Sunday, February 5, 2017

More on Edel Rodriguez

It's a weird thing to realize you've been appreciating an artist's work for a while but you never bothered to learn his name. Yesterday I posted about some of the art we're seeing in the Turmp era, and realized that two of the pieces were by Edel Rodriguez.

Here are some other pieces by Rodriguez from the past couple of years, starting with the most current. These are all available on his Twitter feed, where he also shares snapshots of protest posters that people have made using his art.

The meltdown at the last debate:

This piece is from the fall or summer, but it could have been done now:

One of the earlier debates:

This one is called Please Curb Your Trump:

From those halcyon days when we all thought Republicans were destroying their party by flirting with Turnip:

If you get back far enough, you find work not related to Trump. Here are a couple on guns in America:

And finally, from the early days of Pope Francis:

I think it's safe to say I will recognize his work the next time I see something new.

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