at the Legislature this year are not promoting a Minnesota agenda. It’s a Republican agenda. Good for the state? Who cares? Good for Republicans? Pass it any way you can.

I’m furious at the attempts to roll back environmental rules, reduce clean air and water protections, remove voter-protection policies, refuse to protect internet privacy — the list could go on and on. I wasn’t born in Minnesota, but I have lived here since 1966. I value the quality of life that Minnesotans — old and new — value and are proud of. I love our lakes, clean air (I came from California, where in 1966 you really could see the air you had to breathe at the end of the block), our clean election system and campaign-finance rules, and our desire to care for the least among us. I love a lot of other things as well. But I don’t love the Republican agenda. Going back to the days of robber barons and “Father Knows Best” doesn’t work for me. I want progress, advancement, a rising tide lifting all boats. Nope. The Republican agenda doesn’t work for me, and it doesn’t work for Minnesota.

Judy Finger, Apple Valley
Thanks, Judy. Here's a photo from a different page in the Strib that comments on the national level, but can be seen as a metaphor for our state issues, too:

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